At the conclusion of today’s office hours…let me be very clear on that…once the workday was over today, the Reds media relations department held a champagne toast to honor brand new Hall of Famer Barry Larkin

For Rob Butcher, Larry Herms and myself – Barry is the first one of “our” players inducted into the Hall of Fame.  And what I mean by “our,” is Barry played a significant portion of his career while we worked for the team.  So it’s kind of special for us, too.  He’s one of our favorite guys to ever put on the Reds uniform and it’d be hard to find 3 dudes who are collectively as proud of him as we are.  So here’s to Barry! 

From left to right: Rob Butcher, Aretha Franklin, Dave Lubich and Larry Herms




It was so Nice of Aretha Franklin to stop by for that photo. I didn’t know she was a reds fan.

Aretha.. Congrats on your recent engagement!! Although you are a little more pale than I remember.

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Did Aretha gain weight?

LOL great picture.

Brotha, stay out of the gym and get off the Nutra-fast. You’re wasting away to nothing!

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