Before I post my favorite photos from Spring Training, I  felt it necessary to first share with all of you some of the more peculiar ones.  Enjoy…

Remember this one? Pregame entertainment during an afternoon game in Goodyear. Also known as Happy Hour at one of my favorite pubs in Hamilton.

You meet some interesting people during Spring Training. These three young ladies were celebrating "Moustache Month of March". I'm not kidding.

Jeff Piecoro and Jim Day. This one needs no explanation.

Beanie Wells and his son Christian offering up a ceremonial first pitch. With a little photo manipulation, this photo went from "eh" to "grooooovy."

Jay Bruce in disguise!

Reunited and it feels so good! Barry Larkin and his longtime media relations director Rob Butcher share a hug.

Corky was labeled a "person with a moustache of interest" one morning on the field. He seemed not to mind.

Arizona has very high and beautiful skies. At night you can see a galaxy far, far away.

I snapped this at the Reds/A's game in Phoenix. With Jonny Gomes batting, this strange man ran out onto the field. He was later identified as Zach Bonkowski.

I found out the hard way that you can't take a photo of Doug Flynn without capturing evil spirits in the picture as well. Spooky!

These are the media dudes that cover the Reds team on a daily basis.

The Reds hired a new assistant athletic trainer this spring. His name is Hans.

Joey went through a serious hip-hop phase this spring.

Joey chatting it up with one of the umpires during the St. Patrick's Day game.


Awesome! Flavor Flav Votto.

bwahahahaha!! What a great post Jamie!! Your humor is one of many reasons we keep coming back for more BOR!!!🙂

Lol. I liked the Corky one the best. Nice work.

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