Western Tour checks in with Day 1 & 2 recaps on #RedsCaravan

The one and only Larry Herms checks in with his crew’s report on their first two days on the Western Tour:

On Thursday, the first two radio stops WFTM Radio in Maysville, KY and WCYN Radio in Cythiana KY of the day were great stops but adventurous through the winding roads of beautiful Kentucky. At the Maysville stop on their food buffet had delicious sweet and tart pies. Rumor has it George Clooney ships to these pies out to California. In Batesville, IN WRBI Radio hosted a VIP meet and greet at the historic Sherman house. Our last stop of the day was a public stop in Hamilton, OH. We had roughly 400 Reds fans show up for an interesting Q and A session. We meet the little league coach of BOR’s Jamie Ramsey’s. He gave us an interesting scouting report of Jamie’s hitting ability when he was younger.

As Friday rolled around, we started the day off in Richmond IN for WKBV Radio. Chuck’s Sports Bar hosted a great breakfast buffet for our crew. Joe Z the Reds Broadcast Affiliate Manager received his new nick this morning “The Silver Fox”. The caravan brings out some great camaraderie among the participants. The West leg believes the camaraderie on their bus is by far the best.

Saw a lot of corn field from Celina, OH to Portland, IN. Without a GPS we might end up lost in one of those corn fields. The power of a GPS helps us navigate through some interstates and back roads.

Joe Z has now pronounced himself as the “voice of the Reds”. Marty B and Jim Kelch have taken exception to this new title. Joe Z is Public Address Announcer of Great American Ball Park.

Our public stop was in Munice, IN we had around 300 Reds fans show up for this event. We’ll share more as we continue through the Hoosier state on Saturday.

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always looks like a lot of fun.

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