Northern Crew of #RedsCaravan halfway home

The esteemed Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher checks in with highlights from the Northern Tour’s second day on the road:

Today’s Northern Leg visited Reds on Radio affiliates WHIZ in Zanesville, WILE in Cambridge and WMOA in Marietta, along with St. Benedict Elementary School in Cambridge and Grand Central Mall in Parkersburg, West Virginia. At WHIZ we met a young Reds fan named Larkin Rose. Honest. Best story of the day belonged to Tom Browning at the WILE Radio stop and involved Lou Piniella, a TV cameraman, Rob Dibble and Barry Larkin trying to break up a clubhouse fight without losing his post-shower towel. Thom Brennaman was asked to name the best broadcaster in his family. He replied, “It’s no contest, but I’ll let you figure out which one it is.” We had a good old-fashioned school assembly for the students at St. Benedict Elementary School. Lots of pom poms and very well-behaved kids. New mascot Mr. Red made an appearance. Principal Sister Theresa Feldkamp was our hostess. At one point during Friday’s travels, Browning asked squad leader Zach Bonkowski, “At what point do we start telling you what to do?” Phil Castellini jumped in, “At 2:00 Sunday afternoon.” Today’s first movie was Killer Elite. I think it ended 4 times before it actually did. Still not sure what it was about, but there were lots of broken bones and blood. Great, great crowd at Grand Central Mall in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Our good friends at WHNK Radio broadcast live from the event. Day 2 down, 2 to go…..

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Great pictures thank you for sharing

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