I’m excited to announce that the next Reds Tweetup will take place  July 15 when the Reds host the Cardinals for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball!  But here’s why this will surely be the best Tweetup EVER -> It’s all about Better Off Red!  I can’t believe it either, folks!  I’m stoked!

The Reds have graciously chosen Better Off Red as the “theme” for the next Tweetup, which means it will be the wackiest, nuttiest and most hilarious Tweetup in the 119 years that the club has been hosting this popular event. 

The July 15 Tweetup will have everything that you’re used to – t-shirts, great deal on tickets, hanging out with your fellow tweeters/bloggers and of course Cincinnati Reds baseball at beautiful Great American Ball Park.  But in addition to all that, I’m allowed to spice it up a little bit.  So with that being said, what if all of you BOR die-hards showed up that night in costume!?  I agree, it’s a great idea.

The Queen of Better Off Red Lisa Braun and I will be in the Fan Zone judging a BOR Costume Contest prior to the Sunday night game.  Participants are encouraged to wear a costume befit of one of your favorite regular BOR references (i.e., Grace and Scout, Fonzie, TPB, Mercury Marty, The Big Lebowski, The Beatles, etc.) 

You don’t have to wear a costume, but it’d be a lot cooler if you did!  And you’d be greatly improving your chances of getting on TV during the ESPN telecast. 

(I should also mention that if you do wear a costume, please-please-please do NOT wear a mask or bring “props” with your costume; meaning, you Darth Vaders have to leave your helmets and light sabres at home).

Ok, so for just 25 bucks, you’ll get one field box seat (regular $34) and one suh-weet Reds Tweetup t-shirt that has “Better Off Red” on the front and “Expect Good News” on the back.  Pretty cool, huh?

For more details and to sign up, please CLICK HERE.  I can’t wait to see you all here at GABP on July 15!!


Congrats to Jeff V. for winning the final round of Better Off Red trivia! 

Nine times did the Reds manager appear on the cover of the team’s media guide….

1973 – Sparky Anderson
1979 – John McNamara
1981 – John McNamara
1983 – Russ Nixon
1986 – Pete Rose
1990 – Lou Piniella
1996 – Ray Knight
2004 – Dave Miley
2011 – Dusty Baker

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