Reds Caravan Limited Edition Poster #2, hot off the presses.  Collect them all right here on Better Off Red


It didn’t take long for the Caravan poster craze to catch on…

Knowing that I’m probably only going to create and post Southern Leg Tour posters, BOR reader Jason Lawrence, who’ll be attending a North Tour stop, took it upon himself to create a couple of brilliant posters advertising the Northern boys. Here they are…

I can confirm that a few members of the Reds Front Office laughed out loud when they saw the one featuring Thom Brennaman.  Nice job, Jason!

If you folks would like to contribute to the Caravan Poster craze, feel free to email your works of art to me at  If they’re well done and in good taste, I’ll post them here on BOR.


There’s some talk about broadcasting a few 2012 Spring Training games exclusively on the internet.  I’m throwing my hat into the ring for color commentator.  If you support that idea, show us by taking it to Twitter with the hashtag #BetterOffSaid. (tongue firmly in cheek on that one). 


Today I’m introducing what I hope will be a regular feature here on BOR.  I’m calling it my week’s Favorite Five. 

This week, I’m listing my favorite five Twitter follows…in no particular order.

  • @IrishEyes1982
  • @Laurie_PDX
  • @LisaBraun
  • @OldHossRadbourn
  • @MoEgger1530

Check back next week for five more favorites.


I’ll have more stuff in a bit.  Thanks so much for logging on.  You folks are the best.

Expect good news,


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Great posters and I love the #BetterOffSaid idea. Keep up the great work.

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