Better Off Red is giving you a chance to win two (2) Field Box tickets to THIS Thursday’s 12:35pm game against the Giants AND the opportunity climb the GABP mound to offer up a pregame ceremonial first pitch! 

Here’s what you have to do to win:

In the “Comments” section below, describe a movie idea featuring Better Off Red.

There are many ways you can tackle this assignment – You can put together a brief  synopsis of the “movie,” list actors/actresses who’d star in the film, post some memorable quotes from the movie, describe the movie poster or trailer, etc. 

The key to winning this contest is having an idea that is both creative and brief. 

 I’ll announce the winner Wednesday (4/25) at 5pm ET.   

Good luck!


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Don LaFontaine Voice:

“They said there was no hope…
“They said the season was a waste…

From the writer of “The Sandlot” and the director of “Tombstone”

“They started to lose faith…

“But one man refused to give up hope…

[cue “Solsbury Hill”]

Starring Jeff Bridges as Jamie Ramsey
with Kristen Stewart as Kristen Ramsey
and Johnny Dakota as El Halcon Rojo

Coming this Summer, the tale of One Man,
Two Cats, and one [records scratch] [cut to closeup of Burt, slowly pan around his head] Burt…

[cue “I’m the Man Who Loves You”]

“who led a legion of fans to…


“The feel good hit of 2012”–Roger Ebert
“I love every movie, but I really, really love this one”–Peter Travers
“The best Meowvie ever!”–Grace & Scout Film Review

The movie is called- “The Blog” and comparable to “The Social Network”.

Synopsis- Marty Brennamen and Thom Brennamen played by Christopher Lloyd of Back to the future fame and George Clooney respectively, are envisioning setting up a Reds blog to document the season and some behind the scenes action that he thinks fans would appreciate. However, Marty & Thom do not have the capability to start this blog on his own. He hears rumblings from the media department that some dude named Jamie Ramsey, played by Johnny Depp (with long hair, think Depp in Blow) is very talented and bright and capable of starting this Reds blog. Marty & Tom pay Jamie to set up this simplistic blog for them (similar to when the Winklevoss twins pay Mark Z to set up a program similar to facebook) and while Jamie is setting it up, he envisions it being so much more than the simplistic blog that Marty & Thom ask him to set up.

So Jamie tells the Brennamen’s to screw off and sets out his own blog called Better Off Red. He teams up with John Fay (kind of like Eduardo Savarin in the movie) who is played by Clint Howard (quirky guy). Jamie ends up screwing over Eduardo and teaming up with Mo Egger (who is the Sean Parker) for Better of Red because Mo also has a blog and he helps build BOR into one of the worlds best blogs.

Tag Line of the movie Mo Egger to Jamie Ramsey (Sean Parker to Mark Zuckerberg) ” A million blog followers isnt cool, you know is cool?” “No, what?” “A billion blog followers”.


Obviously, you’re not a golfer…

Better off Red

Jamie Ramsey (played by Nathan Fillion) spends his days tirelessly working away in his office at Great American Ball Park. When the Cincinnati Reds run into the worst string of injuries they have had in their franchise history they are left with no other option but to allow open tryouts to fill out their lineup. After some encouraging words from Chris Welsh (Tom Selleck), Burt the BobbleRed (portrayed by Mickey Rooney) and his cats, Jamie decides to try out and to his surprise makes the team and leads the Reds to one of the greatest seasons in history.


Jamie Ramsey – Nathan Fillion
Chris Welsh – Tom Selleck
Burt BobbleRed – Mickey Rooney
Mike Leake – Jack White
Bronson Arroyo – Charlize Theron
Jim Day – Jeff Piecoro
Jeff Piecoro – Jim Day
Dusty Baker – Danny Glover
Jeff Brantley – Jeff Bridges

Early Reviews

“An amazing, heart warming story.” – Roger Ebert

“Better off Red is one of the greatest sport films of all time!” – Jeff Brantley

“Jamie Ramsey is the greatest man to ever live.” – Jamie Ramsey

Movie Poster

twitter – @bradsc6

Wishing I was creative so my son could throw out the first pitch (and skip school). Hope this opportunity comes up again!

I live 102 miles away so I can’t win according to the rules but here it is anyways. “Funkblast, The Story of the Little Blog that Could”
Starring Burt Bobblehead as himself and Elijah Wood as Jamie Ramsey.
The film revolves around the daily blogging and mischief around the ballpark of close confidants Burt and Jamie. On one late October night, Burt comes to the rescue as the Reds have run out of baseballs in a marathon World Series game 7. In the bottom of the 18th, Burt offers himself to the umpires to use. The pitch is offered up to the batter……Mike Leake….and Funkblast! Reds win!

george clooney stars as joey votto when joey goes for batting 400n in a season media attention is eating at him as he reminces about his dad and the knowledge he imparted on him as a youth to handle the situation robert de niro as his father

The Reds are struggling, and the ownership is thinking of moving the team to New Orleans if attendence doesn’t improve. The team’s blogger (Jim Carrey) wishes for somthing; anything to help the club. When he wakes up the next day his bobble head Burt (The Rock) has come to life. Although he can’t speak, this toy come to life begins turning the team around and ignites the city’s fans.
Also starring:
Danny Glover as Dusty Baker
Christian Bale as Homer Baily
Ashton Kutcher as super fan Dennis Martin
Bob Barker as Mercury Marty

A story of a man who plays baseball and has two choices of where to sign a contract to play
He visits two cities one being cincinnati the other being a big town offering lots of money and perks. However in his spare time this player
Also volunteers in a big brother program and has developed a relationship with a troubled
Young man who needs his love and support. The player decides to stay in cincy to be a great role model and play ball for the Reds.
He learns a valuable lesson that money isn’t
The only thing that’s important fact is- you are better off RED!!!

