First, I can confirm that the Reds have not signed Roy Oswalt.


A friend of mine today tried to convince me that it’s February 6.  I simply laughed in his face. 

I took this photo today just to prove we are in fact celebrating the first day of Spring. 


And speaking of Spring…I know we’re about to fire up the engines when I get my annual Spring Training credential


Did you guys happen to see comedian Josh Sneed’s hilarious Redsfest video?


The boss, Rob Butcher has arrived in Goodyear and snapped these photos of Reds Fantasy Camp, currently taking place at the Reds Spring Training complex…

Tom Hume and Billy Hatcher

I miss this

There's no power like OLIVER POWER!!


My main man Jon “Moonshine” Cline from the Reds Authentics Department alerted me to this super-awesome Reds Auction taking place now….CLICK HERE.   If you tell Moonshine that Jamie sent ya, you’ll get absolutely 0% off everything in stock.


That’s all for now.  I’ve been challenged to a “best 2 out of 3” bowling match tonight by Reds Director of Homestand Meetings Zach Bonkowski.  I can promise you that game 3 won’t matter. 

Take care and thanks for logging on!

Expect good news,



Are they even talking to Oswalt? I thought Walt crushed that a long time ago.

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you should open up the trivia contest to email as well… You have loyal followers who cant access twitter…


Deployed Reds Fan

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