Dear Fonzies*

Consider this a giant hug and kiss-on-the-cheek to each and every one of you who attended Sunday Night’s #RedsTweetUp.  We had over 400 people for the event –  including celebrities, out-of-towners, family members and one hairy gorilla.  Section 110 was the epicenter of Reds fandom, featured prominently during the game on the GABP videoboard as well as on ESPN’s national telecast.

What made this Tweet Up especially cool for me was that it was a “Better Off Red” theme.  I don’t have to tell you that when your name is attached to something, you’re naturally going to do everything you can to make that “something” successful.  To say I was nervous about the Tweet Up ticket sales is an understatement, but you all came through, and for that, I have a tremendous feeling of gratitude. 

It was surreal seeing all of those t-shirts with the name of this blog and “expect good news” on them – all Lisa Braun’s idea.  Lisa is my dear friend and without her, this blog wouldn’t exist.  She also had the idea to create and give away the “Scout” and “Grace” stick-masks.  Funny stuff.

The goal of the Reds Tweet Up is to bring together the Reds fans of social media for a “meet up” at the ballpark – to put faces with Twitter handles and to root on our team, on-site with our online friends.  I think we have something good going here and I’m thankful I get to share in it with all of you. 

Thanks again!

Expect good news,


(*my Twitter followers, because they are so cooooool!) 

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Thanks we once again had a blast at the game with the tweet up fans. My daughter(10) really had a blast as a few cards fans sat near us.

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