It’s been nearly 30 years since last we heard from Lane Meyer. The once-suicidal zero-turned-high school hero won the day, won the girl and successfully avoided the paper-boy. That’s where the story ended. But with Ferris Bueller even making a comeback in a popular Super Bowl ad this year, it’s high time to check back on Lane. Life is fine for Meyer (John Cusack, making a cameo in between Cubs games), but not so much for his son Lane Jr. (played by Hollywood newcomer Jamie Ramsey). Instead of taking up skiing like his old man, Lane Jr. writes a blog about the local ballclub. In between coming up with crazy contest ideas and posting about indie music that seven other people have heard of, Lane Jr. spends his time confiding in his socially awkward best friend Bert about his inner-most hopes and dreams. Can Lane Jr. file the next Reds Farm Report – complete with clever subheads – before getting hit up for beer money by Zach (“I want my two dollars!”) Bonkowski?
He’ll go through ups, downs and some hilarious hijinks involving drag-racing two foreign exchange students who only learned to speak English by listening to broadcasts of Mercury Marty, but Lane Jr. will quickly find that life is always… Better Off Red.

Better Off Red – The Magical Website of Dreams…

In a world where people criticize every word and battle every thought, one man stood against the rest. He fought the negative comments of the general population the best he could, but the comments kept coming… beating him down at every turn. Others stood at his side but the negative energy kept coming… it was no use…

That is until the man showed up with a RedsFacts t-shirt declaring that REAL mascots have mustaches!

The population went wild! Sam LeCure could hardly contain himself! Corky Miller felt the stirring in Louisville! The crazy insurance guy on the tv commercials gave away free parking somewhere! When the first pitch was thrown, the mustached shirt brought love to the comments section rather than questioning, disdain and negativity. The Better Off Red world has always been an informative world, but now it was once again the happy place it had once been Pictures with captions soon returned to the BOR world!!!

Love your show, Jamie!

To me the movie should actually be about how Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips have to talk to each other about what teams they could possibly get signed by if they were to turn free agents until they both realize that even though they may not get as much money they would be “Better Off Red” trying to lead a team to the World Series that has not been there in a bit just because it would mean more to them than it would if they joined a team such as the Yankees or the Red Sox. Tagline could be “They could have worn pinstripes but they knew they were Better Off Red”

Burt Bobblered
A new Pixar film from the creators of Finding Nemo and Up
This is the story of Burt Bobblered (voiced by Seth Rogen) and his life as the mascot of Better Off Red. The life of a mascot can be rough, especially when your head is so much larger than the rest of your body. Burt has to deal with the ups and downs that come with being the mascot of a blog for a baseball team that certainly knows how to break your heart. Burt also has to deal with his sidekick Jamie (voiced by Tom Hanks) and all of the wacky contests he comes up with. The highlight of Burt’s year is the Burt Awards where he gets to show off his best style and let the world know what he thinks for once.
Enjoy the ups and downs of your favorite baseball team as seen through the eyes of a 6” tall bobblehead!
Coming to a theatre near you this Summer!

It goes without saying that Brandon Phillips and Sean Casey need to be the stars of this movie. Of course, BP and Casey will play themselves (as they are both far talented beyond the ball diamond). However, this movie takes place, oh about 10 years in the future. Brandon is the manager of a mediocre Cincinnati Reds squad. Sean Casey (coincidentally the MAYOR of Cincinnati at this time) has tried to team up with Phillips to get the team back on track for the sake of the city.

Up until now, the Reds’ only hope has been their young, blooming star shortstop- Pete Bench (played by Trey Griffey (son of Ken Jr. and grandson to Ken Sr.)- but his childish, prima donna antics continue to give his teammates headaches. Although the team chemistry is strong under the brilliant manager, the team continues to struggle. As the offseason fast approaches, Bench is on the final year of his contract and looking for bigger and better things. As he shops around for a new, “better” team, he comes to the emotional realization that there is no place like Cincinnati and that he truly is “BETTER OFF RED”. [Insert dramatic music and shedding of tears]

Bench, having had this change in heart, decides to dedicate all of his time to the greater Cincinnati area and recruits all of the top free agents to come and play for the Reds. Naturally, the Reds are phenonmenal the following season, but the world series takes the team to a heart-stopping game 7. In the bottom of the ninth, Bench steps to the plate and smacks one into the Ohio river with this song playing in the background: ((Skip to about 4:15 in the song))

I get teary-eyed just thinking about it :`)

Hollywood would EAT THIS MOVIE UP with the new craze over baseball and the game behind the game of signing free agents. Similarly, this could have all the makings of a truly emotional movie, while still showing the world why the ‘Nati is the best city on earth.

So when can we sell the rights to this movie, eh? It’s sure to be a classic, much like Reds baseball has been for more than a century. Go Reds and please help my dream to come true of throwing out this pitch. Thank you for the opportunity. Go Red Legs!!

My movie idea is basically digitally putting Better Off Red t-shirts on every character in Pulp Fiction, replacing all the music with The Black Keys, and dubbing Burt’s head onto Samuel L. Jackson

From the writer of “Field of Dreams” and director of “For the Love of the Game”…

Bobby Anderson has lost a lot in his life, but one thing has remained constant – his love for baseball. Having lost both parents in 9/11, Bobby clings to his strongest and best memories of his parents, which was going to every Reds vs Mets game while living in New York City to cheer on their beloved hometown Reds. Now being thrown around in the foster system, Bobby puts all his energy into baseball. Going from school to school, with his high school team barely having enough players to field, Bobby proves himself to be a standout hitter and first baseman, being noticed by multiple scouts at a young age. Bobby takes one more hit that almost leaves him out for good- he is in an accident and suffers a traumatic brain injury. As he works hard and makes a stunning recovery in physical therapy for the next year, there is one club that thinks he’s still worth a shot, the Cincinnati Reds. Owner Castellini sees a fight in Bobby that he can’t ignore, and Bobby goes on to set many club records, but most notably bringing home the World Series to a town that loves nothing more than America’s favorite pastime. With people telling him his whole life what he ought and ought not be, Bobby has always known that he is Better Off Red.

