From Redleg Journal by Rhodes & Snyder:

“Four days after Thomas Dewey wins the Republican Party nomination for President, the Reds down the Pirates, 6-5, in 14 innings at Crosley Field.  Trailing 5-2 in the ninth, the Reds evened the score on homers by Johnny Wyrostek and Frank Baumholtz.  Reserve first baseman Howie “Steeple” Schultz won the game with an RBI single.

“Baumholtz and Schultz both played professional basketball…At six foot eight inches, Schultz is probably the tallest player ever to wear a Reds uniform.  He played on two NBA champions with the Minneapolis Lakers in 1951-52 and 1952-53.”

For correctly answering the Trivia For a Shirt question, @MOBryant1977 has been randomly selected as this week’s winner.

Don’t fret, we’ll play again next week.


Reds Caravan Poster #11

Be sure to collect all of the numbered unofficial Reds Caravan posters right here on BOR.   And don’t forget, you can join in on the fun by sending me ( your very own specially-designed poster. If it’s good and in good taste, I’ll post it right here on BOR.


That’s all I’ve got for right now.  This afternoon I’ll be attending the Reds Affiliates Luncheon here at GABP.  There’ll be a Q&A segment featuring a few Reds players, including a brand new Red.  I’ll have photos.

Expect good news,


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