Today is as good a day as any to lose yourself in the game, to take your mind off real-life events and to lean on baseball as if it’s a close friend.  I tweeted earlier that I’m taking a break today in acknowledging confrontational tweets/comments/complaints about baseball.  It just doesn’t seem appropriate today to debate the lineup, the knee “conspiracy theory,” or any frivolous topic pertaining to a game that is meant to be enjoyed.

Tragedy affects many people in many different ways.  In light of what happened late last night/earlier this morning in Colorado, let’s show a little extra respect to one another today.  Remind each other that humanity is still decent and people are still loving.  Sure, it’s sad that it takes something horrible to happen in order “to put things into perspective”, but if we can, let’s please try to do something postive to counteract the negative.  If you’re reading this, we can all start with baseball. 

Expect good news



Very well said, Jamie!

Baseball is a passion to me and for 50 years I have been a die-hard REDS fan. Many great times watching the Big Red Machine in Riverfront and sitting in my recliner watching on TV since the late 1990s. Since becoming a fan of Roberto Clemente to watching Barry Larkin prepare to be inducted in the HOF to my games growing up as #11, the passion is still burning within and this day, I pay tribute to Baseball, my passion. Go Reds no matter the situation, always your biggest fan

Thanks Jamie. Very well said. *hugs*

RED til dead, I support the organization whether I agree with every move or not. Have a great game tonight. My heroes: Clemente, Griffey, Foster, Geronimo, Larkin, Phillips and to all who wear a Cincinnati Reds Uniform. Go Reds

Well said Jamie. Time for everyone to remember what really matters in life.

Very well said Jaime. My family and I are traveling today and will be in Colorado for the game on the 28th. I’m so very sad for what has happened – not quite sure hot to put that into words (planning a trip to that area this week makes me look at this trip a little differently). I am still really looking forward to seeing the Reds play in Coors Field next week!

Well said Jamie!!

Thanks Jamie, very well said.

Amen brother. You and John Fay and Mark Sheldon and Mrs. Latos (and others) shouldn’t have to deal with so much negativity all the time. Just enjoy the games folks. Let the season be the background music to your summer (and hopefully fall). We’re in first place!! Let’s have fun and enjoy this! Thanks for all you do Jamie.

Well said, Jamie. Thank you for making us all realize what’s really important. We all love baseball or we wouldn’t be on here…..let’s all be civil to each other and enjoy life. GO REDS!

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