Well here we are, the final day of the “Umpteen Days of Christmas.”  We’ve had a lot of fun giving out some great Reds gifts over the past couple of weeks.  Even if you didn’t win, I hope you enjoyed participating. 

I wouldn’t have been able to give away these prizes without the support from all of the departments in the Reds organization that donated them.  This includes (in no particular order) the Reds Community Fund, Reds Authentics, the Reds Hall of Fame, Reds Ticket Sales, Nick St. Pierre and Game Day Events.

A very special thank you to the very awesome Lisa Braun for helping out and sending out all of the items.

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner – Jeff Davis!

Since this is the last day, I think you’d agree we should give out a very special prize.  So here goes…

Today’s gift is an autographed Zack Cozart jersey (size 48), courtesy of the Reds Game Day Events department.

If you’re interested in winning this glorious prize, tell me why in the comments section below.  One lucky winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow.  Good luck!  

Modeled (held up) by Joanie Conkle in Reds Corporate Account Services

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*screaming like a little school girl*….i’d love to be wearing a cozart jersey to all the games i go to this season

I’m a big fan of the new guy! I wanna win!

I would love to win this because my middle name is Cozart! OK, not really, but if I win, I will definitely consider changing it. Also, a BOR shirt would be pretty sweet.
Thanks Jamie, and Merry Christmas!

I am a big supporter of Zack Cozart and am looking forward to him starting at shortstop for Opening Day 2012. It would be really great to have the jersey. I’ve been trying to win something almost every day since the contest started. This would be a great Christmas present!

Now I’m just going to be lazy and not even give a reason other than I really want this!

I am a huge Reds fan and would love to win this jersey.

Zack Cozart is the future young gun of the Reds. I would love to add this awesome jersey to my Reds collection. Please enter me into this giveaway. thanks.

I deserve it because 2 of my all time favorite reds have been shortstops, Larkin and Concepcion. I finally see someone who could start that great shortstop tradition again and I would be proud to own his jersey.

What a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet jersey! On the year we hopefully honor Barry as going into the Hall, we will welcome our Shortstop of the future with this sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet jersey!
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! (PS – I’m wearing shorts on the first day of winter…Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!)

That is one cool jersey that I would love to brag to my friends about.

Oh oh jumping up and down going pick me pick me pick me🙂 who would not LOVE to get this?? Really liking cozart and can’t wait to see how 2012 goes for him

Cozart is my moms favorite player and it would be great to be able to give her this for christmas

I would like to have this jersey so I can give it to my brother in-law. He returns tomorrow from a 6 month tour on the USS Texas (submarine). He’s a huge Reds fan and would truly appreciate this jersey.

Thanks for all you do with the blog. Look forward to more good news in 2012.

I have always grown up a fan of shortstops and second basemen, played middle infield as a youth and loved Larkin, I think cozart could be our next big thing at the position and having met him at redsfest he is a great guy! Would love to have his Jersey to hang in the office as a sign of the future of Cincinnati baseball as we head to the playoffs this year! Thanks!


It would be great to have a signed jersey on a new guy that’s going to be great. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

This would look awesome at my house,

Once again,is give it to my dad for Christmas. 48 is too big to wear but I’m sure he could manage.

I spent all my money renewing my season tickets and can’t afford to buy a jersey.

Zack Cozart is the man. He’s going to be a great player and it would be awesome to have something of his.
This guy is going to be a key piece of the Reds in the future.

Please pick me! Would love to have that framed with all of my Reds memorabilia.

Merry Christmas anyways and thanks for all the work you do!

I’ll admit that I was really sad when Cozart was called up. I really like Janish–can’t hit, but he can sure field. But he’s proven himself to skeptics like me. I would love to win his jersey. Thanks!

This would look great framed on my wall in my reds room! Come on randomly select me jamie ramsey!

That would fit nicely in my sports memorabilia room along with all of my other Reds stuff. After I get it framed of course. : )

Thanks so much Jamie! I have been a life-long Reds fan here in Tennessee!! We are now raising our two children on the Reds like good parents should! LOL!

I grew up watching the Big Red Machine back in the mid 70s in their heyday. Thank goodness for the internet , Fox Sports Ohio, and most importantly, Better Off Red, for keeping me up to date on my favorite team! All the people in Tennessee are a bunch of traitors, now pulling for the despised Braves. (It is closer here anyway). It is farther to go to GABP, but it is soooo much better there! I need some help raising my children right- Zack Cozart’s jersey will go a long way towards doing that. NOW IS OUR TIME!

Here’s to hoping!! Thanks again for all the help!!

My wife and I are expecting a baby boy on January 24th. We’re naming him Crosley, and he has a baseball/Reds themed nursery. This would be the perfect beginning to his Reds autograph collection!