Starring Nick Lachey as Bobby Anderson, George Clooney as Bob Castellini, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrel as Bobby’s high school teammates Pete and Joe, and Morgan Freeman as Dusty Baker, Martin Sheen as Marty Brenneman and Emilio Estevez and Thom Brenneman, with Natalie Portman as Bobby’s love interest, Tori.

“This film steps up to the plate big”
“Better Off Red scores big with a film that has us all rooting for a kid in the Queen City”

[Voiceover on a shots of an empty Great American Ballpark on a dreary day] “In a world full of questions…”
Girl in a Reds shirt: What’s Jay Bruce’s walk-up music?
Man in a Reds hat: What time do the doors open for season ticket holders?
“One man has the answers…”
[Cut to Jamie Ramsey (Ryan Gosling) sitting at his desk. He looks at Burt (as himself).]
Jamie: I’ve told them a hundred times: it’s all on the blog.
[Voiceover on a shot of Crosley Terrace, crowded with Reds fans, banging at the gates, all of them shouting questions.] “But they’d rather ask than open their broswer.”
[The gates break down and the fans pour into the stadium.]
[Cut to Jamie and Lisa Braun (Ellen Page) in Jamie’s office.]
Jamie: Are you telling me they’re zombies?
Lisa: It’s worse. They’re Twitter addicts. They all want to know about the walk-up music.
[Cut to Twitter addicts chasing Jamie through the stadium, all holding up their cell phones. Cut to Jamie hiding in the Reds dugout, with Twitter addicts climbing on top of it. Burt sits on the bat rack, as Jamie rifiles through bats. He looks up at Burt helplessly.]
Jamie: We’re going to need a bigger bat.
[Joey Votto (Joe Jonas) jogs out of the clubhouse. Jamie and Burt look at each other. Burt gives a nod.]
[A series of shots of Jamie and Joey battling Twitter addicts while the opening chords of “Face to the Floor” by Chevelle plays.]
[Voiceover on the words “Better off Red” splattering across a black screen in red letters.] “Ryan Gosling is… Better off Red.
[Shot of Joey grabbing the cell and ipad from one Twitter addict. He smashes both devices with one swing of the bat, then glances over at Jamie and shrugs.]
Joey: Double play.
[“Summer 2012” across a black screen in red letters.]

I don’t think Charlize’s hair is long enough to play Bronson.😉 But Danny Glover is great casting for Dusty.

Better Off Red is based on an all Ohio cast & crew! This is a game against Ohio celebrites and former and current baseball players. This game is going to be raising money for charity to help sponser children’s hospital. The director of our movie is going to be Ohio native Steven Spielberg. We are going to have the famous Tom & Marty Brennaman as our lead announcers. Next in line is going to be the amazing Jamie Ramsey for all of your update news and scores on twitter/facebook. Getting the game started is the wonderful group Rascal Flatts lead by Ohio native Gary Levox singing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Now for your starting line up for your 2012 Celebrity Team, consisting of:
1B Nick Lachey
2B Josh Hutcherson
SS Drew Carey
3B Katie Holmes
LF Sarah Jessica Parker
CF Rob Lowe
RF Halle Berry
C Carmen Electra
P George Clooney
& your first coach is L.A. Reid

They are going to be playing against all your favorite current and Hall of Fame Reds players.
1B Joey Votto
2B Brandon Phillps
SS Barry Larkin
3B Tony Perez
LF Ken Griffey Jr.
CF Drew Stubbs
RF Jay Bruce
C Joe Morgan
P Aroldis Chapman
& your first base coach is Pete Rose.

This not only brings awareness to children’s health but it also brings awareness to Great American Ballpark. And with a heavy hitter lineup/cast like this, this movie is sure to be a box office smash.

The motto of this baseball game is, “Red til’ I’m Dead.” which in other words means “Better Off Red.”

Coming this summer….
Starring Chris Sabo and Benito Santiago as two former Cincinnati Reds who became detectives in a city where crime pays. They are constantly hassled by their chief Ron Gant.
“I can’t see anything!” -Chris Sabo
“Man…….We were better off red!” -Benito Santiago

I once painted my entire body RED to make my police chief believe that I was on board with his policing style. It was a symbol on me ” drinking the cool aid”. Community policing. It was at a public fund raiser

I see a small boy about 9 years old with a dream of becoming a major league baseball player. He practices hard every day. Plays in all the local kids’ leagues, talks to coaches, and tries to go to as many Reds games as he can. He also uses the computer to research the game, lookup player and team stats, scores, and other information but he always goes back to “Better Off Red” for great information about the Cincinnati Reds. He eventually gets invited to a game by Jamie and is given a tour of Great American Ball Park and meet the players including his favorites, Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce. The problem is that his parents aren’t sure that a baseball career is right for the boy. The plot builds as the parents try to shatter his baseball dreams but Jamie and the Reds keep the dream alive.

Mr. Red, played by Sean Casey, who lives on strictly penn station subs and larosa’s pizza is Cincinnati’s version of Batman. When trouble calls the light from the top of Great American Ball Park buts a “C” in the air for all of the city to see. His powers include a web of spaghetti to tie up his villains then finishes them off with skyline chili, cheese, and onions in the eyes to blind them. His gun shoots out high speed penn station cheese steaks at his opponents. Finally he can pull out rib bones from Montgomery Inn as boomarang’s to hit his enemy. He believes putting the bad guys in a food coma is the way to go.

