The following is a recap written by Mercury Marty Brennaman of tonight’s Reds Caravan stop in Huntington, WV.

In all of my almost 70 years on this great Earth, I’m constantly humbled to the nth degree by the display of popularity, interest, and yes, I use the word “love” with every bit of its true definition, that we, we who are widely known throughout the Midwest as the Rock Star Tour; nevermore evident than in the great city of Huntington, WV.  It was an amazing display in many ways, none more so than at least a dozen women breaking down and weeping at the site of Brandon Phillips, Chris Welsh, Tucker Barnhart, Lee May – and incredibly the outpouring of affection for one Bob Miller (author’s note: It’s not about me).  If ever we need a reaffirmation for the love the people have for this Band of Brothers, we once again received it today in Huntington.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that Ryan Rizzo and Jamie Ramsey command, yes, I said command, as much or more of this display of love as the aforementioned receive.  We are already waiting with baited breath what the nighttime holds for this band of brothers, this great Rock Star group, in the capital city of West Virginia. 

Stay Tuned,



Thank you for posting this. I am having fun looking at all the pictures and tweets about Reds Caravan today.

Jamie, you only get what you command! Keep spreading that Reds love West Virginia style.

Thanks for this post, I really learned a lot from it. Do you think you will be featuring more posts on this topic? I’ll definitely be back to read more from you!

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