So I could wear it proud and loud in enemy territory this year, being a Reds fan in Philly is hard enough, this would make it a lot better!

I would love this as #2 is my favorite number. Also It would make an awesome gift for my brother as I have yet to get him one…YIKES!!

Hey Jamie, what a great prize. I am sure Jacob would love to have Cozart’s jersey. It might soften the blow that Alonzo is gone. Have a Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!

I would love to give this to my little brother but I’m selfish and would keep for my own. I have been a good guy this year. Would it help to tell you my son was born on the same day Cozart made his first start? Totally not true but if it helps……..

Wowzer! My 7 year old plays short stop, and is #2 for our youth league Reds, and after hearing me talk about Zack at our very first RedsFest this year, Brody decided that Zack would be his first-ever favorite player. I’ve been scrambling since to put together a special Christmas present including a few baseball cards, Brody’s #2 Star City Reds jersey, a pair of Reds mini bats, mini penants, and an awesome 8X10 of Cozart in action. They will all go in a case for display in his room. This jersey would make an absolutely incredible backdrop for that case -safe and secure for many years to come. As much as I’d like to have this jersey for myself, I would much rather have it to help keep my kid interested in and enthusiastic about baseball – something we can share for the rest of our lives. Merry Christmas to all, and God bless!

The future of the Reds is just as important to me as the history of this great team. I would love to have this jersey to add to my collection.

Zack is one of the nicest players on the team. This past summer before he was called up…..I took my two boys (Nick and Alex) down to a Bats game. He was so gracious to them and signed thier baseball. I could not think of a better player on the Reds…to have thier autographed jersey. This would be the greatest present for me and my two little boys this holiday season to have hanging on our wall framed and matted. Go Reds!

This would look great framed on the wall in my office! Thank you again for doing this for the last umpteen days. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

I’d like to win because I need a gift idea for my dad

Dear Jamie:
I would like to win this jersey because my game used jersey collection consists of a white Gary Majewski jersey, a grey Gary Majewski jersey and a spring training Gary Majewski jersey-notice a trend here🙂
This jersey would help keep me from being bullied by all the fans due to my choice of favorite player! It would be nice to wear a game used jersey and not have food or beer thrown at me during games!
Merry Christmas to you an your kitties!

I work in Chicago, but my office cube-mate is from Cincinnati and a also a huge Reds fan. We’ve decorated our common wall with Reds bobbleheads, stickers and other Reds memorabilia. The missing piece–and something surely to annoy the Cubs fans in the office (and that’s what it’s all about), would be this Zack Cozart jersey.

I dig Zack b/c he is a Cincinnati Redleg as well as the fact that he was a college teammate of Matt Maloney’s at the University of Mississippi. Zack and Matt are both studs, and these two Rebels represent the Redlegs with pride and honor. I would like to represent Zack with pride by winning this glorious prize.

So, pick me.

I would love to add this jersey to my cincinnati reds collection. It would be a great jersey to wear with both my season tickets plans. cozart the next larkin? yep i think so!

I would rather have the BOR shirt. LOL

Better off Red Rocks and I want this jersey. That is all.

One last day of umpteen days of
Christmas Jamie gave me a signed cozart jersey… I think that part of 12 days of Christmas will catch on.

Cozart is my wife’s favorite player, she would be super excited!

He’s the best!! Can’t wait to see him at SS this year!! To find this under the tree Christmas morning, would blow Max’s little 8 yo mind!!!🙂

I’d love to frame this and hang it in my basement/mancave-in-process.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! This is the PERFECT gift for my husband a lifelong OLE MISS fan! Zack is his favorite Reds player and had has followed him since Dayton. He doesn’t know but I already had Mr. Cozart sign a Rebels hat at RedsFest and THIS WOULD BE SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT FOR A GREAT HUSBAND AND FATHER!!!

I really would enjoy this piece of reds memorabilia. I live to far away to have a chance to buy this everyday and would love to have this as a christmas present. Thanks for doing this umpteenth days of christmas, I have enjoyed looking at and day dreaming about winning all of these wonderful gifts. Thanks and Go Reds!!!

This would be a great gift for my sister, who happens to think Cozart is “dreamy”.

Or maybe I’d keep it for myself, frame it and put it on the wall with my other Reds stuff.

Either way, great job Jamie!

I am interested in winning this glorious prize because it is glorious!! Merry Christmas everybody!

Like the rest of the nation, I can’t wait for the Zack Attack 2011 Reunion Tour. Marty Brennaman will be playing the role of Casey Kasem. Friends Forever, indeed.

It IS a glorious prize! As devout Reds fans my family and I would be thrilled to win this gift! Mr. Cozart got off to a great start last season, and we’re anxious to see what he can do for the Reds this season now that he is healthy and hopefully around for the long haul. Thanks for holding these fun contests, Jamie and all! Merry Christmas! Go Reds!