Story of an every day regular blogger that makes it big when he becomes beloved by a city of and its loyal Reds fans. His world comes crashing down around him when one day he uncovers secret codes deep inside the Reds Archives that reveal a sinister plot by baseballs oldest society club to destroy the legacy of greatest baseball players of all time, Pete Rose. John Fay will stop at nothing to keep the socities secrets. Kevin Costner is John Fay Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Jamie Ramsey also starring Ellen Page

Better of Red: Revenge of the Fallen Strikes Back on Judgment Day in the Temple of Doom

In a World ruled by beat writers…
One man must defy the odds and embark on an epic quest
To cover a baseball team like it’s never been covered before

THIN Jonah Hill stars as Reds blogger Jamie Ramsey as he battles the snarky wit of John Fay (played by Jerry Springer) and the know it all attitude of Mark Sheldon (Tommy Lee Jones) for Reds media access supremacy.

The movie starts out with quirky blogger Jamie Ramsey being pushed aside by established beatwriters as he tries to gain access for player interviews. When Jamie mixes up the formula and gives fans a side of the Reds they’ve never seen before (fun facts, behind the scenes info, fan giveaways, fan meet-ups), Fay and Sheldon sense their influence slipping away, so they hatch a plan…

John Fay traps Jamie in his ipad and thinks the battle has been won, but Jamie is able to lure Sheldon into the ipod while Fay is away. They run from app to app (Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc), battling it out in the digital world. Ramsey switches faces with Sheldon and then convinces Fay to release him. Upon discovering that he’d been had, Fay gets angry and transforms into an angry hulking version of himself (played by Super Shredder from TMNT: Secret of the Ooze).

It’s game 7 of the World Series, and just as the Reds are about to lock up the series victory over the Angels (Danny Glover makes a cameo appearance, reprising his “Angels in the Outfield” role as manager of the Angels), Super Fay emerge from the depths of the stadium and he and Ramsey begin battling it out on the tall stacks in front of 48,000+. Fay has Ramsey down and is just about to end his life in front of a national TV audience, when the Toyota Tundra comes plowing out of nowhere, completely obliterating Super Fay to the cheers of the crowd. Aroldis Chapman steps out of the Tundra, revealing that he was sent from Cuba to destroy the evil Fay, and he’s been kept in the bullpen all season long to keep a better eye on him. The crowd erupts as Sean Marshall ends the series with a strikeout of Albert Pujols.

Credits roll as Jamie joins the Reds celebration on the mound.

No John Fays will be harmed in the making of this movie.

First, since I love the title of this blog, we’d use it for the movie, too.

“Better Off Red” will star Joe Pantoliano, playing our hero, Jamie Ramsey, erstwhile PR staffer with the Cincinnati Reds, music afficianado and pop culture observer. Jamie struggles with his employers for the right to begin this blog for, finally getting the senior folks (including a grey-haired Tommy Lee Jones as Bob Castellini) to go along with his plan.

Grimly, our hero moves forward, writing an informative yet witty blog, replete with photos, video, game notes and some great reader-participation items that keep his many readers engaged and entertained!

The movie will be more of a slice-of-life portrait than plot-driven, following the startup of the blog, and will also feature Jason Statham as Rob Butcher, John Rubinstein playing Walt Jocketty, and, in an uncredited turn, John Slattery portraying Mercury Marty Brennaman.

Martin Scorsese is already interested in directing this opus.

Take off on Better Off Dead. Starring John Cusack as Scott Rolen and Marty and the Cowboy as Howard Cosell impersonating announcers. Of course, the highlight of the movie is the running gag featuring a beer vendor chasing a fan throughout GABP yelling “I want my 9 dollars!”.

A Pixar film about bobble heads working their way up through the bobble head minor leagues, hoping to one day become major league bobble heads. We follow the story of Burt, a bobble head who doesn’t quite fit the mold, but who promised his namesake grandfather he’d make it to the big leagues.

“Sometimes, all you can do is smile and nod…

Burt the Bobble Head is… Better Off Red.”

I will be at the game Thursday already and I have been a Reds fan from the mid 1970 until today , me and three of my friend are coming over from Indiana and what a special day it would be to get to throw the first pitch out… But I sure will take a Reds win if I can’t get a chance to do that …Go Redlegs ….

Well, I would write a movie through the eyes of my Dad (or a fan just like him) who recently passed away. He was 91 years old and loved the Reds thru thick and thin. I would make it about the hope of this Cincinnati fan who “knew” they could be winners. I would probably take the movie thru this favorite fan’s eyes. My Dad’s life ended while listening to the Reds on March 3rd 2012. Cincinnati and the world could use another feel good WIN’WIN movie. The 70’s baseball and showing both sides of the story, (from the fans) and what is going on in the baseball world. I would have charactors who are “older” and the very young talking about the Reds.
My Dad went to as many games as possible. The sisters of Charity knew my Dad and his faith in this Church and the Reds. I am certainl there a lot of fans just like him. He would be tickled silly if one of his 10 kids thruew the first pitch on any day! Thanks for all you do!

Starring Joey voto and brandon phillips, first base, second base, who you gonna call? We gotch ya caught and like a 1 2 3 your out of here. Like we said, your better off red or you be dead. What ya gonna do? Oops you didnt just hit that ball to the golden gloves of first and second, cause your out of here!

While summarizing the final game of the World Series Finale Jamie Ramsey falls asleep only to awake to the fact that he must now pitch the bottom of the ninth inning of the 7th game of the world series with 2 outs while facing off against Burt Bobblered the infamous catcher who was traded to another team after getting into a fight with Jamie Ramsey.

The at bat goes on forever as Burt spoils every pitch that Ramsey throws. After they are both emotionally and physically exhausted a coach that looks a lot like Marty walks out to the mound and tells him that to beat Burt he must wake up. After trying to figure out what happened Ramsey slowly wakes up from the dream/nightmare to have Marty telling him to wake up the reds have won the world series!

