The Reds needed just 1 run and only 2 hours and 14 minutes to beat the White Sox this afternoon in Glendale.  Homer Bailey looked sharp, REAL sharp.  He fired 4.0 scoreless innings, allowing just 3 hits and 1 walk while fanning 1.  He worked quick and threw strikes. 

Zack Cozart collected his third straight 2-hit game.  He’s 10 for his last 23.

The Reds scored their lone run on a beautiful squeeze bunt by Wilson Valdez (who beat the throw to first).

Former Red Adam Dunn started at first base today for the Pale Hose.  He appears to have slimmed down and has a pretty solid beard going these days.


I’m beyond thrilled for all of our local college basketball teams that made it to the Sweet 16!  So proud of all those guys…and it’s made me forget about my busted bracket!

And speaking of the Sweet 16, I’ll be announcing the winner(s) of the BOR Sweet 16 Challenge at some point soon.  Stay tuned.

I was part of a modestly-sized Reds contigent that watched some hoops Sunday night at the Native New Yorker in Glendale.  As you can see from the photo above, we took over the TVs with the Xavier game on one screen and the UC game on the other.

And by the way, as a friendly reminder to those of you who travel – when you’re out of the Tri-State area, don’t refer to Xavier as “X” and Cincinnati as “UC.”  No one will have any idea what you’re talking about.


While I was in the Native New Yorker, I noticed three women with moustaches (surprisingly, none were related to John Fay).  Thinking that they might be Clay Zavada fans, I approached them to ask for a photo.  It turns out, they’re celebrating the Moustache Month of March. 


The Reds host the Mariners Tuesday afternoon at Goodyear Ballpark at 4:05pm ET.  LHP Jeff Francis will oppose RHP Kevin Millwood.  The game can be heard via webcast on  Word around the campfire is that Francis is currently leading the office bracket pool.


I tried to persuade Todd Frazier into singing into one of the microphones on the Reds charter bus following today’s win.  He chickened out.   

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I often use the term “Funkblast” to refer to a Reds home run.  Frazier is digging it and has been calling himself “Frazier Funkblast” when I’m around.


Well that’s all for today.  Stop back tomorrow when I’ll be giving away a new car…(not really).

Thanks for logging on!  Go Reds!

Expect good news,



You’re such a tease! I need a new car. Lol

Thanks for watching March Madness with us!

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