Former Ohio State football star and current Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells was at Goodyear Ballpark on Friday to take in the Reds/Indians game.  He also offered up a ceremonial first pitch. 

I met Beanie before the game and shook his hand.  If Johnny Bench could hold 5 baseballs in one hand, I’m pretty sure Beanie could hold 15.  He and Scott Rolen have the biggest hands I’ve ever seen.  Another thing about Beanie, he’s an incredibly nice guy.  Super friendly and very approachable. 

Wondering who caught Beanie’s first pitch?  None other than proud Michigan alum and current Reds prospect Ryan LaMarre.  For a moment, Ohio State and Michigan put aside their differences for the purpose of Reds baseball (I’m laying it on thick, aren’t I?).  It must’ve worked for LaMarre because he belted a go-ahead 2-run homer in the 8th inning and made a spectacular catch.

Beanie’s young son was with him yesterday, decked out in a mini-Ohio State football uniform…helmet and all!

Enjoy the photos… 

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that was so awesome! i was there and received an autograph from Beanie! great memories

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