For the final time on this Southern Tour, Mercury Marty takes time out of his busy schedule to wax poetic on the final 36 hours of this Reds Caravan event… 

For the second time in as many days, we find ourselves traveling north on I75 back to Cincinnati. But today is considerably different because this is the end.  It is with no small sense of melancholy and sadness that I write this knowing that it won’t happen again until next January.  It is always a time of reflection.  And while the sadness is there, it’s a sadness of good (author’s note: that’s a LeRoy-ism) because of the wonderful things we’ve accomplished beginning on Thursday morning. 

Last night in Bowling Green, Kentucky we were besieged by great Reds baseball fans – but then again that’s the way it is everywhere we go.  Today in the shopping area beneath Rupp Arena, it was not UK basketball they wanted to talk about – it was Reds baseball.

When I lay my head down tonight on a familiar pillow for the first time since Wednesday night, you’ll pardon me if I shed a single tear.  If you could walk in my shoes, and travel with the likes of Chris Welsh, Brandon Phillips, Bob Miller, Lee May and the Rookie of the Year Tucker Barnhart, as well as the spiritual leaders in this rock star group, this brand of brothers, The Chosen, if you will – Jamie Ramsey and Ryan LeRoy Rizzo.  You could full well appreciate why these four days together are so special. 

Already we look towards January 2013, and the same kind of love, camaraderie and courage that we’ve come to expect but never, I said NEVER, take for granted.

Until next year,


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