The Reds are currently 3-6 and judging from my Twitter timeline, the 2012 season is over.  RIP. 

Just for grins and giggles, I checked to see how other recent successful Reds teams started off…

2010: The Reds burst out of the gate with a 5-8 mark.  I think all of us remember how it ended up; 91-71 and champagne in our eyes.

1999: The Reds started 4-8, finished 96-67 and lost a one-game playoff against Bobby V’s Mets.

1995: The Reds dropped their first 6 games to start the season and 8 of their first 9.  Miraculously the boys posted an 85-59 mark and lost to the Braves in the NLCS.

1979:  The Redlegs began the ’79 campaign 4-6 <gasp>.  Somehow, they still finished with a 90-71 record and made it all the way to the NLCS where they lost to Stargell, Parker and the “We Are Family” Pirates.

1975: Without Twitter and popular radio call-in shows, folks didn’t have the luxury of hiding in the comfort of their own homes while proclaiming to the universe that the 4-6 Reds were bound for disappointment.  If 108 wins and a world championship is disappointing, then I officially retire from baseball.

1972: The dreadful Reds of ’72 stumbled off the blocks to a 2-6 mark.  Who would’ve guessed that 8 games doesn’t actually forecast 95 wins and a World Series berth?


Thank you for posting this. I was going to look this stuff up myself. I think this is still going to be a great year for the Reds. Even with injuries to key players, the Reds still have the team to make the playoffs.

Thanks for keepin’ it real. It’s frustrating to see you and Mark having to spend so much time defending our boys to their so-called “fans.”

Let’s go, Redlegs!!!

“But this is not those teams; those teams were GREAT” (TOUNGE IN CHEEK) before we pass judgment let’s see where we are in a couple months. It’s why we play the games!

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