During the “Umpteen Days of Christmas”, I’m giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red.  Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to Day Eight winner – Malissa!

Today’s gift is a 2012 Reds Heads Kids Club kit!

This kit includes:

  • Various exclusive members-only experiences at Great American Ball Park such as player autograph sessions
  • Four FREE member ticket vouchers to select Reds home games
  • Members-only Reds Heads logo cap and team replica road jersey
  • Exclusive Reds styled baseball cap backpack
  • Membership dog tag
  • Cool Reds Heads lens logo sunglasses
  • Reds Heads Newsletters
  • FREE ticket to the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum
  • FREE one-day admission to the Cincinnati Zoo
  • FREE kids meal at Bob Evans Restaurant
  • Free ticket to A Day in Pompeii exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center

If you’re interested in winning this great prize, tell me why in the comments section below. One lucky winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

Check out the Reds Heads Kids Club online HERE!

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The kids club has to be the best deal the Reds offer to fans. My nephews both got this years kit at Redsfest, and they were thrilled as always. I would love to gift my neighbor with this one!

This would be a great Christmas addition for my oldest grandson & his dad. I might even get to go to a game! Please Jaime!

I think it’s time to indoctrinate my niece into the sport of baseball and what it means to be a Reds fan…yes, she’s all of two and a half. Never too early though. Merry Christmas, Jamie!

The Reds Heads Kids Club is cool. I ordered a membership for my 2 year-old this year because last year he loved the backpack and jersey his big sister got. Now I’m getting grief from my daughter that I didn’t sign her up again this year. BoR can bring peace back to the household (for a while at least–that is a tall order for siblings, but if anyone is up for the task it is BoR). Young Reds fans unite!

This would be great to use when I take friends with kids to the game.

I bought my nephew 1 last year and he loved it and I haven’t got his gift yet and that would be the perfect gift so please pick me thank you very much

would be a great gift for my son big reds fans here in hamilton. go reds

If I’m picked to win this prize, I would like for the Reds to donate it to a deserving church/school/foundation that would get it to a young Reds fan.

My brothers would love a kit.

I have a grand daughter who loves the Reds. I saw the exhibit they had at RedsFest and thought it was terrific. It would be a great Christmas gift for my little slugger.

Although I live in KS, this sounds like the making of a great family trip to Cincinnati! My son is 4 and loves baseball!!! The opportunity to see some of the players and get their autographs…and to hang out at the zoo (he loves animals) would be an unforgettable experience!

When i drive 6 hours to reds games and see the Reds Heads kids club commercials on the big screen it makes me jealous. Me being a kid have always thought it would be cool to go to the club. I watch over 120 games evey year and to be able to spnd time with the players would have been a dream come true. The club is geat though but i wish i could have gone.

Fun prize! We have 2 little Reds fans in our house. This would get us to buy another one!🙂 Go Reds!

Earlier this year, my sister and brother-in-law made me a first time Uncle and later gave me the additional honor of being Godfather to my niece. As part of these duties I have been tasked with taking her to her first Reds game. So I think a Reds Head Kids Club Kit along with the Rosie the Red stuff I have already gotten her will help sow the seeds of Reds Fandom for years to come at her young age.

I flipping love the Reds!!!!!!!

I would love to win this prize because ever since my daughter was 8 months old she has been going to games with me and my wife. When she got older and more aware she would hoot and holler and clap her hands when ever everyone else did when the reds made great plays!! she also loves gapper to death i have a family photo of her trying to jump out of our arms to him..

My niece is growing up in Cardinal country. This Reds Head Kids Club Kit would be very beneficial in pointing her in the right direction. Without this gift she will likely end up a Cardinals fan and the hearts of my grandpa and I would be broken. Thank you and GO REDS!!!

Sounds like a great couple of days in Cincinnati!!

I have a true red head daughter that loves the Reds. She would this!

This would be great for my younger brother. I tried to get him this for Christmas but don’t have the money. He is a silent Reds fan (unlike me) and this would be a great way for him to show his support!

Hi I really want this for my grandson.We live in Wisconsin and he comes down to at least 3 Reds games a year with me.It is about an 8 hour drive for us but he could care less.HE LOVES THE REDS!!! I don’t think there could be a more deserving young man than this 9 year old boy(Riley).He has been doing this with me for 6 years now.Win or lose he ALWAYS wants to go see the Reds. We will see you again this summer all the way from WI! Go Reds!

I’d love to win this for my 11 month old son Jaxton. He already loves his Cincinnati Reds! Over the summer he would get so excited when the Reds were on TV and at his first game. I think this would be cool for him to have!

My Reds obsessed six year old would LOVE to have this before the spring! We couldn’t get it for him at RedsFest and this would be great to put under the tree.

i think i should win because i am a kid. im 13 and i love the reds

Go Reds!!! Love the trade.

My little leaguer dreams of playing in the bigs for the Reds someday. When we go to games, he desperately wants to come home with a piece of the game — a foul ball, an autograph, a T-shirt from the cheerleaders — but nothing ever comes close to us no matter where we sit. At one game this year, he tried all game to get Jonny Gomes to toss him a long toss ball between innings, but even though Jonny nodded at him once, he kept tossing them to another section. If you could toss a gift like this his way, it would really fire up a boy who loves to be around the game.

Best possible gift for my newborn Granddaughter

Be a great gift for my son!

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