From our friends at Elias Sports Bureau

Aroldis Chapman struck out the side in order in the ninth inning to preserve a 4-2 win for Homer Bailey after Scott Rolen singled in two runs with two outs in the eighth inning to give the Reds a lead over the Cardinals. There have been 19 games in the major leagues this season in which a pitcher earned a save by throwing at least one inning and striking out every batter he faced. The only pitchers with more than one of those saves are Craig Kimbrel (four), Chapman (three) and Chris Perez (two).

And here’s a very interesting piece from ESPN Sports Science


18 of his last 21 outs have been by strike out. What is the most strikeouts ever recorded over 27 outs?

He’s a genetically designed flame thrower…….grace in fluid motion!

I’m not saying it will ever be done, but it would be very easy to get 27 strikeouts in a game. Just let any hit ball go by you and only accept a strikeout. But that would be a pretty dumb way to get a record

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