I honestly didn’t anticipate so many great Better Off Red movie ideas!  Due to the amount of quality submissions received, I had to ask for some help.  A team of  judges (all of whom will remain anonymous) helped me come up with a winner.

So without further ado…

Congratulations to CM Trimbach, winner of two Field Box tickets to Thursday afternoon’s game between the Reds and Giants!  He also gets the opportunity to offer up a pregame ceremonial first pitch!

Here’s the winning BOR Movie idea…

The movie is called- “The Blog” and comparable to “The Social Network”.

Synopsis- Marty Brennaman and Thom Brennaman played by Christopher Lloyd of Back to the Future fame and George Clooney respectively, are envisioning setting up a Reds blog to document the season and some behind-the-scenes action that he thinks fans would appreciate. 

However, Marty & Thom do not have the capability to start this blog on their own.  They hear rumblings from the media department that some dude named Jamie Ramsey, played by Johnny Depp (with long hair –  think Depp in Blow) is very talented and bright and capable of starting this Reds blog.

Marty & Tom pay Jamie to set up this simplistic blog for them (similar to when the Winklevoss twins pay Mark Z to set up a program similar to Facebook). While Jamie is setting it up, he envisions it being so much more than the simplistic blog that Marty & Thom ask for.

So Jamie tells the Brennamans to screw off and sets up his own blog called Better Off Red.  He teams up with John Fay (kind of like Eduardo Savarin in the movie) who is played by Clint Howard (quirky guy).  

Jamie ends up screwing over Eduardo and teaming up with Mo Egger (who is the Sean Parker) for Better of Red because Mo also has a blog and he helps build BOR into one of the worlds best blogs.

Tag Line of the movie Mo Egger to Jamie Ramsey (Sean Parker to Mark Zuckerberg) ” A million blog followers isnt cool, you know is cool?” “No, what?” “A billion blog followers”.


Thank you to everyone who participated.  You all were really good!



Congrats to the winner. Still bummed that I didn’t win though.

That is hilarious. Well deserving.

Apparently John Fay was not invited to the casting meeting?

Weak sauce. Apparently copying a plot from elsewhere is creative these days? Congrats to the winner, I should have copied the plot from “Predator” and I would have been throwing out the first pitch.

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