From Redleg Journal by Rhodes & Snyder…

May 4, 1869 – In the first official match of 1869, the Red Stockings defeat the Great Westerners of Cincinnati, 45-9, on the Union Grounds before a few hundred spectators.  George Wright, Andy Leonard and Cal Mc Vey struck home runs.  The game had none of the hoopla surrounding modern openers.  The concept of “Opening Day” as a festive occasion did not appear until the turn of the century.

All home runs at the Union Grounds, and at most other fields where the Red Stockings played, were inside-the-park home runs.  No one ever hit a ball over the fence at Union Grounds.  Many fields had no fences at all.


On this date in 1984 – a bouncing baby boy named Sam LeCure was born in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Rumor has it that he was indeed born with a moustache. 

Happy birthday @MrLeCure! 

Sammy shares a birthday with our very own Miguel Cairo, who was born on this date in 1974 in Anaco, Venezuela. 

Happy birthday, Miggy!




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speaking of birthdays. If Leake and Morton pitched against each other it would be the second time this week that birthday boys matched up. This pair wouldn’t do it on their birthday, but they do share a birthday. Can you see if Dusty will let Leake pitch on Sunday?

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