During the “Umpteen Days of Christmas”, I’m giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red. Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to Day Seven’s winner – Justin aka @mucusoffmybrain

Today’s gifts are a Reds Barbecue Set and a limited edition Better Off Red t-shirt, courtesy of the Reds Team Shop by Majestic and Burt BobbleRed.

If you’re interested in these super cool prizes, tell me why in the comments section below. One winner will randomly be chosen and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

And if you don’t win, don’t worry.  You can pick up your Reds BBQ set and all kinds of other great  goodies at the Reds Team Shop by Majestic located on Crosley Terrace at Great American Ball Park (Corner of Second St. and Joe Nuxhall Way – downtown).

(Iron sold separately)

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finally the public gets what it wants a BOR tshirt. what better way to spend the summer then listening to the reds on the radio doing some grilling and as @DatDudeBP would say wearing some swag like a BOR shirt.

Another day, another day closer to winning something from jamie and BOR! Pick me

I am interested in these prizes for two reasons. One, they’re useful items and yet also fun. Two, we all ready have a Reds grill cover currently protecting our outdoor grill and I think the BBQ set would go along nicely with it. Bonus, I all ready own an iron for the shirt too. Thanks for considering me for this prize and Merry Christmas! =)

This is awesome. Is love to have this. The Reds logo branded in my steak and burgers! Hell Yeah!

I would love to have these to do a tailgate at the National’s home opener– when they host our Reds….

Dang auto correct…should be I’d love to have this

Pick me! It’s my birthday and this would be the perfect gift as I turn 30. Great job with the site.

Looks like everything I need to grill out and listen to some 700 WLW over the summer, while my beloved Reds take it to the central division next year.

We love to gril out white watchig the Reds on TV. So, what better way to get into the mindset. And who wouldn’t want a BOR tshirt? 🙂

Jamie, let’s be real. My wife and I grill often, in all kinds of weather, but the one thing we’re missing isI

Ohhhh Mann – the Reds chip/dip dish is awesome! All parties at my house will use it as the centerpiece. I need/want/hope it will be mine. (I’ll take the Burt Bobble also!!)

I live in Western KY where fellow Reds fans are few and far between. Thank God I do get FSO so I can watch the games. My wife and her dad are Cubs fans, and a lot of my friends, everyone I work with and even the people I bank with are Cardinals fans. This BBQ set would be a perfect way to rub my Reds fandom in their faces (especially my wife) particularly as the Reds start to lock up the NL Central in 2012. I can invite my friends and family over for a few celebratory BBQs and force them to enjoy the greatness that is the Cincinnati Reds.

We grill often and are Reds fans – that makes a perfect match. I do own an iron, don’t use it much, but may be able to talk my wife into helping me out with it.

I deserve this prize because a) I love the Reds b) I love to barbeque c) I love t-shirts and do not have a BOR shirt despite repeated attempts to win one and d) I love 700 miles from Cincinnati and can’t make it to the team shop in time for Christmas.

Thanks for making Reds fandom extra awesome!

We love to grill and watch or listen to the Reds! Always a great gift on the umpteen days of Christmas!

I could use a nice BBQ set to go with my Reds Cornhole boards.

This would be great, as any Reds themed swag is great. Let’s get this BBQ set on my grill so we can tailgate the way it should be done!

These amazing gifts combine the two greatest pasttimes in America – baseball and grilling. Since my roommate is an avid Cubs fan, there would be no better way to trash talk about their joke of a franchise around the grill during those dog days of summer. Love and Honor to Miami…and the Reds.

I need another BOR shirt so that I can finally wash the one I have.

Burt rocks! I NEED a t-shirt!!! The other stuff would be cool too I guess… =^)

It’s kind of funny actually…. my wife & I were literally looking at this kind of stuff on last night. And I really want a BOR shirt!

Greg – @munsen02

I could use a new BBQ set. Tired of using my bare hand to flip burgers. These burn marks won’t go away.

Pick me because I have been trying to win a BOR shirt for a year without any luck. It would make my holiday season.

I’m doing this in hopes of winning the BOR shirt. The other gifts are just a bonus🙂

a BOR tshirt would make my Christmas – no other gifts needed!

