Congratulations to Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Aroldis Chapman – 2012 Cincinnati Reds All-Stars.  Before I type another sentence, they deserve their moment and shouldn’t be overshadowed by the word “but.”

Joey was justifiably voted in by the baseball fans.  Jay is establishing himself as one of the premier power hitters in baseball.   And for Aroldis, this is probably a dream come true – becoming a Major League All-Star in the United States of America.

Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto most definitely deserve to be All-Stars.  There are “snubs” every year, that’s just the way it goes.  When a player on your favorite team is snubbed, it’s a tough pill to swallow.  When two players on your favorite team are snubbed, then it’s certainly acceptable to demand an explanation.  With that being said, I implore Reds fans to take the high road here. 

Celebrate Joey, Jay, Aroldis AND Brandon and Johnny and let’s not forget that without each and every one of those guys, the Cincinnati Reds wouldn’t currently be sitting atop the National League Central Division.  Reds fans don’t need a long-time foe to tell us who our All-Stars are but we also don’t need to wallow in outrage and anger – it’s not good for the soul. 

So once the initial sting of shock, resentment and disappointment subside, take a moment and tip your cap to our 5 Reds All-Stars (that’s right, 5 of ’em) and let’s pour a little extra champagne on the heads of Brandon and Johnny in October.

Expect good news,



Bravo Jamie, you are so right. We’ll show ’em when the Reds WIN the World Series and Johnny and BP are hoisting the trophy. As great an honor as the ASG is to Joey, Jay and Aroldis and the others selected, winning it all is the ultimate goal🙂

obviously Larussa is holding the fight in 2010 against Phillips and Cueto

A+ Post, Jamie. Thanks!

You got it Sweet tart!!!!!!!!

Amen, JR

You’re one classy guy Jamie. It is out of our control… but selling out the weekend home series against the Cards is within our control.
*Hint Hint*

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