I’m the proud parent of two lovely young ladies – both of whom are cats – twin sisters Grace and “Scout” (aka Jean Louise).  These two little angels are huge Reds fans and love voting in the daily “Red to Rock” poll (they both have their own laptops).

Recently, however, they’ve become super-competitive with their picks.  Gracie is more of a stat-head, pouring over matchups and trends.  Scout relies more on intuition and observation.  This has naturally caused some problems in the Ramsey House.  They’ve been at each others throats on gamedays, especially when I post the Reds lineup here on Better Off Red

So like any good father, I’ve decided to exploit this sisterly feud publicly right here on the blog.  Beginning today, the girls will each choose their ‘Red to Rock.’  The cat who “correctly” chooses the Reds player with the superior game will be declared that day’s winner.  If it’s too close to call, I’ll put it to a vote the following day right here on BOR

Records will be kept and the cat who finishes the year as the “winner,” will be awarded a huge prize.  The cat who “loses” will be put up for adoption….KIDDING (I could never ever do that). 

So, let the best feline win!  (Gracie is the cat with the most white fur.  Scout is the black cat with the little white bowtie).

Tonight Grace is going with Jay Bruce.  Scout chooses Todd Frazier.

Please support your local animal shelter and help end animal cruelty.


If you missed it last night, you have to see this catch by Chris Heisey

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I’m with Grace… Go Trey Deuce!!! #VoteReds!

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