One of the many perks to my job is having, at my disposal, the “Chuck Kirlin Research Library” – a room located on the press level of Great American Ball Park containing Reds archives, scorebooks and old press clippings. 

The library is named for Chuck Kirlin, the team’s media relations intern at the time of our transition from Cinergy Field to GABP, who helped organize and set up the room.  Chuck handled every file folder of nearly every Red from the past 50 years and alphabetically placed each of the portfolios (containing player’s press clippings, press releases, etc.) in the room’s filing cabinets.

In addition to valuable Reds archives, the research library also serves as a work room for our current media relations interns (Dave Lubich and Will Frasure); fully equipped with a refrigerator, a copy machine, a few tables and a very sharp paper-cutter.   

As a life-long Reds fan, I try to find time every now and then to go through some of the archives that are in the library.  It’s amazing what I’ll sometimes find.  It’s like our own little Cooperstown. 

The X-Files

Back before PDFs, email, Twitter and internet the Reds archives were kept the only way possible – by physically cutting the stories from the newspapers with scissors and pasting them on a piece of paper and neatly placing them in a  marked folder. 

All of the newspaper clippings in the media relations library have aged and turned yellow, but they’re all still mostly in good shape. 

Old Joe Morgan clippings

Pete Rose story from Kansas City Star in 1974

One of my favorite folders to peruse is Joe Nuxhall’s.  His folder contains a questionnaire from 1951 that players back then were required to fill out for the Reds publicity department (today known as the Reds Media Relations dept).

A questionnaire Nuxhall filled out for the Reds publicity department in 1951


Who knew Nuxy was a "degreaser?!"

The photo below makes me think of Lee May and how he regularly kids Marty on the Caravan that, (a) Marty would still “be in Memphis broadcasting tractor-pulls if it weren’t for Joe Nuxhall” and (b) how he’d rather still have Al Michaels to listen to rather than Marty himself…

Al Michaels and Joe Nuxhall

I went through some other “famous” files…

Tom Seaver's 1977 file

I searched Tom Seaver’s file and it showed that he was pretty good.

Rose press clippings from 1973

As you can probably imagine, Pete has nearly an entire filing cabinet to himself…

Pete's hairstyle was big news in 1970

Sport Magazine. I had no idea they covered anything other than football.

When Johnny Bench got married in the 70s, it was HUGE news.  It was TMZ material before their was TMZ.  Due to the incredible amount of coverage the wedding (and subsequent divorce) was given in the papers, the Reds publicity department created its own folder.

The Reds meticulously kept files for everything involving its players, including a file for Johnny Bench's wedding/divorce in the mid '70s

Remember my post last month on the “scorebook?” The Reds media relations department has been keeping a team scorebook for every game for a long time…and lots of them are still archived in the library…

Media Relations scorebooks from the '80s.


The 4192 game from the '85 media relations scorebook


Pretty cool stuff, huh?

All of the media relations interns from the GABP era are on the wall (I call it the Post Office wall)

Thanks for allowing me to share!
Go Reds!

Expect good news (even if it’s on an old yellow newspaper),



thanks brings back memories

This is a very cool post! Thanks for sharing!!

This is so interesting . . . thanks for sharing!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Do you find some of your BOR trivia questions in those cabinets?

So are the interns working to digitize the archives? It’d take a number of years and a number of interns, but it would be worth it!

Great read Jamie, thanks🙂 When I was growing up in Columbus I would clip stories from the Dispatch – I still have most of them. Never dreamed they were doing the very same thing in Cincinnati. And baseballcincy, great idea. Wonder if they’ve thought about doing that?

This is great. Thank you for sharing

Very cool! Thanks for posting.

Jamie, this is awesome. Never really knew there was such a cool Red’s archives. Has any company ever approached the Reds to digitize all of the data to preserve and possibly make it easier to search for data??

Wow! This is just so cool and interesting! Thanks, Jamie!

Please post more! Awesome

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