An absolutely gorgeous day today in the Queen City.  It’s the kind of weather that softens the blow of not being in Goodyear. 

After being on a self-imposed quarantine for the past several days due to the sniffles, I was finally able to get out this afternoon to walk around the ballpark and breath in the fresh air.  (author’s note: Man, I can’t wait for baseball.)  

Lots of winter/spring projects going on at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way

Do you remember the red picnic tent adjacent to Mr. Red’s Smokehouse?  It’s currently being renovated to match the appearance of the smokehouse (and it’s looking pretty good). 

Head Groundskeeper Doug Gallant is probably pleased with the weather this winter.  He currently has the full field blanket on.  You should see it, Doug’s wife knitted it herself.  

I saw a dude up in the view level cleaning seats with a power washer.  For a second, it felt like we were prepping for a game tomorrow.  It was a great sight to see. 

Otherwise, all’s quiet here.  I’d say a third of our staff are currently (or have already been) in Goodyear.  I take the big bird west on March 8…and I’m counting down the seconds. 

I stopped in the Reds Team Shop (by Majestic) during my afternoon stroll.  I think for the first time ever, I made it in and out of there without buying anything.  There’s always so much cool stuff in there that it’s hard to say no.  I nearly bought a knit hat and a shirt.  Oh and they just added a Reds scarf to the inventory and it’s fantastic. 

After work today, I’m joining several of my coworkers at the brand new Christian Morelein Lager House to take part in long-time Reds employee Michael Truong’s going-away party.  Michael has worked in our IT department since the Cinergy Field days and he’s going to be missed around here.  I plan to snap some photos of the party and of inside the gorgeous new Lager House building.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Enjoy the pics and as always…expect good news!

Thanks for logging on! 


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Jamie, An additional thing that has been sorely needed for 9 years: monitors facing the field for those sitting in the lower deck of left field under the bleachers. That way, they can see what’s going on on the scoreboard instead of just listening randomly. A couple of flat screens hanging at the head of the aisles facing towards the field so those interested can turn back and look. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Burt himself on your rotating gif on the side would turn to look right at them if they were installed.

Thanks, and lets us dedicated Beatlemaniacs find a new theme for this year…Don’t Let Me Down would be too negative!

Jamie, I always enjoy reading your What I’m Currently Listening To… section. I am now a fan of the Alabama Shakes thanks to you. Now, I want to make a suggestion for you. The Dirty Guv’nahs, from Knoxville, TN. Luckily they are playing in Oakley this Sunday. Check them out.

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