For those of you who regularly read Deadspin and/or watch the television program Attack of the Show, you’re probably familiar with internet sensation Chad McGhee – aka “Divalover159.”.

For those of you not familiar with Chad, he’s a good ol’ boy from Texas who began making a name for himself by filming pep talks to his favorite high school football team, the Knox City Greyhounds.  Once these videos hit YouTube, Chad immediately established a cult following – a following that includes yours truly.

Thanks to his newfound success, Chad regularly gets requests from around the world to film something he calls “Shout-Outs.”

Basically Chad’s shout-outs serve as endorsements from Mr. DivaLover himself.  “Shout-outees” have included local police departments, national magazines, fantasy football teams……and now Better Off Red!

Thats right, Chad has kindly determined BOR is worthy of one of his famous videos!    I enjoyed it so much, that I’m going to try and convince Chad to pledge his allegiance to the Reds and become a frequent “contributor” to BOR in 2012.

So without further ado, enjoy the shout-out and follow Chad on Twitter at @divalover159.



Ha ha, that is great. Now you are famous Jamie.

Awesome! Even covered Burt and us Fonzies…eeeeeeeeeehhhh!

WoW… let me say that backwards… WoW!!! Very Interesting though now my ears hurt a bit.

Hey it’s the real life Buddy Garrity! Awesome🙂

Man that was something special. He’s got some energy! The only thing that would’ve made that better was if he had a BOR shirt on. Jamie… send the man a shirt!

I agree

Hmmm….it’s a good thing to be endorsed by him??

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