Northern Tour completes its #RedsCaravan mission

Here’s Reds Media Relations Director Rob Butcher checking in one last time from the Northern crew.

The Northern Leg’s only stop of the day was one of the Reds Caravan’s best, at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton. Our hosts do such a terrific job making us feel at home in one of the most impressive venues on the tour. Reds on Radio affiliate WING broadcast live on site. Following our appearance there we bid adieu to Ryan LaMarre, who drove home to Michigan from Dayton. Reds fans will be watching him play in Cincinnati soon. As we like to say in today’s vernacular, he has skills. We can’t thank enough the crew that made this leg possible: Our fearless leader Zach Bonkowski, motor coach driver Patty Patterson, Walt Jocketty, Phil Castellini, Thom Brennaman, Devin Mesoraco, Ryan LaMarre, Brandon Bowman, Audra Sordyl, Ryan Niemeyer, Kristen Meyers, Brad Barnes, Chelsea Theaker, John Rieder, Corey Hawthorne, Pam Owen, Jackie Reau and Pam McFarland. We also thank Jarrod Rollins, who was at master control in Cincinnati compiling the photos and blog entries from all 3 legs. See you in 2013.

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