For the next “umpteen” days, I’ll be giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red. Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to Day Six winner, Ryan Wahler!

Today’s prizes are a Mike Leake game-worn Stars and Stripes cap and Edgar Renteria’s official clubhouse locker tag.  These gifts are courtesy of the Reds Authentics Department.

You know the drill, if you’re interested in these gifts, tell me why in the comments section below.

Reds Authentics – Game-used, autographed and authenticated bats, balls, jerseys and more make great holiday gifts. Items can purchased by contacting Jon Cline, Reds Authentics Manager, at (513) 765-7097.

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I’d love the hat because Mike Leake is a boss.

Aside from Cueto, Leake is my favorite pitcher on the Reds. It would be great to have some game used gear!

Oooh! That locker tag is super-cool. It is getting close to Christmas and I want to win something before the prizes run out!

I want to win cause that is one of the sickest hats I’ve ever seen. New flair, yet old school at same time.

Pick me please!

Mike Leake has persevered through some tough times. We should all be like Mike (no pun), to work though adversity, to be better people. His hat would be a corner piece in my Reds collection to remember his struggles and achievements. (I was going to try to use my U.S. Air Force vet card, but knew it’s not as good as Mike’s season)

I want to win cause that hat is unreal. I love Mike Leake and Edgar Renteria is one of the most respectable players to play the game. Go Reds!

I’d love to have these to decorate the new office at work. Spread joy with my collection.

i would like to recieve the hat and hopefully get it autographed at the reds caravan. it would be a treasure that would stay in my family forever

I have run out of witty things to say as a reason I should win. Today I’m going with: “Because I told you so.”

Once again, this would be another gift for my son, he wants to be a pitcher and he’s kind of a scrawny, wiry, not-overpowering kind of kid, so I’m sure he would love to add a game worn hat from a pitcher like him to his room of Reds collectibles.

That hat would be something great to display for most of the year and something great to wear to the games around the patriotic holidays.

I want to win todays prize because I LOVE the reds and I LOVE hats. I wear them all the time, but I dont have a good Reds hat, my old one has seen far better days.

I still would donate them to Fairmont W.VA. dac to help the kids get a new gym.

wish i could win this 4 my 4 month old son. hes a future reds star. and im sure when he does make it he’ll donate stuff for your giveaways. in about 20 years lol

That stuff is awesome. I have tried every day, eventually I will be “randomly selected” right? Come on lucky day!

Wow! These would look great in our REDS basement. They would make great additions to our collection. Or, I could pass them off as Chritmas gifts to my wife. She would really love them!

Still trying.

The hat is cool.

This would be a great addition to my Reds memorabilia collection that is slowly growing every year. I already have a place in mind for these pieces in my office. Thank you again for doing this!

I would like this because I love America and this hat would help me show that love, even though it probably won’t fit me.

Same goes it. Would be a great addition to my Reds collection. Thank you for your consideration!

That hat is awesome! My brother is a huge Mike Leake fan. That would be the perfect gift to give him for Christmas. Every year, we each pick 4 games a piece to go too. He always picks games that Mike pitches. Would be great to see his face if I gave him that.

I’m a life long reds fan and I watch or listen to every game. I’m getting ready to fix up my basement with my reds memorabilia. I would love to win these prizes to hang in my new basement. Your the man and this is an awesome blog. Thanks!

mike leake is a awesome pitcher who wouldnt want this hat? only thing that could make it any better is if you threw in a BOR tshirt. then it would trully be a merry christmas

Would love to have these for my collection!!

Mike Leake’s hat ? Like to win it so I dont have to steal one. I kid because I care.

I love this hat and have wanted it since I saw the reds wear it. The only problem is my wife thinks the authentic hats look ridiculous on me so she won’t let me purchase one. Yes I said it, my wife won’t let me. If it was autographed she wouldn’t be able to say no to me displaying it in my man room with the rest of my reds gear. Thanks and GO REDS!!!

Love it all, and would love to have it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

My son is a huge Mike Leake fan and these two items would look great in his Cincinnati Reds themed bedroom

Because I would wear the hat while listening to this:

Mike Leake is the man and I would be honored to have his game worn stars and stripes hat. Edgar Renteria’s tag would also make a great gift for my dad who loves the guy, and collects all things Reds.

i would love to show this off to my friends im huge mike leake fan i was relieved they drafted him he was outstanding in college and that has carried over to the big leagues. i would like to play for reds 1 day and would love to do it “like mike” without spending a day in the minors.” those that fail to prepare, are preparing to fail”. thanks sir

This is something diffetent from what I have in my collection. Saying that I would love to have this.. Santa I swear I have been good🙂

I would love to win this hat for my future brother in law. He is from Arizona and has followed Mike’s career since he was Arizona State and is a huge fan. I couldnt think of a better wedding gift to give to him when he marries my sister next year.

