Yep, that’s Frazier’s finger


You must respect every opponent and play each game as if it is the 7th game of the world series. Never take any contact with the ball for granted. Run full speed to first on every hit for you can easily cause a throwing error if you put pressure on the defense. A little blooper by Roberto Clemente in the 1971 world series was hit straight to the orioles pitcher. As usual Clemente ran full speed and the pitcher threw a wild one to first. That enabled the pirates to win the world series. Always give 125% and play every play as if it was the last. The Reds have a great chance at going all the way this year but I have noticed a few kinks. That’s why I told this story above. Treat every opponent the same. Never assume a team with a bad record is going to give yu a sweep. If you don’t respect your opponent, then there is no real victory. Start today with total focus, positive attitude, give it your all and allow yourselves to be Champions. I have been a Reds fan since 1962 and I will be until I die so you can count on me and many others to support you as fans. An old professor here trying to tell you a simple lesson in history. Thanks to all the team, the staff, the organization and the fans. I love you all. GoReds. Brent Cox

Voting for Frazier’s finger! And a kudos to the poster above me.

how come you never show pictures of our reds catchers

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