As a lifelong Reds fan I would display this jersey with the rest of my Red’s memorabilia in my basement. I have the perfect place for it next to a picture of myself with Barry Larkin taken in Chicago many years ago. Larkin will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame and Cozart will follow in the years to come. I have never won anything in my entire life and would be honored to win this jersey! Thanks!

It seems you have saved one of the best items for last! What a treasure this would be… a top of the list Christmas gift for the biggest Reds fan I know… me😀

Thanks Jaime!

I deserve to win the jersey because I was actually at the game where Zack got hurt and I think havong the jersey would help me get over the trauma of my fave players getting hurt at games. I was also at game when Scott Rolen got hit on the head w/a pitch so this is becoming truamatic for me. Please help a girl out and pick me! =)

I kept letting prizes go by not wanting to win something someone else might really
love to have, until now. Been going down to Reds games since 71 and win or lose
will always be one. That goes for this contest as well, good luck everyone !

I got to meet Zack Cozart at Redsfest this year and he is a great guy. I would love to have his autographed jersey.

The Reds have a history of great SS and one going into the HOF in July!! So I want this jersey because Coz should be the next great Reds SS.

Barry 2012!!

i just moved to Colorado, and i need something to remind me of the promising future the reds have so i don’t become a Rockies fan.

This would make a cool gift for my grandson, his 8 years old and the reds are his team.

Heres to the 2012 season. Lots of fun things to look forward to including (hopefully) a division title and world series!!

Awesome Jersey!! Huge Cozart fan, would love to be able to have that Jersey hanging on my wall! GO REDS!!!

I deserve this bc im too poor to buy one myself, after begging my gf for a Cozart rookie card for xmas im sure asking for an auto jersey would not end well. So as a great reds fan and cincy sports fan i would love to have a cool cozart christmas!

I met zach in athens ohio a couple of years ago on reds caravan. I also met you jaime same time you said I looked like todd fraziers twin and took my photo. would love to have jersey.

I’am a die hard cincinnati reds fan. I have a man room that is all cincinnati reds stuff. I’am a huge fan win or lose. My son is also a huge reds fan, and a big zack cozart fan. My hours at work have been cut and wasnt able to buy my son that much for christmas and he would love that, and make his christmas that much more special, and It would make me happy to see his face when it got here and It was for him. Please it would mean so much

perfect! I have a wall that is waiting for jersey’s…. help me get started by picking me for this awesome Cozart jersey! see my recently remodeled wall here… you’ll notice the jersey’s are missing….


I am a huge reds fan and would wear this to every game i went to!

Hey! Well I am 18 years old, a big Reds and baseball fan. Everyone at school yells at me all the time cause baseball is all I talk about. It would be such a great Christmas gift to win this. Every December I try to win something and always seem to fail in the end. This would just be awesome and the best.

love the reds, but i love reds players who share first names with “saved by the bell” characters even more. since we haven’t signed screech cozart yet, i’ll certainly settle for zack!

For Christmas last year I gave my wife an IOU for a Reds jersey because she was pregnant and didn’t know what size she would need. As everyone knows along with babies come lots of bills and there just isn’t any money in the budget for the jersey. She has worked so hard to lose weight and I’m so proud of her. Obviously this wouldn’t fit her but it’s something I know without a doubt she would love and it would be an awesome way for me to thank her for everything she does for me and our daughter.

Jamie…a special thanks to you and the Reds for your kind gift giving this holiday season! I don’t know of any other MLblog that does that!

This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my father! We’re both huge Cozart fans and it would look great with our collection of all things Reds!

We would love to win anything Reds related.

I’d love to win this jersey for my wife. She is impossible to shop for and a huge Reds fan. Winning this would save me from a last minute shopping disaster! I think this would make me the Christmas hero in my house. Here’s to Zach’s health and to a great 2012 Reds season. Go Reds!

I have followed Zack Cozart’s career since his collegiate days. I have actually met him several times during his minor league days and attended numerous Mudcats’ games in Zebulon. I actually have a signed photo of him in a Mudcats’ uniform as well as a signed baseball. It would be a tremendous addition to my Reds’ collection as well as being the very first signed Reds’ uniform in my collection! I could see that framed and placed in my living room!

The jersey is cool! I collect anything to wear that is Reds especially jerseies.

An autographed Zack Cozart jersey would be the perfect present for this forever Reds fan (yeah since I could crawl which was in the 60s, ouch!!!). Plus my birthday was yesterday (12/21) and I didn’t get the gift I had hoped for… an autographed Cozart jersey would certainly make up for that (cough, cough)… and lastly, I had picked Cozart to make the Reds lineup this past season based on his spring training, and he eventually did! Let’s make my day after my birthday one I’ll never ever forget!🙂

My dad’s a Reds collector fanatic. Would make a great Christmas gift for him from me. Cozart has potential to be a great player someday.

