BOR Guest Blogger Week: Chris Bausano

Can you believe it? I’ve been asked to guest blog again for my boy James while he is off and (hopefully) enjoying summer time temperatures on his private island while we frolic in your basic Cincinnati winter: cold and cloudy. It’s a tall order filling in for James so I’m thankful for another opportunity to wow you with my musings.

Last time we met I filled you in on the inner workings of the Reds ticket office and told you that now is the time where the ticket department really gets cranking with the goal of selling season tickets. I won’t bore you with those details again but will add that this winter has been no different as we work toward selling as many season ticket packages as possible by Opening Day, which as of this writing is just 97(!) days away. If you haven’t seen the many offerings we provide then please check out for all your ticket needs. Don’t let the term ‘season ticket’ scare you away – we have plenty of plans 13 games and above that include many benefits, including price discounts, special invitations and the opportunity to purchase both Opening Day and postseason tickets before public onsales. If you already have a ticket plan, first and foremost thank you for your support, and be sure to call us to find out how to create your own mini-section this year!

Let’s continue now that the obligatory sales push is out of the way.  Anyone know where our snow is? I’m a big fan of all four seasons and especially love winter so long as there is snow. Seeing as it’s December 30th and we haven’t seen any snow yet is kind of disappointing. While I love my snow, it definitely has a place. From Thanksgiving until February 28th (or February 29th like 2012) there should be snow. Before and after? Not so much. March 1 is when spring starts therefore the weather needs to warm up and attentions turn toward another season of Reds baseball.

Say, that reminds me (outstanding line from the outstanding move Raising Arizona): while there is plenty to do between now and April 5, this is the time of year where we (or maybe it’s just me) start to get excited about the prospects of another season. I speak for everyone when I say the transactions made the last few weeks just fuel the fire.  I’m VERY excited about the outlook for 2012 and hope you all are as well. Special welcomes and shoutouts to our newest Reds, Mat Latos and Sean Marshall.  Can’t wait to see them toeing the rubber at Great American Ball Park during the first homestand of the year (which by the way, you can buy tickets for now, Opening Day excluded). Sorry, I went sales guy on your again.

Speaking of the Opening Day, April 5th will be my fifth Opening Day as a member of the Reds Front Office and 15th straight I’ve seen in person. We all wish for picture perfect baseball weather on Opening Day but as you know those types of days can be the exception rather than the norm during a Cincinnati spring. In fact, my first two Opening Day’s with the Reds were both delayed by rain (’08 and ’09) and last year’s game was darn cold (41 at first pitch). The exception was 2010 in which the game started at a temperature of 78! We all know what the rest of that summer had in store for us so let’s hope for a similar start and end to 2012!

I suppose it’s time for me to get back to the job they pay me to do (can’t sit around tweeting and blogging all day like some) so thank you for taking the time to read my guest entry. Hopefully it’s good enough to be asked back the next time James needs a break from the daily grind. It’s exciting to be a part of one of the best MLB Blog’s and hope Better Off Red remains at or near the top of the leaderboard throughout the winter. It couldn’t happen without you all – so thank you!

Chris Bausano is Inside Sales Manager for your Cincinnati Reds.  It would make his day to talk about Reds tickets with you on twitter @cjbausano. 

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There is no snow here in Saskatchewan Canada either. And I can’t wait for opening day. 2012 is going to be a great season for the Reds. Great blog post, thank you for sharing.

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