Once again, Mercury Marty takes over Better Off Red to recap last night’s Reds Caravan stop in Charleston, WV…

Every year at this time CBS runs ads promoting its TV coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament in April.  My good friend Jim Nantz popularizes the cut-line referring to the tournament as an Experience Unlike Any Other.  Well friends, that’s what we were confronted with last night…An Experience Unlike Any Other.  Shortly before arriving in Charleston, Ryan Rizzo was informed by phone that a transformer had blown up, eliminating all but just a small portion of lighting in the Charleston Towne Center, the site of our appearance.  You’re probably now asking yourself the question, ‘did it force a cancellation?’  On the contrary. 

When we arrived at the mall, full knowing that this would be an experience unlike any other, we were greeted by executives of the mall as well as those fine folks at the Appalachian Energy Company.  In full regalia, including miners helmets, they led us into the mall with lights on their helmets, blazing a trail to what  – we had no idea.  Were we surprised that, upon entering the mall the line of wonderful Reds fans trailed back to infinity in the semi-gloom of this darkened retail shopping center?  How could we be?  Rarely am I at a loss for words, but had I spoken at that moment, I would’ve been choked up.  The people of Charleston wanted to see this Rock Star Group – this Band of Brothers, not knowing had they not shown up, that maybe just maybe, this would be the last time they’d ever see this group again.  It’s one of those things that people naturally think about – going to see the Rolling Stone for the last time; seeing Paul McCartney – knowing that perhaps he may never tour again.  Friends, that was the mindset of the folks that we bonded with last night.  No need to go into the numbers but they were record-setting, in fact a friend of mine from Charleston (and I have many) commented to me this morning at the hotel it was the largest crowd he could ever remember at a Reds Caravan Stop. 

I’d be remiss in closing if I didn’t extend kudos to the mall executives knowing that these great Reds fans and Band of Brothers fans weren’t going anywhere despite the absence of light.  They provided us with glow sticks and amazingly, all the candles that we needed.  The light from the candles was consistent with the glow in the eyes of the many youngsters who waited for hours to visit with us. 

Until next time,



Maybe Marty should do a ballgame this year while wearing a miner’s helmet.

This is great. The Reds have done a great job this offseason and fans are very excited by all of the hard work.

I enjoyed that, it was well written.

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