BOR Guest Blogger Week: Gapper

For the next few days, our beloved Jamie Ramsey, Blogger extraordinaire and all around good guy, will be taken some much deserved time off. In his stead, he has given his permission to have guests write about what we want. After very little thought of what I would share with everyone, it came to mind that I want to thank all of those that invited me and my fellow mascots to Holiday Parties, and one young man in particular that reminded me of how special Christmas really is.

To start of the holiday season, Rosie, Mr. Redlegs and myself were invited to CVG ( Cincinnati airport ) to join in the fun of the Operation North Pole event.

Next, Rosie and I spent the evening with the folks at the Barrington located in West Chester. It was very nice hanging out with everyone sharing snacks and drinks.

A few days later, I attended Mamma Bear’s (Shirley Tilford ) special Christmas for some of the less fortunate in Oakley. Mamma Bear is a wonderful lady and has been doing this for many years and she has always been gracious enough to send me an invite.

The following evening I spent here in the Riverfront Club with the group from the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. ( say that three times fast ) I was concerned the head doctors would want to keep me but they weren’t that kind of head doctors.

Then one of my favorite appearances of the season, I attended the Madison Avenue Christian Church, where they put on a meal and holiday event for many of the needier people in Covington KY. A special thank you to Rachel Wyrick, who was the winner of the mascot visit as one of the prizes for the Umpteen Days of Christmas contest. I really enjoyed hanging out with you and meeting all your friends and family. It was a real treat getting some face time with Santa also. ( who promised a Pennant )

The next visit was to Willowville Elementary near Batavia. The children were very warm and receptive and appeared to be big Reds fans.

Finally we ended our Holiday tour with our usual stop at the Freestore Foodbank. As well as food, this time of year the Freestore gives out Christmas presents for those who need them and seeing the relief on the families faces that they will be able to have something for the kids is a joy all it self.

Earlier, I had mentioned one young man who touched my heart. During one of my holiday events some of the kids that would probably not be getting Christmas this year were given Christmas gifts supplied from others out of the goodness of the hearts. During the distribution the young man I am talking about was overlooked. Rather than being upset, he sat and reveled in those around him receiving and opening gifts. All though he had a big smile you could see the sadness and pain in his eyes but as I had said he was not going to let this effect his mood. Very shortly after this his bag arrived with all his presents. To see the absolute joy and happiness wash over this young mans face is a gift I will cherish forever. Thank you, little man for making my Christmas.

Nick St. Pierre is the Mascot Coordinator in the Promotional Events Department for your Cincinnati Reds and is also really really close with Gapper.


Great post. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Gapper, it was truely an honor to spend time with you as well! I’m glad you enjoyed your time at Madison Avenue. We enjoyed having you there!

I love it! Spreading holiday cheer, Cincinnati Reds-style. Thanks for the post!🙂

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