Happy Monday, Fonzies.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Let’s get the week started with a few baseline items…

First, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the “Ask Marty” segment of the Reds on Radio broadcasts, right?  Well, Mercury is looking for some more questions to answer.  Knowing that you folks are the wittiest and most quizzical of Reds fans, I knew you’d be just the group to help out.  Please, if you have a question for the Hall of Famer – CLICK HERE and your query might be answered over the air. 


Wednesday will mark our second #VoteReds Lunch on Twitter.  We had a great first week, but I’m convinced we can do more.  Beginning noon ET, we’ll break bread together and cast a bunch of All-Star Votes for our Redlegs.  Sound good?  Great.


I hope you folks had a chance to read about the origin of “Funkblast!”


Congratulations to Gary Moore for winning Friday’s Better Off Red Mystery Prize!!

But who was featured in the photograph?!

Once again, the lovely and talented Ayanna Goddard is here to show us…

Here’s Gary’s winning submission:
Joey Votto: He is Luke Skywalker, a new hope to the Red Rebel Alliance. He has skills and reactions above the typical normal human, yet wants to learn more and become even greater. He will be pressed to be a leader of a team even if he feels he is not ready. He is also “NOT afraid”.. although I’m pretty sure he’s never kissed his sister.


Better Off Red News Correspondent Chris Welsh has sent BOR Headquarters some photos all the way from Pittsburgh…

Behold, Jeff Brantley and his version of breakfast!

Jeff “Cowboy’d Up” in the press dining room at PNC Park this weekend and Chris caught it all on camera.


And shoot, while I’m posting photos of Reds broadcasters and especially Reds broadcasters with hearty appetitites, here’s a photo snapped last week of Jim Kelch and his friend Frisch’s Big Boy

Immediately after this photo was taken, the Big Boy took and dumped a 10-gallon cooler of Remoulade Sauce all over Kelch.


More in a bit…

Expect good news!


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