Johnny Cueto was at Great American Ball Park today working out with Reds Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Matt Krause.  Johnny and Matt also tossed outside on the field.

Johnny says he’s feeling great.  He was working up a pretty good sweat, so I didn’t want to bother him too much with small talk.


And on that note…


  • 2 months, 16 days, 6 hours and 23 minutes
  • 10 weeks, 6.225 days
  • 76.22 days
  • 0.21 years
  • 1,829 hours
  • 109,764 minutes


Wednesday’s Hot Stove League show will be broadcast live from the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum in the Palace of the Fans Theatre from 7-8pm ET.  Admission to the HOF is free after 5pm and open to the general public. 

If you can’t make it for the live broadcast, tune into 700 WLW or listen online by USING THIS LINK


Reds Caravan Poster #10…

Be sure to collect all of the numbered unofficial Reds Caravan posters right here on BOR.   And don’t forget, you can join in on the fun by sending me ( your very own specially-designed poster. If it’s good and in good taste, I’ll post it right here on BOR.

Here’s one with a Jersey Shore Theme, courtesy of Gary Sweeney and Tony Laurenzana

That’s right up Frazier’s alley.


I’ll have more in a bit.

Expect good news



Great to see Johnny putting in some work early!

I grew up near Frazier, near the Jersey Shore. I spend my time now explaining to people that I have yet to meet anyone like the people on that show. That said, that poster of him like a TV character is hysterical! And I love the t-shirt on the guy behind him.

I hope Cueto can stay healthy all season.

I “was” looking forward to the Reds caravan but that guy’s comment yesterday was right. Where are the real players, past or present. This should be called the No Name caravan. Mike from Hamilton was all over it. The Big Red Machine would not have rolled out Hinton, Henderson, Werner and Lum. COME ON REDS!

Beck – You and Mike can email me your address and I’ll send both of you your money back. Thanks – Jamie

IMHO: I saw the Reds Caravan last year in Bloomington, IN and it was a lot of fun to see the whole entourage, including Phillips and Mesoraco, both of whom are “real” players. I didn’t have anything signed, just stopped in to join the fun. Looking forward to what the whole team–down to the last player–is very likely to produce in 2012: a World Series Championship!! Go Reds!!🙂

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