During the “Umpteen Days of Christmas“, I’m giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red. Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to Day Nine winner – Todd M.

Today’s gift is a Merchandise Goodie Bag courtesy of the Reds Community Fund. In addition to the bag, you’ll also get its contents which includes a Reds polo shirt and the book Game Six signed by author Mark Frost.

If you’re interested in winning this fantastic prize, tell me why in the comments section below. One lucky winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

Still looking for last minute holiday gifts? Click HERE to see how you can sign up your special guy for the Father’s Day Catch at Great American Ball Park on June 10.

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This is my type of swag! I’d use the bag each week for travel and Game Six is just the type of book I like (except for the end when the Reds lose…).

My dad recently had surgery and he is the one who introduced me to the Reds. We don’t live as close as I would like, but whenever we talk on the phone, we always talk about the Reds. Even yesterday, we both talked about how we love the trade. A Swag Bag like this would help his recovery and make his Christmas.

Thanks for doing this! This would be an awesome Christmas gift.

Pick me! Pleaseeeeeee????

This would be great for my trips from Bloomington, IN to Cincinnati! Plus would get to show off my Reds pride along the way. Thank you again for the opportunity and have a Merry Christmas!

Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to have that book. The rest is a bonus.

I like stuff

I would love to have the goodie bag and it’s contents to add to my ever growing collection of Reds stuff. I’ve been trying every day to win something except for the two times things were being given away that I already had (Better Off Red shirt & Reds Heads Kids Club kit). And that Game 6 book will be a great read!

I’d like for my Son to have this he’s a Red’s Fan all the way! Even my grandson & granddaughter are Reds Fans. They would be very proud to display anything Reds and I’d like to win it for them.

Thanks Reds Granny

A little goody bag is good for anyone… Woukd love to have this just to say I won something.

Big fan Jamie! Love your work…love your prizes…love to win one!

This would make my whole family happy I want the book my dad wants the polo and my mom wants the bag win win win

My turn this time! I have an odd collection of bags (which I love to use), but no nice Reds ones. And I REALLY want to read that book! You da man, Jamie!

Would make a great gift for my hubby! Thanks for the opportunity!

WOW. This would be perfect to fit all mmy books into! I’d greatly appriciate this for school. Game six would be a perfect lunch time read. Reds polo shirt, perfect for pretty much anything, including the 30+ games I go to every year. I feel like this package was meant to be!🙂

I’m interested in upgrading from my 5th grade dufflebag to this classy set! #GoRedlegs (joke reference: I’m twenty-nine years old)

I would love to win, just because!

I could use the book to go with my collection of REDS books. Also the bag would be great for taking my drinks into the ballpark with me so that I can save my money to attend even more games.

Would love to have this!!!

The book would be a great read!

That’s a great book! Read the library copy and would love to have my own.

Because I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it!!!

I want to win something….please?

Those bags would be prefect for short road trips to see the Reds, and the polo is perfect for the golf course.

I have tried everyday too win something for my family so this would be 4 me the bag wouuld be great too take too AZ. and the the book would be perfect for the ride!!!!!

My wife and I could use these items. The bag would be great for Reds games and we go to several each season.

Huge Reds fan. Would be a great gift for me!!!

I have been a Reds fan fan since the mid 70’s, Through all the bad times and now the good times i am still an ardent fan. Now I am trying to convince my son to become a diehard fan as well.

Love the reds. Season ticket holder. I would love this stuff!!

This would make a great holiday gift for my Dad! He has been a huge Reds fan for over 80 years; he has taught me to appreciate baseball more than anyone else. We have so many good memories around the Reds, and many more to be made in 2012!! I would love to surprise him with a goodie bag from our favorite team, thanks to BOR’s Umpteen Days of Christmas.

The bag and polo would be pretty cool, but I really want the copy of Game Six. I love reading about the history of the Reds and would appreciate a record of one of their biggest losses.

Would be awesome to have. Radom selector… Please pick me…
Greg aka @munsen02

Because I like reds gear.

I would love to have it so then I can show off my Reds pride here in Canada.🙂

Love the prize!

I’ve wanted this book forever

Oh, I need a new bag and a polo shirt I can wear to work. I want to be able to rub it in the face of all the Cubs fans I work with when we win the division in ’12.

would be an honor

You would love to give this to me right?

Would love to win this prize. I read a book on the big red machine this past year and would love to read this one on game 6 of the 75 series!

I hope I’m not too late. I could really use a W in the win column right now.

It would be great to win this prize and show the baseball fans here in California what a real team bag looks like. Merry Christmas Jamie!

One of the best gifts out there yet. Love to share it with my family

Good stuff! Thanks.

It would be an awesome Christmas present!

My (recently) 16 year old brother is an aspiring Reds pitcher. That boy works his tail off training year-round to be a part of the best baseball club to date. I’d like to share this giveaway with him. A little inspiration never hurts, this gift will show him hard work does pay off and that I am one proud sister!

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