Better Off Red would be a movie about an ex- major league pitcher that is working for an insurance agency when he gets the call to stop by for a try out (as a favor to his dad who played in the 60’s). He starts in the minors; works his way up the majors; they ride his arm all the way to the World Series. Game 7, 2 outs, tying run on 3rd and he gets the call from the bullpen for 1 batter.


the Aroldis Chapman story, a young child born into poverty seemed with a love for baseball, who against all odds came to America only to set a new world record for the fasted pitch

“Better Off Red”
This is just how it should be, a show that stars the Reds as themselves! However it has to star Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Barry Larkin and Chris Sabo also! i know that there have been many great Reds over the years but these are the ones that stick out to me! It should simply be a show about the Reds struggles and triumphs over the years! It should show the real Reds telling real stories about their own personal leaps and bounds over the years! i would watch🙂

80’s classic……Fast times at Great American…..Mike Leake as Jeff Spicoli. The cast beyond that wouldn’t matter everyone could be there selves. Mike …I’m sorry Jeff, could go work the many jobs around Great American.Ticket sales to field crew. Mike has a great personality and needs to be on camera more!!!!

Actor is Billy Zane and this is a Kevin Costner directed film with a shot of the rookie in his crisp Reds uniform.
The 48 year old life-long Red’s fan stepped up on the mound to throw the first pitch.
He threw with such intensity that he was told to stay on the mound and start the game. On a day that started out as a first pitch opportunity, he became a rookie for the Cincinnati Red’s that chilly spring day. All four daughters and his wife cried with delight as the 6 foot 5, 265lb rookie had his dream fulfilled.

Cincinnati Jones and the Big Red Machine of Doom.

Better Off Red!
The movie should start in Columbus with a young 10y/o boy, Pete, being torn between the Indians and the Reds. Who should he cheer for, his mom, a Cleveland native, and Dad, a Cincy native both influence him very much. Taking him to their respective hometowns for games, buying him jerseys and foam fingers to persuade the young chap! Its a beautiful sunny day for a game at GAP as Pete and his Pops come down early to see batting practice. When aroldis comes from the bullpen and warmups he is walking to the dugout and spots this excited face on Pete with his floppy reds hat pushing his ears out. He walks over and hands him a ball. This delights Pete and he now has a new favorite player. They take their seats after scoring a hot dog and a soda so big that Pete can barely wrap his hands around it. In the 3rd inning they look at the big screen and Pete has won the chance to announce the batters in the 7th inning! He gets to go up in the booth meet Marty and the Cowboy(he hid his flask before Pete enetered!). Then he gets over the loud speaker and announces the batters. Pete has a great day, the Reds win the titanic struggle and a Reds fan is born!
Hook me up Im going to the game but dont have tickets yet. Fulfill my dream of throwing out a first pitch please!!!!

Movie based on hunger games where major league teams each have to send a player into the arena to fight…maybe not to the death but some sort of total domination. Obviously it would come down to Brandon Phillips and some Cardinal player.

Big Little League
From the creators of “Big” and “Little Big League”
Tom Hanks plays Jamie Ramsey, a down-on-his-luck desk jockey with the Cincinnati Reds. Seeing that his career is going nowhere, and forced to watch and not play the game he’s loved his whole life, Jamie makes a wish in Fountain Square that he could do it all over again. The next morning, Jamie awakens to find himself in his childhood home. When his mom comes in to tell him to get ready for school, Jamie knows that his wish has come true. He has traveled back in time to when he was 12 years old and quit his little league team. Jamie sees himself as a full grown adult, but everyone else sees him as he was when he was 12. Hijinks ensue as Jamie has to learn how to be a kid again, and must revisit the horrors of junior-high relationships. Thinking he will take this opportunity to be the great player he always wanted to be, Jamie soon discovers that his lack of any sort of athletic ability has not changed, he is as bad as he always was. Feeling helpless, Jamie quits the baseball team, on the verge of once again repeating the same mistakes of the past. Then one night, the winds of change blow in. A tornado hits his small town, and Jamie is knocked out by a falling shelf. He awakens to find himself in the broadcast booth of Riverfront Stadium. He looks over and sees a familiar face: that of “Mercury” Marty Brennaman (played by Morgan Freeman). Marty proceeds to wax poetic about how Jamie’s skills are not PLAYING baseball, but his skills can contribute to any baseball team just the same. He awakens from his dream to find out that the tornado has destroyed both his team’s little league field, as well as all of their equipment. Feeling called to action, Jamie uses his media relations skills to raise money to fix the field and buy the team new equipment. His team and coaches hail him as a hero and present him with a ball signed by each player, in gratitude for all he did. Jamie feels better than he ever would have hitting a walk off home run in the championship game. The next morning, he awakens back in his own apartment in his own bed. It must have all been a dream. He travels to work at Great American Ballpark feeling renewed and motivated, knowing that he now makes a difference. As he settles at his desk for his daily Better Off Red update, Jamie looks over and sees a small package with a tag reading “from Marty”. He opens it to find the ball, signed by all of his Little League teammates. It WAS a dream, wasn’t it?!

I am not within a 100 miles (why that makes a difference?). Just about any story on baseball can be traced back to A father and son’s love of the game. Does not need to be a movie. Just needs to be the great memories.

“The Day a Blogger Saved the World Series”

It was game seven of the 2012 World Series as the Cincinnati Reds played heavy favorite, New York Yankees. Jamie Ramsey, who has been in the dugout all season sporting his own personalized Cincinnati Reds Jersey, was intensely blogging game updates as usual. The Reds and Yankees needed more than just 9 innings to decide the 2012 winner. Jamie was getting worn out as he was hanging on every minute, blogging away in the dugout, when all of a sudden the unthinkable happened. It was the end of the 20th inning, the longest game in World Series history. The Reds have used all of their pitchers, and just pinched hit for their last pitcher. No players were left on the bench. The Reds were down to 8 players, and 8 players only. No one was available to pitch. Suddenly, Dusty Baker calls upon Jamie Ramsey, the blogger to save the game for them. Bill Bray offers his pants to go along with Jamie’s personalized jersey. Will Jamie give the Reds one more shut out inning before Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce come to bat, or will Jamie be blogging about the day he lost the World Series?