I am a big reds fan I drive all the way from russiaville,In which is about 3 hours away to come to the games, I have been coming there since I was a little girl and now I have a big collection of reds stuff because when I move out of my parent’s house I want to make a reds room in my house. Right now I have some baseballs signed, some pictures, and some batting gloves but I have always wanted a jersey to have.

This great kid is the next best shortstop in the line of so many. I would love to have this. Even if I don’t Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at BOR.

I would like to give that jersey to my wife for Christmas.

I would love to win this jersey just like everyone else, but must admit therare s some pretty compelling stories that deserve more consideration than myself. With that being said, good luck to all and have a very Merry Christmas. Go Reds!!!!

I want it I want it I want it. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT.. …….Pretty well sums up my feelings on it. Let me Say congrats to all the winners. Im sure I speak for all of us non winner when I say You Lucky **** ** *******. J/k Enjoy you gifts. Thanks to Burt for all his hard work in putting all this together. Once again proving to be the hardest working bobble head in the world. Merry Christmas to all and Go Reds!!!!!

I’m having a bad week, so just give me the damn thing already

I would really love to have this jersey because I am making a reds room when I get a house and right now I have some baseballs,pictures, and batting gloves but I don’t have any jerseys. I have been a reds fan since I was a little girl and I live in russiaville, IN which is about 3 hours I drive to the games and this would just be an awesome Christmas present to have.

Zach Cozart is one of my new favorites! I’d love to win the jersey…especially since I am a rookie red’s fan and am just starting my collection of reds clothing!

I am awesome so are you and I would love this Jersey. Nuf said.

I would love to win this jersey because my girlfriend Anna met him at redsfest and just fell in love him. She’s a huge fan of the Reds and with this jersey it be a great gift for her to wear on opening day!!! GO REDLEGS

the jersey would go to my son. hes needs a new favorite reds player since Alonso got traded. this would go along way to heel his blues.

I have no better reason to deserve this other than I would really like to have it! Happy Holidays!

ive been good this year santa jamie, and ill be even better next year if i win this cool jersey

I think Zack is the next All Star for the Reds. I think he is going to help us become the next world series champions…..and he’s a good person

I would LOVE to win this jersey. I got my picture taken with Zack at Redsfest this year as well as Alonso and Mesoraco. However, it seems as if Reds players who get their picture taken with me seem to get traded a short matter of time later. Two years ago, I got my picture taken with Adam Rosales at the season tiicket select-a-seat and the following day he got traded (thank god I didn’t get my picture taken with Chris Heisey who was also there as a prospect that day!). Then, as I said, I got my picture taken with Yonder, and look where he is now! Anyways, I would love to have this jersey because I feel as if that may ward off the trading magic that I seem to give to Reds players. PLEASE.

goodluck in 2012 redlegs. this city needs a winner. and we could get the winning under way with winning this jersey

I don’t even care about winning the jersey. I just want the Reds to win the World Series. S’go Reds – 105 days until Opening Day. Can we get an anonymous (or let yourself be known) donation of about $16 million to sign Beltran to a two year deal ?

I’ve been looking for Cozart jersey for my girlfriend since September! They are so hard to find! It’s her favorite player, the right size, and the overall perfect Christmas present! We both finished our degrees this year and are heading in the right direction finally, but we don’t have the extra money for a gift like this. This would go to a great Reds fan and family! We went to a Reds game on our first date!

It would be awesome to win this. My son and I were looking forward to seeing him at Redsfest but no luck!

This really is a great gift, because Zack Cozart is the future of our team. A few years from now, when he’s an all-star – this will be a great piece of history.

I would love to own it! I am a misplaced diehard Reds fan in south Louisiana, I can not even buy a reds hat here! I took our family on vacation in 2009 to Cincinnati so I could see my 1st reds home game! I love the reds more than anyone south of Kentucky! 25 + years of faithful fanship!

Wow, Jamie you have a very tough job now. People love this prize and now you have to just pick just one from all of these great fans. I will help you out a little, pick me! 🙂

My girlfriend and I are moving in together next month and shes a lifelong Phillies fan, i would love nothing more than to hang Cozart’s jersey in our apartment and make her look at it every day

I haven’t won yet, but I want to. This one would be more me! Love to wear it to Reds & Dragons games!

