I took a little cart ride around Great American Ball Park on Friday…and I filmed it for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy the trip…and the music….


What a video! Can’t wait to tell my Aunt Hattie!

Nice work! That video got me pumped for the season!

That’s awesome!

Absolutely Fantastic!

Jamie, please start an effort to make the 7th inning stretch song at GABP. That would be a great, unique song.

The music was great!🙂

Baseball is here! Check out the Unofficial Guide to the Cactus League.

Finally got to watch this! Love it! :o) Thanks, Jamie!

Umm, I hope you weren’t driving when you made that. Although I guess if you were we would have seen you run into some things or everything.

Love it! Looked like you were doing about 80 mph. Crazy good stuff!

Awesome! What a team, what a team, what a team! Thanks for the ride Jamie!

John Schutte, GABP’s organist, plays that tune often…usually when the gates open. Can you imagine a ballpark full of Reds fans singing along?

omg….I’m dizzy from that little joy ride!! Jamie, you continue to make me smile!

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