My roommate and I love to grill! And we have been trying to figure out how to create a tailgating phenomenon in Cincinnati that would not just replicate, but exceed in awesomeness, the tailgating atmosphere that exists before Brewers games. (Seriously, to all BOR readers, go see the Reds in MKE. GREAT atmosphere.) This grill set would help catapult our idea into a Cincinnati tailgating frenzy yearlong. After all, it shouldn’t be just football fans enjoying a brat and beer before a game! @runrgrl12

just because I want it

OMGosh – the best gift yet. Who wouldn’t love to have this ensemble. I could use grill tools with some class and I’ve really been wanting a BOR t-shirt.

Go Reds !!!!! Nice! Pick me.

I love to grill, love BOR blog, and i love the reds

Jamie your the best! This would be perfect for my Dad because he is secretly (don’t tell!) getting steaks for Christmas! Also, he’s a meatatarian so it would be used often throughout the year. Merry Christmas!!!

Jamie, I continue to be super proud of how awesome you are.

Love the gifts today and everyday! Would also love to win them!

Barbecue Set is cool, but what I really want is the BOR t shirt!!! I will proudly advertise for you all summer long! Pick meeeeeeee!

Try, try again.

If I win I’ll invite you over this summer for some great tasting BBQ, reds on tv and a few cold ones! The way a reds game should be watched( other than at the stadium, but beer is a lot cheaper at my house)

I’m not making this up: every single time I grilled out this summer, the Reds won. What better way to keep this tradition alive than by using a Reds grill set?

what a thrill to serve my St. Louis lovin brother a big steak with the REDS Logo on it.Baybe i will get lucky and he will chock on it also.

I just bought a house, what better way to celebrate than having Reds burgers and dogs???

i would love to win this because i grill out all the time in the summer would make a nice conversation piece

We grill out all the time, and often have guests over for the BBQ. Consider their surprise when they empty the chip dish or pick up their glass and see the Red’s logo staring up at them. Just imagine their looks of wonder when they see the Red’s logo charred into their hotdogs, hamburgers or steaks! And think of the pangs of jealousy they’ll have as they see me wearing the “Better Off Red” shirt. I can’t imagine it getting any better!

PICK ME! Looks like Burt pulled that shirt from his dirty laundry basket!


I really want that t shirt…

Pick me because even if the shirt is too small currently, I will tape it on so I can support this wonderful site. Then when I lose more weight, it will fit perfectly cause I will be grilling chciken instead of eating fried chiecken due to my new grill set.

What a wonderful excuse to host a barbecue in wintertime! While I’m outside cooking and braving the cold, of course I’ll be sporting the BOR t-shirt over the top of a longsleeved, red thermal undershirt. Yes, the neighbors finally will have proof that I am completely crazy, but I’m willing to risk it. Thanks, BOR!🙂

Although I have lived just outside Kansas City for the past seven years, I was born and raised as a Reds fan in Dayton, OH. My love for the Reds has only gotten stronger since moving to KC, and I try to showcase my dedication to the team every chance I get. I am currently a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and I always find a way to incorporate the Reds in to every project that is assigned to me. For example, I have taken several web design courses as elective credits, and my website is 95% Reds related (check it out by following the link found in the “Website” field below).

My husband is the grill master & just switched back to charcoal after many years using a gas grill. A Reds grilling set would be a nice addition to his new grilling experimentation. Thanks!

I could really use a pre-made apron. I’ve gone through 6 sets of sheets and a few curtains and still haven’t figured out how to make one! GO REDS!

As you probably know by now, I’m from southern Illinois and my wife and I always have cookouts. All of our friends are either cardinal fans or cub fans, how great would it be for them to have to eat a steak with a reds brand on it. This gift would be a wonderful addition to our cookouts and display my love for the Cincinnati Reds. GO REDS!!!

I am a teacher who is marrying a Cubs fan and I love having things around to make my future wife a little jealous.🙂

Would love to have this grilling set for my home. The BOR shirt is a great added bonus also!

I could use these to grill out with, while watching a Reds game in the Summer!

I LOVE all that stuff! I just built a house and would love to have all the grilling essentials so I can host my first bar-b-q and support my favorite team while enjoying good friends and food!…..while wearing my Better Off Red shirt. Come on Jamie…help this girl out!


How about a little love to Celina ohio, that eating place of (Mecury) Marty and the Reds Caravan!!!!

I would like to win this because my dad could use new grilling supplies and it would make a great gift for him.

The perfect way to show off my Reds pride to my neighbors. They are Red Sox fans so I would LOVE to barbeque with my Reds gear!

Because there is. N other g. Like grilling while listening to Marty on th Big One in Indy…

Sweet Baby, Hey I could get some use out of those!

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