Its’ been a little while since I’ve given some stuff away here on Better Off Red.  So, since the Redlegs are off today, let’s loot the BOR prize closet! 

We’ll go a few rounds today, so if you don’t win this one, you’ll have at least one more chance to try your luck.

At noon today, Major League Baseball is releasing the official Sirius/XM All-Star Futures Game Rosters.  The Cincinnati Reds are represented by two of their minor league stars.  One will play for the US All-Stars, the other will play for the World All-Stars.

Who are the two Reds minor leaguers and for which teams (US or World) will they play?

Leave your answer in the comments section below and I’ll randomly choose a winner after the rosters have been announced.  The  lucky winner will win a Sean Casey bobblehead and a 2011 Baseball America Prospect Handbook (with Bryce Harper on the cover). 

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Billy Hamilton USA
Daniel Corcino World

Billy Hamilton and Daniel Corcino

Billy Hamilton and Ryan LaMarre

billy hamilton US, donnie joseph World

Daniel Corcono USA
Billy Hamilton World


Daniel Corcino- World Billy Hamilton- USA

Billy Hamilton for the World, Daniel Corcino for US

Billy Hamilton – USA
Daniel Corcino – World

Billy Hamilton USA
Didi Gregorious World

Billy Hamilton for the USA
Didi Gregorius for the World

Billy Hamilton – US
Daniel Corcino – World


Billy Hamilton USA
Didi Gregorious World

Daniel corcino and billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton and Daniel Corcino

Didi Gregorius – Netherlands and Billy Hamilton – USA

Daniel Corcino and Didi Gregorious (world)

Billy Hamilton has to be one…USA
Guessing Daniel Corcino for the other.

Billy Hamilton and Neftali Soto

Neftali soto and billy hamilton

Billy Hamilton – US
Daniel Corcino – World

Just a guess.

Billy Hamilton = Team US
Neftali Soto = Team World

Billy Hamilton USA

Billy Hamilton – US
Donald Lutz – World

Billy Hamilton: USA
Daniel Corcino: World

Bham- World
Lamarre- USA

Hoover world
Hamilton USA

Billy Hamilton (USA) and Didi Gregorius (World)

Billy Hamilton for the USA. Didi Gregorious for the World team.

Billy Hamilton – USA
Daniel Corcino – World

Didi Gregorius – Netherlands
Billy Hamilton – US

Billy Hamilton US and Daniel Corcino World

Billy Hamilton USA, Donald Lutz World. Oh, and thanks, Jamie!

Didi Gregorius and Billy Hamilton

OK, based on Twitter clue, I have to change:
Billy Hamilton: USA
Donald Lutz: World

Didi Gregorius-World, Billy Hamilton- USA

Taking a Shot here – Andrew Brackman & Billy Hamilton U.S. Team

Hamilton USA

Soto World

Billy Hamilton and Donald Lutz

Billy Hamilton – USA
Daniel Corcino – World

Didi Gergorius and Billy Hamilton

Didi gregorius – world
Billy hamilton – usa

Didi Gregorius- World
J.C. Sulbaran- USA

Hamilton – World
Lutz – USA

Neftali Feliz (world) and Tucker Barnhart (US)

Billy Hamilton – USA, Henry Rodriguez – World. HR has been injured but maybe they put him on there for now anyway.

Henry Rodriguez and Billy Hamilton

I’ll guess Lotzkar and Hamilton

Changing since I relized hint Hamilton – US and Gregorius – World

Billy Hamilton us didi gregorius world

Billy Hamilton (US) & Didi Gregorius (world)

Neftali Soto – World

US – Gregorious W- Corchino

Paul Janish- World
Felix Perez- U.S.

Didi Gregorious (World). Billy Hamilton (USA)

negron & hamilton

Billy Hamilton US
Didi Gregorius World

Neftali Soto World Ticket Barnhorst USA

Didi Gregorious – World
Billy Hamilton – US

Henry rodriguez world… billy hamilton usa???

Rebuttaling my answer to this one.
Billy Hamilton – U.S.
Neftali Soto – World

My guess is, Joey Votto will play for the World team, Joey Votto will play for the US team, and Joey Votto will continue to play for the Reds. Yes, he is that good!

Kyle Lotzkar – World

Neftali soto world and billy Hamilton u.s.

Billy Hamilton -USA
Kyle Lotzkar -World

Kyle Lotzkar (World) and Billy Hamilton (US) are the Reds representatives for the Futures Game next month.

Kyle Lotzkar (world – Canada)
Billy Hamilton (USA)

Billy Hamilton Daniel corcino

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