Saturday’s Recap from the Northern Tour of the #RedsCaravan

A recap of Saturday’s Northern Tour activites from Rob Butcher, Reds Director of Media Relations:

First, we begin today’s blog entry with the most heartfelt congratulations to the Southern “Rock Star” Leg. At the Select-A-Seat event at Great American Ball Park, that talented group presented to itself the inaugural Courage and Camaraderie Award. You guys do, indeed, rock. The more subdued Northern Leg began with another huge crowd in Columbus at Polaris Fashion Mall. I’m guessing about 500 diehard fans attended. Reds President and CEO Bob Castellini was a hit, as always. We even were visited by a few fans wearing Better Off Red shirts. Zach took the opportunity to find a few more movies for us, Beerfest, The Mechanic and Super 8. Our bus full of critics weren’t high on last night’s entry, Contagion. Too depressing, as was the pilot episode of AMC’s Walking Dead. I guess I didn’t realize there is only one way to kill a zombie….. Following a terrific luncheon hosted by WBVI Radio in Findlay, the Lima Mall stop, hosted by WIMA Radio, was off the charts. Couldn’t see the stage from the end of that line. It was awesome. More Reds fans than we could count. During that stop, Jay Bruce texted me that he joined the Twitter world. We asked our followers to follow him, and he jumped to 1,500 followers in a hurry. Follow Jay at @JayABruce. You can also follow Ryan LaMarre, the talented young prospect on our tour, at @ryanlamarre4

On to Dayton, where we’ll spend the night awaiting Sunday’s final stop, at the National Museum of the USAF at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. That’s a spectacular stop for us, a great way to round out the caravan.

See below how packed Lima was!



Jamie, Janet: Is there anything you can do about this fan? Some of the regulars on the Message boards would like to find someone who would be willing to honor this great American Soldier

Hello everyone.
“I’m busy the next several hours, but could a couple of you keep putting forward to everyone else what we are trying to do for REDSARMYFAN. I have contacted John Fay. I hope he writes me back today. Could some of you contact Mark Sheldon? And if you hear of anyone going to a Caravan stop today, please ask them to speak up for RARF with a Reds employee or Marty or Tom or the Cowboy.

Again, RARF grew up in SE Indiana and has been a fan since he was a little boy. He is a staff sergeant with the Army and has done four tours total in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2003 and 2011. He is currently in the US and his schedule with the Army is pretty good the first few months of the season. Then it tightens up again. So I was hoping that we could get the Reds to honor him (and his family). Maybe they would even do something with Opening Day. Please contact the Reds PR people or if you know someone in the org, please contact them. Let’s see if we can get the Reds to recognize a true fan and servant of our country and us. Have a great day in Reds Land. :>

Cheri Wade (aka RosieRed on the message boards)

Hi Jamie,

I am writing to request your help, and see that my good cyber buddy RosieRed from the message board @ has done the same.

REDSARMYFAN is a fellow die-hard Reds fan with whom I’ve become acquainted via posting on the Cincinnati Reds message board at Due to his military service and financial constraints he has not been to a home game in quite some time, and will unlikely be able to make it to any this year. He is a huge Barry Larkin fan who wore his idol’s #11 while playing shortstop in his youth, and it is his desire to one day meet Barry. He has also indicated that he’s never been to Opening Day in Cincy and would love to take in the festivities including the parade along with the game. The feeling is such that if there is any way to make one or possibly both of these events become a reality for a fellow Reds fan who has made the sacrifices he has to ensure our safety and freedom, we’re going to try to find it, but we need the help of somebody who is connected. I have no idea if Mr. Larkin plans to attend the home opener, but if there is any way to make even one of these things happen, I hope you will find it in your heart to help us do it. If not the home opener, perhaps another game could be arranged at some point during the season. He also had a rather extensive baseball card collection stolen that he had amassed throughout his youth, which included signed rookie cards of Johnny Bench and Tony Perez. This guy really sounds like a good candidate for recipient of a random act of kindness. As you have seen, other posters are going to try to make some contacts with this request as well. The mission was the brainchild of one of the incredibly fantastic Reds fans who also posts there, and is showing promise to become a group effort in reaching out to anyone we can think of who is accessible and in a position to get the message to the people who can make it a reality. Our hope is that you find this undertaking worthy of consideration.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Any assistance you could provide in this endeavor would be absolutely awesome and greatly appreciated.


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