A silent black and white movie featuring the musical talents of @TheRedKeys organist.

Plot: Mr. Redlegs, Rosie Red and The Gapper are being held captive by the Milwaukee Racing Sausages and the Reds fans look to their 2012 Reds to save the day.

Leading Cast:
Mary Brennamen – played by Donald Sutherland
Walt Jocketty – played by Martin Sheen
Bob Castellini – played by William Shatner

Joey Votto – played by James Franco
Brandon Phillips – played by Don Cheadle
Scott Rolen – played by Jeremy Renner

All season long two friends have been going to GABP. One friend a die hard Brewers fan the other a life long Reds fan. Bickering back and forth, with games going the same. In the end one team triumps in a one game playoff to be the Central division champs. The game comes down to one pitch Reds down 4-3 bottom of the ninth, with Cozart on first two out and Votto hits a blast heard around the tri-state. “AND THIS ONE BELONGS TO THE REDS!!!!!!” Sending the Cincinnati Reds to the playoffs as the Central division champs, and winning their way to the World Series. Reds fan turns to the Brewers fan and says I told you It’s always BETTER OFF RED. Starring Danny Glover as Dusty Baker, John Cusack as the Cowboy Jeff Brantley, and Adam Sandler as the Reds fan and Kevin James as the Brewers fan.

The plot begins at Reds Fantasy Camp. A young man(35-40 years) and his father(65-70 years) attend the camp together as an attempt at bonding after years of separation. The film flips back and forth between what caused the separation and how the Fantasy Camp brought them back together. Should be touching with light humor. Should appeal to men, women and children.

Hopefully this team and it’s immense talent go on a huge run, take the pennant and world series. And hopefully a couple more in the following years. The film could be a documentary comparing the big red machine and the current team.

Better Off Red (played by himself) falls in love and marries Rosie the mascot (played by Angelina Jolie), and they live happily ever after.

Movie Title-Better Off Red
starts off at end of 2009 season ends after 2010 season.
A serious baseball movie (kind of like moneyball) about the business side of baseball along with the rough patches the reds faced in their efforts to make it to the playoffs. After being so negatively criticized after the 2009 season they were able to pull together as a team under Dusty Baker and the 2010 coaching staff. It would be an inspiring story of the underdog Reds winning the National League Central.
Of course you would have to include the rivalry with the Cardinals. The bad blood between Brandon Phillips and Yadier Molina etc.
Also the touching story of Aaron Harang pitching his final games as a Red.
Jamie Ramsey-Jack Black
Joey Votto- henry cavill
Jay Bruce- liam hemsworth
Brandon Phillips -Tyrese Gibson
Scott Rolen- Mark Wahlberg
Bronson Arroyo-kip pardue
Drew Stubbs- shia labouef
Chris Heisey- tom cruse
Orlando Cabrera- kuno becker
Johnny Cueto- rikki fox
Edinson Volquez- jamie fox
Johnny Gomes- charlie sheen
Thom Brennaman- himself
Chris Welsh- jeff foxworthy
dusty baker-forest whitaker
yadier molina- diego luna
chris carpenter-cam gigandet
tony la russa- al pacino
Aaron Harang- Billy Garcia
ramon hernandez- Noes Gugliemi
Ryan Hanigan- Edward Furlong

Famed baseball blogger, Jamie Ramsey (Charlie Sheen) is following and reporting on a struggling Cincinnati Reds team. One night after another particularly painful Reds loss, Jamie is visited in a dream by the ghost of the Ol’Left Hander, Joe Nuxhall, (Donald Sutherland). In his dream Jamie is told by Nuxhall that he has the power to help turn the season around by what he writes in his blog, whispering as he departs, “If you write it they will win”. What happens next is nothing short of a miracle. The remainder of the season is filled with spectacular plays, timely hitting and lights out pitching. The stands slowly build to sell-out numbers every night as the Reds season becomes one of the most improbable turn arounds in history. Nuxhalls’ ghost continues to make periodic visits to Ramsey offering recommendations from the beyond on how to keep the Reds on a winning trajectory. Dusty Baker,(Danny Glover) makes line-up adjustments that seem inexplicable at the time, even he doesn’t understand why he’s doing it. But always, no matter how ridiculous, if Jamie writes it in the blog, it happens on the field. Joey Votto,(Christian Bale), begrudgingly bats 8th one game and goes 3 for 3 with 12 RBI’s. Scotty Rolen, (Kevin Costner), leads off in another and goes 4 for 4 with 4 stolen bases, one of those being a steal of home. Brandon Phillips,(Mike Epps), continues to make circus style defensive plays that defy belief and gravity. Drew Stubbs, (Ryan Gossling), doesn’t strike out for the remainder of the season. Jay Bruce, (Seth Rogan), only hits to the opposite field, much to the delight of announcers, Marty Brennaman (as himself) and Jeff Brantley (Sam Elliott). After the Reds win the World Series, Nuxy visits Jamie one last time and tells him of all the great things yet to come for the Reds. Jamie asks Joe if he can go back with him, to which Joe replies, “No kid, you’re needed here, and you’re better off Red.”

The Reds are loaded with talent but their season has started out slow. Is there a conspiracy between the Reds GM (Gene Hackman) and their rival Cardinals to keep the Reds from winning? Is Joey Votto’s (Charlie Sheen) new love interest, Sarah (Christina Hendricks), really in love with him or is she also involved in the possible conspiracy to keep the Reds from winning? What role does Brandon Phillips (Himself) and Dusty Baker (Morgan Freeman) play throughout this action packed psychological thriller? “The Change Up” coming to a theater near you!

