Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m currently working on a feature story about Emily Szink, the young lady from Kettering who is vying to become a contestant for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave.  The more I’m finding out about Ms. Szink, the more I’m convinced a movie needs to be made about her.  Simply an amazing story.  Go to to see her entry video and vote for her as a finalist.  #VoteEmilySzink


Speaking of voting, I need your help.  City Beat is once again featuring their “Best Of Cincinnati” survey and Better Off Red is nominated in the “Blog” category.  If you’d like to cast a vote for us,  CLICK HERE

In order for your vote to count, you must vote at least for one category in each of the 6 major sections (hit save at the bottom of each page once you’re finished).  Better Off Red is found in the “Public Eye” section.  You can also write-in “Jamieblog” in the “Twitter Feed” category (wink, wink).

The people I’m competing against are rumored to be anti-puppies/kittens and and prefer to drink orange juice right out from the carton.  Basically, what I’m saying is that they deserve to lose.   


The Spring Training Truck left GABP today and is now WestBound and Down, loaded up and truckin’ to Goodyear, Arizona…


I’ll have more in a bit (and throughout the weekend).  Follow me on Twitter by clicking on the self-explanatory button on the right sidebar of this page.



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