The Reds will honor retiring Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones during his last regular season games at Great American Ball Park on May 21-24.

Custom bases celebrating his career will be used each game and a special pregame ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, May 24.

Participating in Thursday’s ceremony with Chipper will be Walt Jocketty and Scott Rolen.

The Reds will present one of the bases to Chipper and one to the Braves for their hall of fame.  Following the series finale, one of the bases will remain on display in the Reds Hall of Fame.


The Reds are a truly classy organization. Chipper deserves it. He’s been one of the best for a very long time.

Yep total class. I’m so glad the Castellini’s are in charge of this organization. I hope it stays in this family for a long time.

you dont see this enough in the big leagues , chipper played a lot of games against the reds and beat them enough ,lol classy move by the reds

I’m a Chipper Jones fan and have been ever since he was a rookie,but I am also a reds fan. I’m thrilled that the Reds would do something like this for a player that never was a member of the Reds. This is really showing class at it’s best.

going to miss chiper jones hes one of the best in baseball

iagree with all the comments

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I love it. I had a friend once say Chipper Jones was like Atlanta’s version of Barry Larkin. Hall of Fame player that actually sticks with a team throughout their career. Something that is very rare in modern baseball.

I believe the Cardinals did this as well a few weeks ago. Hopefully, we’re not just copying the redbirds:), but, nevertheless, it is a very classy move. I’m glad to see them doing this for a terrific player.

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When I think Chipper Jones, I recall the time in Riverfront Stadium he hit a ball that pinned itself between the yellow & green padding on the centerfield wall. When it was ruled a double, he threw a 2yr-old tantrum on 2nd base till the umpires actually overruled the call & gave him a homerun…for a ball that never cleared the wall. That’s my everlasting perception of Chipper, whining & crying on 2nd base w/o the strength to hit a homerun. I respect how long he’s played & played for one franchise. I understand why the Reds are doing this & wish more teams did such things.

what happens to the other base?!

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There are only 3 Bases, Chipper gets one, the Braves get one to put in their Hall of Fame and the Reds are keeping one for everyone to see.

I just saw this post after 2 years. I bought one of these bases after game 3 of the series. Only a few sold to the public.

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