#RedsCaravan visits fans in Columbus

Media Relations Director Rob Butcher checks in from the Northern Tour on Saturday:

First, we begin today’s blog entry with the most heartfelt congratulations to the Southern “Rock Star” Leg. At the Select-A-Seat event at Great American Ball Park, that talented group received, from itself, the inaugural Courage and Camaraderie Award. You guys do, indeed, rock. The more subdued Northern Leg began with another huge crowd in Columbus at Polaris Fashion Mall. I’m guessing about 500 diehard fans attended. Reds President and CEO Bob Castellini was a hit, as always. We even were visited by a few fans wearing Better Off Red shirts. Zach took the opportunity to find a few more movies for us, Beerfest, The Mechanic and Super 8. Our bus full of critics weren’t high on last night’s entry, Contagion. Too depressing.

President and CEO Bob Castellini, GM Walt Jocketty and Reds Hall of Famer Tom Browning at the Columbus Polaris Fashion Mall stop of the Reds Caravan.

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500 is a terrible guess. 150 MAYBE 200 tops. Nothing close to last year

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