I’ll be hosting a chat right here on Better Off Red tomorrow at 3pm ET.  I hope to make this an “Every Friday” thing.   We can talk about the Reds and/or anything else your little heart desires.  Obviously if participation is limited, we’ll have to scrap it and I’ll have to use that time to do some actual work. 

3pm tomorrow.  See ya then.


Today I learned of the passing of my friend and former boss, Ron Skibbe.  I worked for Ron at the Kroger Store in Fairfield, OH for several years, including years when I was also employed by the Reds Ground Crew.  Ron was always supportive of my aspirations to pursue a full-time position with the Reds and was proud like a father when those aspirations were realized.  In recent years I didn’t get a chance to talk to or see Ron as much as I’d liked, but he’d still manage to phone my office from time-to-time just to check in.  In addition to the Bengals and Hoosiers, Ron was an avid fan of the Reds and he enjoyed getting what he thought was an “inside scoop” whenever we chatted about the team.  I’m stunned and saddened by his loss.  Better Off Red’s 2012 season will be dedicated to the memory of my friend, Ron Skibbe. 

– Jamie


Sorry to hear about your friend Jamie.

Ibelieve in you more now than ever a very nice gesture.

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Ron was a kind and generous gentleman. He had a lively humor and a quick smile, I will forever remember him as “The Mayor”.

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