-This would be the serious version of Charlie Sheen like in the movies Young Guns or Major League 1 and 2.

-The poster would be a black poster with the title at the top (The Change Up) a baseball glove dropping a baseball down into somebody’s hand that looks to be somewhat of an executive wearing a white shirt with cuff links and a Cardinals World Series ring. It doesn’t show who the executive with the Cardinals World Series ring on is or who the baseball player is with the glove dropping the ball,  just their hands out toward one another and it would not be a scene in the movie (a metaphorical poster to give it more conspiracy).

Set in a time when baseball is in trouble, amid scandals, disasters, greed and turmoil, a manager, his coaching staff, and players continue to do their best to succeed at the game they love. The setting of the movie is timeless as is baseball and shows that through different eras, baseball has faced many difficult times and yet it continues to have opening day with the seats full, year after year. While the manager and coaches relive moments during their career, the players struggle professionally and personally just like every other person in America, showing they are simply humans. Showcasing the feelings and struggles of a player ready to hang up his spikes and the rookie that doesn’t know what he’s about to face while trying to win a spot on the roster, the movie is a life lesson for all. In the end, the entire team and coaching staff determine that if it were not for the fans of Cincinnati, baseball would be just another game.

In a world where evil all to often is the norm, there is only one thing that can unite the city of Cincinnati, and bring on the ideals of hope and normalcy. A rag tag group of baseball playing karate masters, wipe out the cities evil underground by day, and break the backs of their opponents nightly at GABP.
Chuck Norris stars in a brilliant 1 Man Show called………….”BETTER OF RED!!!!!!”

Manager – Chuck Norris
Pitching Coach – Chuck Norris
Batting Coach – Chuck Norris
1st Base Coach – Chuck Norris
3rd Base Coach – Chuck Norris
SP – Chuck Norris
C – Chuck Norris
1st – Chuck Norris
2nd – Chuck Norris
3rd – Chuck Norris
SS – Chuck Norris
LF – Chuck Norris
CF – Chuck Norris
RF – Chuck Norris
Reliever – Chuck Norris
Closer – Chuck Norris
Announcer – Chuck Norris
Umpire 1 – Chuck Norris
Umpire 2 – Chuck Norris
Umpire 3 – Chuck Norris
Umpire 4 – Chuck Norris
Keep an eye out for the special cameo appearance by………. The Most Intersting Man in the World. “I don’t always watch baseball, but when I do, I watch the Reds!”

Title: Better off Red

My movie story would be about the 2010 season. A young team with not much love heading out of Spring Training from the National Media. I hot May and June lead up to the a pivotal St. Louis Cardinals series in Cincinnati in July against the king of the mountain in the Central. Trash talk before the game leads to a brawl during the game. Getting swept by the Cardinals could lead to a devasting remainder of the season. But they regroup and move on to when the Central with the Climax of the movie being Bruce’s walk-off against the Astros to win the division.

Jocketty – Dustin Hoffman
Baker – Samuel L. Jackson
Votto – Channing Tatum
Phillips – Shemar Moore
Rolen – Patrick Dempsey
Bruce – Chris Evans
Marty – Matin Sheen
Brantley – Matthew McConaughey

After promising internet blogger Jaime Ramsey(Jack Black) is dumped by his longtime love (Scarlet Johansen) for smooth talking Red’s first baseman Joey Votto(Vince Vaughn), he has become jaded with the city and team he once loved. He writing has become cynical and pushed away so many of the fans that had once made him a household name. He has lost all hope, until the new sports anchor(Jennifer Lawrence) comes to town. She sees the promise in him and a wonderful friendship begins. With his new love interest spurring him on, Jaime gets a new found passion for his blog and makes it even better than ever. And when a huge injustice is done by Major League Baseball, on behalf of his favorite team, Jaime puts his feelings aside to reunite the city of Cincinnati, and make things right with him and his former friend.

“Better off Red” The Sawshank Redemption Sequel

Once Andy Dufrane (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman) were finished sanding the boat and reselling it for a profit. The two former convicts began a life together in Sanwantanayho. What they soon discovered was better than their first steps away from Shawshank. The small Mexican town was a Honey Hole of baseball prospects. The two would visit the ballparks of the town on a daily basis watching and learning how each player developed. It was years later that a man approached the two and offered them jobs as scouts for a team out of Cincinnati. When asked why teams would scout this kind of area, the man said “In major league baseball you either get busy scouting, or you get busy buying.” He then went on to mention the lack of funds that the team they would work for had and how important it is to have a scout in any area of baseball prospectus. The job was a dream come true and eventually the two men spent all their time at the ballpark. Andy even played French music in between innings for all the yard to hear. They eventually fell in love with one kid in particular by the name of Rijo Concepcion (. He was a 5 tool shortstop that could also start a game here and there if need be. Andy and Red befriended the young man. Andy wrote 2 letters a week to the Cincinnati Club praising the kid and trying to get him a job in the states. Finally the good news came. The Cincinnati team wanted to see the kid at one of their minor league spots. Before he left Andy spoke to him face to face and said “you have to promise me Rijo, If you ever make it to Cincinnati you will find a ball field. It lays on the banks of a river. It will be flooded with people wearing the colors of the team. At this field you will find a man that goes by Jamie. He looks like he has no business at a baseball field, but promise me you will find him.” Rijo promised. It took Rijo 9 years to finally make it to Cincinnati. He scratched, clawed, and bled through minor league towns and ridiculous promotions I don’t even want to imagine, but he came out a Redleg on the other side. Once he reached the town of Cincinnati he was stuck into the lineup and went 0-4 and was booed all the way backto the dugout. Listening on the radio back in Mexico, the two former convicts began to speculate Rijo’s future. Andy found a calming place when he thought of Rijo finally speaking to the man named Jamie. He then looked at his partner in crime and said “He’s Better Off Red”. Andy knew Rijo would have a friend in Jamie. Jamie would show him the ins and outs of the Cincinnati team. How to fire the T-shirt cannon, what places to eat at on the road, and other things rookies struggle with. Any time the two convicts would talk about Rijo, the conversation would turn to worry prio to Andy remembering what Rijo promised to do. By finding Jamie he would be set for life. The converstation would always end with Andy saying “He’s Better Off Red”.

