Seeing as there’s really not much to do during the All-Star break, I had the random idea to go through the archives and find the “greatest” names in Reds history. 

The following is a list of the more colorful names of those who have put on the Reds uniform.  For some, I’ve included comments (in parenthesis).  Enjoy…

Hick Carpenter
Pop Corkhill
Icicle Reeder
Leech Maskey (he sucked)
Farmer Vaughn (real name was “Old MacDonald”)
Mother Watson (Father was busy fighting in the war)
Jumbo McGinnis
Bug Holliday (we should all celebrate Bug Holliday) 
Ollie Beard (really only had a moustache)
Germany Smith (from France)
Jocko Halligan
Old Hoss Radbourn (@oldhossradbourn)
Ice Box Chamberlain (used to always break down in July)
Bumpus Jones
Piggy Ward (favorite food was bacon)
Tom Parrott (would repeat everything)
Silver King (no relation to Gold Queen)
Dummy Hoy
Harry Spies (only the best spies are)
Bert Inks (always used a pencil)
Heinie Peitz
Stub Brown
Pink Hawley
Jot Goar
Socks Seybold (never matched)
Noodles Hahn
Lefty Houtz (was righthanded)
Topsy Hartsel (had a brother named Turvy)
Cozy Dolan (always made himself at home)
Rip Ragan
Admiral Schlei (went on to star as a villain in the movies)
Win Kellum (undefeated)
Rip Vowinkel (suffered from Insomnia) 
Roy Hitt (was a pitcher)
Cotton Minahan (changed his name from “Polyester.”)
Dave Brain (teammates always thought he’d manage one day)
Bunny Pearle (had 18 kids)
Rebel Oakes
Chappy Charles
Swat McCabe
Rabbit Robinson (brother-in-law to Bunny Pearle -above-)
Slow Joe Doyle (was actually smarter than Dave Brain -above-)
Mysterious Walker (pitcher who batters could never figure out)
Hanson Horsey
Beals Becker
Red Ames (and fires!)
Heinie Groh
Tiny Graham
King Lear (couldn’t read)
Red Dooin (he was always doin’ good)
Curly Brown
Goat Cochran (tired of being the reason for  losses, invented the acronym for “greatest of all time.”)
Limb McKenry
Baldy Louden (had an afro)
Greasy Neale (favorite shampoo: Crisco)
Twink Twinning
Hod Eller
Ivey Wingo
Snipe Conley
Morrie Rath (distant cousin to Darth Vader)
Charlie See (best friends with Charlie Do)
Slim Sallee
Astyanix Douglass
Eppa Rixey
Dolf Luque
Bubbles Hargrave
Johnny Couch (known as the game’s laziest player)
Cactus Keck
Boob Fowler
Les Mann (used Secret antiperspirant)
Chick Shorten
Cuckoo Christensen
Pea Ridge Day (every day was Pea Ridge Day)
Rufus Meadows
High Pockets Kelly (plenty of room for his cell phone)
Pee Wee Wanninger
Pinky Pittenger
Pid Purdy (he sure was handsome)
Johnny Gooch (went into the witness protection program)
Doug McWeeny (had a short-lived stint on the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”)
Kiki Cuyler
Peaches Davis
Spud Davis
Jimmy Outlaw (invented the spit-ball)
Kiddo Davis
Frenchy Bordagaray
Elmer Riddle
Wes Livengood
Jimmy Ripple (was named after a tavern drink)
Rocky Stone
Chucho Ramos
Joe Just (Just, Joe)
Johnny Riddle
Boom-Boom Beck
George Burpo (uncle to Tim Belcher)
Buddy Lively
Jimmy Bloodworth
Peanuts Lowrey (always left seats for his friends and family in the peanut gallery)
Jim Greengrass
Niles Jordan (was always conflicted as to what his favor river was)
Bubba Church (never played on Sundays)
Rocky Bridges
Corky Valentine
Smoky Burgess
Matt Batts
Birdie Tebbetts
Walt Dropo
Bob Purkey
Jay Hook
Cal McLish
Cookie Rojas
John Tsitouris (there’s a cream for that, ya know)
Joey Jay (Votto Bruce’s favorite player)
Dom Zanni
Bobby Klaus (only big league player from the North Pole)
Billy McCool (he got all the girls)
Art Shamsky
Jimmy Stewart (Nick Esasky wasn’t the only Reds player to have Vertigo)
Angel Bravo
Cesar Geronimo
Sparky Anderson
Champ Summers (mediocre in Spring)
Paul Householder (apartment dweller)
Sheldon Burnside (World War II hero)
Tom Lawless (favorite player was Jimmy Outlaw -above-)
Bob Shirley (middle name was “And”)
Alan Knicely (voted “most polite player”)
Skeeter Barnes
Steve Christmas (was actually born in December)
Keefe Cato
Ted Power
Herm Winningham
Jack Armstrong
Candy Sierra
Rolando Roomes (became a hotel owner)
Glenn Braggs (very modest man)
Bip Robers
Tim Belcher (see: George Burpo -above-)
John Smiley
Pokey Reese
Gookie Dawkins
Corky Miller
Jung Keun Bong
Wily Mo Pena
Quinton McCracken
Esteban Yan (“Est-a-Ball Gone!”)
Rheal Cormier (“The Real Gourmet”)
Norris Hopper
Buck Coats (sold jackets)
Homer Bailey
Jon Coutlangus
Gary Majewski
Josh Fogg
Yonder Alonso


Great list thanks for the information, I’ll be checking out some of these characters. Didn’t see The Klu, may have missed him.

How about Otto Neu

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