I would love to win the jersey for my son to enjoy. He is 8, but definitely one of the biggest fans in town. He can actually pull off wearing a size 48 with a little tailoring. This is evidenced by his Andy Dalton jersey he is currently modeling LOL. We are so excited with the recent trading that this might be the year! We are headed to spring training in March, and the jersey would be perfect to wear to practice each morning! Plus, as a dad, it is important to pick your role models wisely. Zack is an up and coming young man who is finally making it to the Show this year. His jersey would be worn with pride and great expectations, and would serve as motivation as we enter another season of kid-pitch soon. So consider making an 8 year old that much more excited this Christmas! Thanks for considering us!
John Czarnecki

At Reds Fesi, I told Zach Cozart that I think he’ll be a super star one day. He said “That’s really great to hear”. I love his enthusiasm and his drive. He’s adorable!

I am a lifelong Reds fan living in Virginia, unfortunately. I am only able to see the Reds live a couple times a year but watch every game on the internet. I read your blog nearly everyday. I was excited to see Cozart brought up last year and hated to see him go down. I think he will be a staple in the middle infield for years to come and would love his jersey! Merry Christmas!

you should win!

I would love to win this jersey because I remember watching Cozart’s first major league at bat, seeing his family in the crowd, nervously watching as he made them proud. My son tells me that will be us one day, but until then, we still have the Reds on tv. It is one of the few things everyone in our family of four loves to do. We watch nearly every game, attend as many as our budget will allow, and look forward to redsfest as part of our annual holiday festivities. This family are true Reds fans and nothing would make us happier this Christmas than winning a Cozart signed jersey! Merry Christmas Reds fans!

This is my first time entering the “Umpteen Days of Christmas” contest. When I saw the jersey, I knew I had to do it. Since being called up, Cozart had become my son’s favorite player (along with BP). We were at the game last year when Cozart got hurt and he was crushed when I told him he would be out for the year. He is really excited to see him back on the field! Hanging that jersey on the wall in my son’s bedroom would be the surprise of a lifetime!

The Great Red Hope = Priceless!!!

I have a small area of signed Reds jerseys on the wall but no one still with the team. I met Cozart on the caravan when he was still a prospect. He is a good kid. Come on hook a fat guy up🙂
P.S. Jamie you gettint a little chubby but not fat yet

When I saw Zach Cozart at Reds Fest, I told him that I thought he waas going to be a super star one day. He said “Wow! That’s really great to here”. I love his drive and enthusiasm. Plus he is adorable! I would love his jersey!

My wife and I recently attended Redfest for the first time this year. We just renewed our season tickets and my wife had to meet Zack at Redsfest. Did I mention had!! Long story short she was able to meet him and get his autograph. She talks everyday about how nice he was to take the time to not only sign for her but to talk to her for a minute with his busy schedule. This would be a great Christmas present that she would never forget.

Zack Cozart in his short time with the major league club has shown his has the talent and the heart to be a successful Reds shortstop. He will give Reds fans many years of enjoyment watching him play. I’m a big fan.

Perfect Christmas gift for my 9 yr. old daughter who thinks “Mozart” is hot!!

He’s my favorite player!

****************************************Merry Christmas *****************************************

I’m not petitioning for myself, but if anyone wins a Cozart jersey it should be @fakejohnfay. He’s got Cozart penciled in for ROY, MVP, and Cy Young, I believe.

Good Christmas to you and yours, Jamie!

Roses are red, the Redlegs are too, this jersey is sweet…ehh I was never good at poetry. As a huge Reds fan I would love to win this jersey. I’m a huge Cozart fan and excited about his future w the Reds. However, my girlfriend is in love w Cozart so this jersey would get framed and go straight to her. This would be such a special Christmas gift to an already amazing holiday season! Thanks🙂

I would like to win the Cozart jersey because I love the #Reds!!!! I’ve been a life long #Reds fan in a family of life long #Reds fans. I’ve listened to my dads stories of going to #Reds games when he was growing up. Stories about the Big Red Machine! At an early age I knew who Pete Rose was, and when asked by my teeball coach if I could slide into 2nd like Pete Rose, I didn’t hesitate! And sure enough at 6 years old I slide head first as hard as I could into 2nd, not something many 6 year old girls would do! I remember going to games to watch Chris , Barry Larkin, and Jose Rijo at Riverfront. I have a small Reds collection. A cabbage patch kid dressed in the Reds uniform, my dad got me a Johnny Bench autograph, and a few ball cards that I’ve saved over the years! I would love to have a Cozart jersey! I think Cozart will be something special for the #Reds and I look forward to watching him this season and hopefully many seasons to come. #GoReds!!!!!!

Gee I didn’t even know about this and I don’t understand why, anyway my son and I are really really really bummed about Travis Wood being traded, really really really stinks so to make us feel better I would love to be able to give this Jersey to my son who is 31 and he would really really really be appeciative. Thanks for the heads up.

