January 31‐February 17 – Salary arbitration hearings (if applicable).
February 19 – Voluntary report date for pitchers, catchers and injured players. [Please note: This date is February 12th for members of the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics.]
February 24 – Date when all other players may be invited to Spring Training. [Please note: This date is February 17th for members of the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics.]
February 29 – First exhibition game, Florida State University at Philadelphia Phillies, Clearwater,Florida.
March 2 – First Spring Training game, Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics, Phoenix.
March 2 – Mandatory date when players are required to report. [Please note: This date is February 24th for members of the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics.]
March 11 – Last date to renew Major League contracts.
March 19 – Last date to assign an injured player to a Minor League club, if applicable.
March 26 – The earliest date that a Club may backdate a placement on the Major League 15‐day disabled list.
March 28‐29 – Japan Opening Series 2012, Tokyo, Seattle Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics.
April 4 – Opening Night, St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins, ESPN.
April 5 – Opening Day.
April 10 – The first date that a player placed on the 15‐day disabled list during Spring Training may be reinstated (if placed on or backdated to March 26).
April 14 – First date that a player optioned during Spring Training may be recalled.
April 15 – Jackie Robinson Day.
May 13 – Mother’s Day.
May 15 – Earliest date that Clubs may re‐sign players that they unconditionally released between August 31, 2011 and March 31, 2012.
May 18 – Interleague Play begins.
May 28 – Memorial Day (WelcomeBackVeterans.org).
May 28 – Start of Closed Period for the 2012 First‐Year Player Draft.
June 4‐6 – MLB First‐Year Player Draft.
June 16 – First date that Clubs may trade an eligible free agent player who was signed after electing free agency.
June 17 – Father’s Day.
July 2 – First date to sign international players for the following season.
July 4 – Fourth of July (WelcomeBackVeterans.org).
July 8 – Taco Bell All‐Star Sunday, Kansas City.
July 9 – Gatorade All‐Star Workout Day, Kansas City.
July 10 – The 83rd MLB All‐Star Game, Kansas City.
July 13 – Signing deadline for Rule 4 drafted players, 5:00 p.m. (ET).
July 16 – Competitive Balance and Forfeited Pick (if applicable) Lottery.
July 16 – First date that assignable draft selections may be traded (through October 3, 2012).
July 22 – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Cooperstown.
July 31 – Non‐waiver trade deadline, 4:00 p.m. (ET).
August 1 – New waiver period begins; trade waivers now required.
August 31 – Waiver trade deadline. Outright Waivers secured on/after 8/1 are in effect until midnight ET tonight. Postseason eligibility lists are established at midnight ET tonight. To be eligible, a player must be a bona fide member of a qualifying team on August 31 and must remain a bona fide member through the end of the applicable Postseason series.
September 1 – Active player limit increased from 25 to 40.
September 11 – September 11th Remembrance (WelcomeBackVeterans.org).
October 3 – Final scheduled day of 2012 regular season.
October 3 – Last date that assignable draft selections may be traded.
Postseason – TBD.
Immediately After World Series – Eligible players become free agents.
6th Day After Completion of World Series – First day that Major League and Minor League free agents may sign contracts with a Club other than their former Club.
12th Day After Completion of World Series – Last date for a player who declared free agency under Art. XX (B) to accept an arbitration offer from a former club – midnight ET tonight.
November 20 – Day to file reserve lists for all Major and Minor League levels.
November 29 – Last day to request outright waivers to assign player prior to the Rule 5 Draft.
November 30 – Last date to tender contracts – midnight ET tonight.
December 3 – 5:00 p.m. (ET) today is the last time to outright a player prior to the Rule 5 Draft.
December 3‐6 – Baseball Winter Meetings, Nashville.
December 6 – Rule 5 Draft, Nashville.
TBD: Civil Rights Game, Play Sun Smart, Roberto Clemente Day.



can’t wait for some baseball!!!

I am one purist who not only hates the current alignment of the 30 clubs, the dh, but appall the sense behind inter-league play—ruins the ability for teams to arrange their teams for the constant battle with their division counterparts—also the trade deadline should be returned to June 15th—-thanks for the nice article.

This is going to be a great season.

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