TODAY at 12:00 noon ET, I’ll be hosting on Twitter the second VOTE REDS LUNCH of 2012.

For those of you not familiar with the Vote Reds Lunches, here’s the deal:

1. Follow me on Twitter at @Jamieblog
2. When the lunch bell rings (12pm ET), Tweet me using the hashtag #VOTEREDS and tell me what you’re having for lunch (photos are encouraged) and tell me how many times you voted your favorite Cincinnati Reds for the NL All-Star team.
3. For those of you not able to participate or if you’re not dining during the typical Cincinnati lunch hour, Tweet me when you do get around to meal time. I’ll accept Tweets all day.
4. I’ll post results (and photos) Thursday right here on Better Off Red.
5. Vote Reds HERE.


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Interesting poll! I voted for the 50s, but I would take anything from the 1910s to the 60s . . . so many players from the very early days that we don’t even have film for. It would have been great to see them in action.

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