<— Long time Reds fan, and became a huge fan seeing Cozart play last year; was super bummed he got injured. Looking forward to seeing him play this year and would love to win his jersey. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

I’d love to win this for my son. This is his first Christmas and what better gift for him than a signed jersey of an up and coming Reds star. He’d be a fan for life.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. My current Christmas gift for my father is monogrammed handkerchiefs…I could really use something to top my two brothers Christmas morning. Thanks for this great opportunity, GO REDS in 2012!!

I would love this Jersey to give to my son he is a huge cinncinnati fan I try to take him to some of the games when I can we live in Louisville so it is a trip he is 12 years old and he really likes zack cozart this is something he would really like to have on his wall thanks

I would like to win the jersey so I can have a current players jersey when I goto Reds games this upcoming season.

Because I’m stuck in Louisville traffic counting down to opening day when I can see a 6-4-3 Cozart-Phillips-Votto dbl play! Time to start our next HOF shortstop! I could also show it off to cardinal fans and say WE have a as that fields AND hits!

Beacause I live in Pensacola, Fl the new home of the Reds Double A team the Pensacila Blue Wahoos and would display proudly!!!

It would be th best christmas gift

My son’s Jay Bruce jersey is now too small for him, but he won’t give it up or stop wearing it. Cozart’s jersey will allow him to move on. Plus my son met him at Reds Fest and said Cozart really left a positive impression on him. Go Reds!

I would love to give this to my son who turns 5 next Thursday. Over past year he has really became a huge reds fan. He had a blast at Reds Fest and being a Reds Head for both 2011 and now 2012. He would cherish this jersey and what an awesome birthday present this would be for him!

Because cozart is awesome

Why wouldnt you want one?

So i can show off my love for the reds

So i have a good luck charm while watching the games

Because he is the future of our team

Because it came from BOR

Because Zach is a great player and persom

I think all of Columbus knows I carry my Reds spirit with me everywhere I go. I haven’t even been out of bed today (work night shift as a nurse), but that doesn’t mean I’m not supporting my Reds! I have a Reds t-shirt on when no one can see! While on vacation las month for a wedding, I stopped the entire party from being seated, simply so I could tweet you the pic of “Burt’s Grandpa” retiring in West Palm Beach! Needless to say, not a day goes by without checking BOR for the latest updates and witty quips. All five of my siblings will be receiving Reds related gifts this year, and this jersey would be a phenomenal addition!

It would make a great addition to my collecton!

Baseball has been berry good to me.

It would be my first autograph

So i can show everyone who a real shortstop is

2 is the magic number

Because a pretty lady is holding it

it would be a great gift for my friend and besides, i AM the other jaime🙂 plus, there are no other jerseys she would ever want….TRUST me on this one! (you wanna give a fellow jaime a leg up here?)

For the joy of winning

My wife is a big fan and she has been upset since that this week. It might put her in good mood please help me.

This would look awesome in my cincinnati Reds man cave im putting together next to my Bruce auto jersey.

This is the prize to win from all of the umpteen days. In fact, I have been sending bad luck vibes my way the whole time just waiting for this final grand prize. Good luck is now pouring into my soul! It’s a pity everyone else posting thinks they’re going to win.

This would make a great gift for my guy, quite possibly the biggest Reds fan ever. He’s an awesome stay at home dad of 3 boys!! He loves sports and is teaching the boys to do so as well!!

That would be an awesome present under my Christmas tree! Merry Christmas Jamie!


Why would I personally want to win the Zack Cozart jersey??? I wouldn’t, but, I know someone who would. My 7 year old son Peyton. He has liked zack ever since we met him while he played for the Dayton Dragons. He would be ecstatic to get this for Christmas.

So i dont have to buy one

I would love to be able to wear this jersey and support Zach Cozart, that and my purple BATS Cozart jersey makes me stick out like Barney at GABP 

I would love to wear “the future” to games this season. Pick me, pick me.

My 15 yr old would love this jersey. He has been playing baseball since he was 4 and Baseball is his Life! He had ACL reconstruction surgery in August and while doing his therapy at Beacon, he saw both Zach Cozart and Scott Rolen doing their therapy. He was starstruck and I urged him to say “Hi.” Despite my urgings, he said, “No, Mom. I have to respect them.They are trying to do their work to get back to play.”

Huge cozsrt fan. Would look great framed hanging on our wall in the living room would make my holidays so complete

Today’s my last chance. Pick me! I need a jersey to wear when I use the season tickets I just bought!

It would look great on my wall!

Because Cozart will break out next season!


It would look nice on my wall

I should win because I love Better off Red, baseball, defensive gems at Shortstop, Zack Cozart, Reds jerseys, autographs, and (most of all) my Reds!! So, as you can see, this is a perfect prize for me to win!

