What a great start Thursday to the Reds Caravan South Tour

We began with some quality time on the bus as driver Mike Middaugh piloted us to our private stop in Portsmouth, Ohio where the folks at WNXT radio greeted us with some chicken wings and ribs.  There was a rumor that the folks in Portsmouth had heard how well the Grayson, KY people take care of the Rock Stars, so WNXT decided to step up and spare no expense, themselves.  Rick Mayne and the fine citizens of Portsmouth were very gracious hosts.

Next up was the aforementioned Grayson stop.  The WUGO radio station sits on top of a hill that scrapes the bottom of heaven.  It’s become a known fact that when the Reds Caravan rolls into Grayson, there will be feast fit for kings.  No different this year.  Catfish, pizza, chili dogs, etc. etc.  The real fun was going on the air with Grayson radio man Tim Carper.  Marty, Chris, Lee, Bob, Tucker and Brandon all had a good time filling the airwaves with talk of Reds baseball.

Our next two stops were public mall stops in West Virginia.  First the Huntington Mall, followed by the Charleston Towne Center.  Both stops were attended by thousands (if not millions) of Reds fans.  Those in attendance at Huntington had the opportunity to ask the traveling party questions that were broadcast live over the WVHU airwaves.

After the Huntington stop, we got on the bus for a 45-minute bus ride to Charleston.  While on the bus we got word that the power at the Charleston Towne Center had gone out and our venue was pitch black.  Sure enough, when we arrived we learned that a transformer blew up and caused the outage.  The electric company saved the day, though and restored order (and power).  When the lights came on, the fans cheered as if Brandon Phillips had just hit a 3-run homer.  We resumed our regularly-scheduled program then called it a night. (Marty will talk more about this Charleston stop, in the next post).  

Enjoy all of the Southern Tour photos from yesterday…

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1.) It’s obvious by the kitty desktop background on the laptop that it belongs to Jamie.

2.) What did Mr. Welsh do to have to ride in the Sheriff’s car?!

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