You may remember a couple weeks back, I wrote about a “free agent fan” named Paul Petera.   Well in case you missed his one-hour special last night on ESPN, hosted by Jim Gray, Paul made his “decision” to which team he’s declaring his allegiance…

An incredibly smart move by Paul. On behalf of the Reds organization, I’d like to welcome Mr. Petera to the family…just in time for a championship!


Welcome Paul, you made the right choice!

Nice work Jamie!

He boasts a future World Championship for the Reds future due to his allegiance. He didn’t do much for Houston in that regard. Sounds like another Texan we know that is full of himself. Does Paul’s middle name start with a W?

Great Work Jamie. Welcome aboard Paul.

Mark, certainly no malice or ill will intended; just a baseball fan having fun. Hope I didn’t offend.

Welcome Paul! Ignore Mark, he’s obviously a big douche. Go Reds!!!!

Welcome aboard Paul! I hate the DH too, and didn’t watch American league games for many years. I am a New York native, so eventually I got caught up in Yankee mania. BUT . . . as an out-of-town fan of the Reds, keep this blog bookmarked! Jamie always has great info. And I also have MLB.TV to keep up with the actual games. Their apparel is much nicer than Astros gear, so that is another big plus!

Better Off Red, Paul. You are one of us now. Good choice. Welcome!

Welcome aboard Paul!!!

Welcome, Paul. You will not be sorry. Can’t believe you actually considered those whiney Cardinals, though.

Welcome Paul. They will make you laugh, cry, shout and give up your first born, but they will never give up on the field of play. Right there with you on the DH.

Great decision! Although watching the Reds on FS Ohio is a second to none, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Gameday Audio (I’m assuming you live outside of 700WLW’s range) so you can also listen to Marty Brennaman call the game.

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