I was in the camera well in the Reds dugout from the 8th inning until the dramatic conclusion, preparing to grab the player of the game for FOX’s Ken Rosenthal in case the Reds won.  Ryan Ludwick made it a pretty easy task.   This is what I saw, including video…

That’s THE swing.


Love these pics! How intuitive of our blogging,tweeting photographer!🙂

What a treat for you to be there at the right time, you must have had ESP moment, we need more of them!!!!!

While I am still unhappy with Baker’s lineup, I am very proud of the team. Go Reds. I think Baker better adjust the lineup before Cozart and Stubbs are damaged by criticism. Phillips, Frazier, Votto, Bruce, Ludwick, Hanigan, Cozart, Stubbs is my choice for a lineup. Of course when Hamilton arrives this would be adjusted. But for now, Baker should change the lineup. Our pitching has managed to keep us in games that would normally be lost due to RISP and lack of rubies. Both teams played well today and should be given “a job well done.”. The choice of bunting in the ninth by both coaches was not correct. Bunting against the Cuban missile is futile and same when Baker chose bunting. Go Reds

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