“IT’S AWESOME BABY!!” – Dick Vitale

On a warm Thursday afternoon in late April, fans packed the stands for a game that was sure to be entertaining. Little did they know.. the popcorn they were eating was infected and turned them all into zombies!! As the zombies rushed the front office and captured Jamie Ramsay (played by Justin Bieber), Dusty Baker (played by Snoop Dogg) rallied the Red Legs to free him. Armed with only bats, balls, and BIG LEAGUE CHEW, Dusty, Joey Votto (played by Ben Stiller), and Brandon Phillips (played by LL Cool J) fight their way to the Cincinnati Bell Riverboat where Jamie was held captive. Heavily outnumbered and preparing for certain extinction, the Reds were backed into a corner, until… BOOM!!! Marty Brennamen (played as Dick Vitale) burst through the door with his GOLDEN MICROPHONE and destroys all of the zombies!

“One word describes this move: SUCCESS” – Donald Trump

Justin Bieber as Jamie Ramsay
Snoop Dogg as Dusty Baker
Dick Vitale as Marty Brennamen
Ben Stiller as Joey Votto
LL Cool J as Brandon Phillips

Theme Song: Highway to the Danger Zone

“Mr. Better off Red Baseball”: Down on his luck (but talented) blogger Jamie Ramsey (Robert Iler) finds himself in Japan covering a Japanese team managed by legendary Japanese baseball player Sardaharu Oh (Sab Shimono) who has just been handed an equally down on his luck but talented American player (Adam Dunn – playing himself) who has a huge hole in his swing that must be corrected. Dunn makes fast friends with another American on the team Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert), who is also working his way back to the big leagues. Hilarity ensues when Dunn, who can’t speak Japanese, has to have all of the coach’s instructions relayed by the team’s translator (Gedde Wantanabe), who is deathly afraid of the 6′ 6″ Dunn. In the end (with Better Off Red’s help), Adam falls in love with the coach’s beautiful daughter (Lucy Lu), and works his way back to the big leagues, earning a tryout with the Houston Astros, Perro Cerrano makes the big league roster of the Cleveland Indians, and Better off Red winds up in Cincinnati covering the Reds for a now retired John Fay.

‘Red Sonja 2: Better of Red’
In this fish-out-of-water, fell-good sports comedy, Red Sonja accidently enters a worm-hole that transports her from the middle ages to modern day Cincinnati. She happens to arrive on record store day and is greeted by a long line of hipsters waiting in line to buy vinyl. Sonja swings her sword with fury and anger, intimated the bearded coffee drinkers, causing them to scatter, with the exception of one Jamey Ramsey, who now being the sole person in line gets the pick of the litter at his local record store. However, he can’t stop thinking about the red-headed beauty and the power in which she swung her sword. He tracks her down and talks her into coming to Great American Ballpark and letting her take batting practice. Amazingly she swings the bat even better than the sword, and after putting on a hitting display the likes they have never witnessed, the Reds’ front office, desperate seeing as they are nearly out of contention, sitting 3 game out with 145 games left to play sign the first ever female MLB player. Red Sonja, goes on to hit 50 home runs, the Reds win 100 games, take World Series, and the rest as they say, is history.

The Reds have a contest to throw out the first pitch and end up signing the winner after they see him/her throw.

Chuck Norris is cool!

“Better off Red”

The film opens up with an exhausted Jamie Ramsey (played by Kevin Smith) toiling away at his desk in the wee hours of the morning. In walks Lisa Braun (played by Scarlett Johansson), looking very stunning and informs Jamie that it’s getting late and he should call it a night. He agrees and they head down the hall to the elevator. As the elevator doors open, Sam Lecure (played by James Brolin) comes busting out, knocking Jamie to the ground and barrels around the corner. Joey Votto (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) slowly exits the elevator, helps Jamie to his feet, cordially shakes the hand of Lisa Braun, and informs them that Lecure has gone off the deep end and he truly believes that he is living in the wild west. The scene then cuts away to Lecure maniacally driving a lawn tractor through center field, shooting pistols into the air, chasing Brandon Phillips (played by himself… it’s about time Phillips burst on to the big screen.)

The film would then progress into Jamie and Lisa precariously searching GABP for the delusional Sam Lecure. Meanwhile, trying to save Phillips, who is doing his best to elude Lecure. As well as a romantic interest developing between Lisa and Votto. But later, Votto being hog tied and left somewhere in the catacombs of the ballpark. I am envisioning much hijinks and a lot of guest appearances.

The film would conclude with Phillips, Lecure, Rosie Red, Mr. Red, Mr. Redlegs, Gapper, Jamie, and Lisa all hilariously racing through the park and on to the field. Lecure would out mustache Mr. Redlegs. Gapper would clumsily fall, taking out the majority of the field. Leaving Phillips running for his life, Lecure on his heals, and Jamie and Lisa not far behind. As they approach home plate, Dusty Baker (played by Sidney Poitier) comes out of the dugout and shouts, “Phillips! Lecure! Get in the clubhouse!” He then shakes his head and walks away. Phillips and Lecure stop running, look at one another, and start walking toward the dugout. Astounded, Jamie and Lisa have a laugh and simultaneously say, “Oh well, Better off Red.”

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