My aunt is a huge reds fans and it would be a great gift for her

I would love to win this jersey so that I could use it as a giveaway to help raise money for the next charitable venture. However, if I know this Cozart jersey would make someone’s day I would prefer it go to them. Being a good ambassador to other people is very important every day. At no other point is this as important as during Christmas time.

Because I am the biggest Reds fan in the entire universe!

I would love to get this and present it to my father as a gift. He is a lifelong Reds fan and he really likes Cozart. We’ve been fans of his since he was a Dragon (we live in the Dayton area.) I haven’t been able to get him something extraordinary before but this would be amazing.

Hi my name is Kevin. I’m a huge reds fan and a big Cozart fan. Would love to own the autographed jersey would be a huge addition to my reds collection. Thanks for the awesome opportunity.

I’m 22 years old and from Troy, MI and have been a Reds fan for the last 12-13 years and love to show my pride all over campus and in my classes at Adrian College. My father and I make a couple trips a year to Cincy every year to show our support and I’d love a jersey to show off in Tigers country and wear it with pride! A Cozart jersey will make all these Tiger fans around me forget all about Trammel!

What could be better?

Our whole family loves the Reds! Plus Dad will have something to wear to his 28th straight opening day!
Caleb, Drew, and Laura

This would be a wonderful christmas gift as I am losing my job on December 30. I need something to keep my spirits up until Opening Day!!!!!!

Have to start representing the Reds best SS since the great Barry Larkin!

Zach Cozart is an up and coming Cincinnati Reds star and I would love to win his jersey so I could wear it to opening day 2012 to show my support to Zach Cozart and the Cincinnati Reds and kick off the 2012 season and watch them go to the World Series and win it all! Thanks @runrgrl12, ps training for the Reds 5K

I want to win because I drive 3 hours to watch the Reds play & I would love to be able to have a Cozart jersey to wear on game days! & It’s awesome!!!

Because I live in the middle of St. Louis Cardinal country, and if I win this jersey it’s likely that I would wear it everyday just to drive Cards fans crazy…

Another great player and another great prize! I hope that I’m lucky and can bring this one home. Let’s Go Reds! Thanks BOR and Happy Holidays!!🙂

I’m a huge Zack Cozart fan and an even bigger Reds fan!!! I collect Reds memrobillia and I have it all over my desk! I love watching Zack play Short Stop!!! Ive followed BOR for a very long time!!!! This would just be awesome!! Thanks for reading my response and Merry Christmas Jamie!!!

My boy loved cozart when he got to see him play and was hoping to get to see him at reddest this year, but we didn’t. This would be a huge surprise and great Christmas gift for him!

I’m a big Zack Cozart fan!


Would love to own a jersey of the next great SS for our Reds!

I would love to have the jersey because I dont have one. I have to show my Cincy pride down in Va.

My wife is a huge Cozart fan and this would be the perfect gift for her birthday Feb 7th. The last 2 years my gifts have been a flop so I really need a win.

I would love to win it. Another Dayton Dragon makes it to the Big League!

I would love to win this jersey, but wearing would be a dream of mine too. But since I am more like a 58 rather than a 48, I think it may have to go on the wall in my Man Cave, along side the other idols of my Childhood. Bench, Rose and Sabo. Till his injury this year he was the fire plug that kept the Reds fighting for the division. He will be the next Larkin if the let him. Go Reds!!!!!!!

To welcome zack back from his surgery.

If i was lucky enough to win the awesome jersey it would go to my son for a late christmas gift. I have been a fan since i was a child and mr cozart is my sons fav player. He is gonna b a great one. Merry christmas. Go reds

Cozart is our shortstop of the future. This would be great to win!

It will give me something to be happy about.

Because Jamie touched it

So i can wear it to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Yes I want this! Cozart is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t have a Reds jersey and would love to make this my first!

i would love to have this because i missed getting his autograph at reds fest he is my favorite red i know he is going to do very well in 2012… GO REDS!!!!

My Cozart shrine would be incomplete without this.

i’ll wear it to the home and road games i’ll be attending next year, postseason included!!

What better way to start off Christmas weekend then being picked to win an awesome jersey. It’s not quite as good as a BOR shirt, but I’d love to have this framed on my wall!!

It would be the first contest i have ever won

…Because I can spell Zack correctly.

It would make me want to live in the Queen City even more

I’ve been a very good boy this year. Santa said so.

I’d like to win because it is awesome! Hope he stays healthy this year and is the beast he looked like in the few games last year!

Jaime, I was born and raised in Hawaii and have been a Reds fan for a very long time. To tell you the truth, being a Reds fan in Hawaii is difficult being surrounded by, ugh, Dodger and Giant fans. My wife, who was not a big baseball fan when I met her, has become a serious Reds fan. We watch Reds games on MLB.TV together and every year since we have been together, have taken vacations to locations where the Reds were playing (including GABP). Words cannot express my love for her support of my beloved Reds all these years. Being able to present her with a signed Reds jersey to thank her for her support would be fantastic.

#204 is my lucky number…. Go Reds !

Who needs diamonds and fancy electronics for Christmas…. all I want is an autographed Cozart jersey :] please oh please.

I’m dreaming of a REDS Christmas.

Pick me! Merry Christmas to all.

I would love to win this because it would be a great gift for my dad and he recently sold his signed bats, so this would be a great start to a new collection. It would also be a great for him because he is a big Reds’ fan and this would be great to have in his office because he is a great dad.

Uncle.. I give, Merry Christmas to BOF

on the last day of the umpteenth day of christmas a very cool reds blogger (great hair too) gave to me a zack cozart jersey. merry christmas everybody and happy redlegs new year

I am a huge REDS fan and would love to win this jersey to wear to the games in 2012!!!

Would love to show off my Reds pride by wearing this! Would make it the best Christmas ever! Thanks for the opportunity!

Zach is the future star of the Reds. I have a dear friend that is from Memphis and has followed Zach through college to the Reds She was recently furloughed from her job. This jersey would make her year and always have a special place in her home. It’s all about growing the Redleg nation.

Because Zach is BPs partner

Its a really nice authentic jersey and perfect to frame

If i get this jersey the reds wont lose all year.

Because i spent 20 hours on the bobblehead challenge and didnt come close to winning

U said so in the description, it is a glorious prize

So when Thom says 6-4-3 double play ill have the 6 and the 4 jerseys

So when i have an extra room i can make it a reds room and this will be the first piece

So i can go to bed every night knowing i won an umpteenth days of christmas contest!!!

Because the Cowboy told me too

So i can show thr cardinals what a real 1st baseman is

After a tough reds loss i have something to cheer me up

My mom likes Zach and i think its because she thinks hes cute so she would love this

I will have extra swag when wearing it!!

So when i knock down more icecreams than the cowboy he wont be mad

When my dad sees my report card ill give him this and everything will be forgotten

2 is the number of errors he will have

WOW that is a nice jersey for FREE!!

So when he makes it to the hall of fame i will have his autograph

It would be my first reds jersey and autograph

Because Zach is the man!!

It woukd help cure my need for baseball

If u pick me i will tell u a good idea i have about getting page views

He is my favorite player!!

Him and BP are going to make a killer double play combo

I cant imagine how happy i would be if i won

I would wear it 162 times a year

I want it and i dont like being upset lol but i do want it badly

It woud make Walt look goos if Zack excels which i know he will

I have about a 1 in 240 chance in winning this so i wont get my hopes up too much but i would love to have it

Coudnt imagine seeing this hanging up in my room

Maybe we could talk zach into getting a twitter!!

Id get the ladies in this haha

I would love to win this prize because even though I haven’t seen much of Zach cozart, I can tell he has a lot of talent and a long career ahead of him with the reds. Also, I would like to thank you for doing this upteenth day of Christmas shindig! Even though I’m sure I won’t win anything, this was a lot of fun so thank you! Have a great Christmas and new year and go redlegs🙂

U werent lying when u said u saved the best for last this is a great prize and i would be honered to have it

Id love to have this jersey for my 9 year old boy whom is a huge Zack Cozart fan. He was sad last year when he got hurt and couldn’t play. He cant wait to see him again this year on the field working his magic at short. Thank You

I was really sad to see Zadh get hurt he has a bright future and will play a great role in this years team and i would love to support him with this jersey.

I would love this because Zach is a great player and person. It would be an honor to have this on my back

Have you ever seen someone pick his position like Zach, short of me at Fantasy Camp? He’d be honored if I wore his jersey! Seriously, Merry Christmas pal!

I can see this man joining Votto as an MVP very soo

In order to win the pennant we will need some help from a shortstop which we had little from last year. I am looking forward to watching Zack play everyday and WEARING HIS AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY!!!!

I’ve got an empty space on my wall this would be perfect for!

What a way to celebrate the holidays with a new jersey that would be nice

I was sad to see the D-Train leave but im hoping this jersey will help that

This would be my first autographed reds anything and for it to be by a future all star would be great

I would like to thank you for taking time to help please us reds fans and i have had a blast doing the contests. I would just love to have this jersey it would make a huge impact in my life

On the 12th day of Christmas,
my favorite blog gave to me,
A Zack Cozart signed jersey.

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I’m zach’s biggest fan plz pick me I will wear that jersey with so much pride. I have only enterd a few and was praying you would have something of his so once again PLEASE on my hands and knees pick me. Thank You and God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!

No biggie…but Zack is probably the SS of the future. “Cozart to Phillips to Votto” heard more than any other combo next…er this year!!!

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