It’s just cool stuff I would like to have. That’s all I got.

A great gift for mmy 9 year old daughter. She has decided, since she saw him at Redsfest, that Mike Leake would be her back-up plan as favorite Red if her #1 guy Brandon Phillips decdes to leave.

My grandpa has been a Reds fan since the 50’s. This would be the perfect gift to give to him. He is a baptist preacher and every Sunday during Red’s season he comes in with his Reds hat on and a Reds tie. Sure he would love to add this to his Sunday entrie once the baseball season kicks off!

I would like to win Mike Leake’s hat because when I went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown during his rookie season I was hoping to see his 1st game hat. Alas, it wasn’t on display. If I win I could look at his hat whenever I wanted. Take that Cooperstown.

I like hats. Therefor, I’d like to win

Love BOR, I get your tweets on my phone. My phone rings Off the hook because of it. My girl friend Hats it going off so much. I lie that.

This would be a great addition to my Reds room my wife let me start.

I still need to start that Red’s collection.

I currently wear a Reds’ Spring Training hat from a couple years ago (I’m thinking back from 2006 or 2007). That hat gets worn at least 300 days a year for some portion of the day. Its getting some age now and I’ve been thinking about getting a new one. I wanted the blue stars-and stripes one from a couple years back, but one worn by Mike Leake would be so much more sweeter!

I love those stars and stripes hats and it would be awsome to gave a game worn one for my collection and the name plate would be awsome for my dad for Christmas were doing an all Reds Christmas in celebration of our first year as partial season ticket holders

I would love to win these items to place in my sons Christmas Stocking- He LOVES the Reds, and these would make him very happy.

I was suppose 2 get mike leake’s autograph at red fest had issue with a employee saying my VIP WAS Invalide so corey hawthorne got me a ball signed and sent it 2 me and that hat with the ball framed would b a awesome christmas gift for my brother it’s his favorite player plus I love the stars and strips and the name plate would be 4 me i met edgar and he signed a 8X10 and gave me batting gloves which i could have framed 4 myself.. ps this is cincyboy1976

Great stuff you’re giving away this week!!

That Mike Leake hat would look good under my tree for Chritmass

would be nice to have an item from one of the up and coming stars of REDS baseball.

Me Me Me Me !!!!!!!!

Those would look good in my Reds collection

We love Mike Leake and think that the Patriotic hat is ideal for this Army family. Plus we have just the spot for Edgar’s locker plate in our Red’s tribute area of the ManCave. Go Reds, Army Strong!

Count me in, fingers are crossed..

I would wear the hat a lot, and the locker plate would look cool in my room!

I’m intoxicated by the Leake hat because I love America, the Reds and Mike Leake!

I would like to have that cool Renteria tag.

I want this because I have always been a fan of the patriotic themed Reds hats. Anything we can do to support our troops I am a fan of. As always the hat and the locker tag would be a great addition to my Reds collection.

Great addition to my collection!

I would really like that locker tag so I can always remember that Edgar actually did play for the Reds. I certainly wouldn’t remember that based on his lack of onfield contributions.

Hook me up. Leake rules.

I collect Reds hats!

Although I have lived just outside Kansas City for the past seven years, I was born and raised as a Reds fan in Dayton, OH. My love for the Reds has only gotten stronger since moving to KC, and I try to showcase my dedication to the team every chance I get. I am currently a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and I always find a way to incorporate the Reds in to every project that is assigned to me. For example, I have taken several web design courses as elective credits, and my website is 95% Reds related (check it out by following the link found in the “Website” field below).

My husband and I drove 4 hours 1 way about five times this season to see Mike Leake pitch. He is my husband’s favorite player.

I would like to have the has because I think Mike is a very up and coming pitcher. I would put it up in my reds room.

Go ahead, Jamie. Make my Christmas.😉

I would love to win this because I love Edgar Renteria!! He was one of my favorite players last year, and Im really upset he’s not coming back. This locker tag would be a cool way to remember him, and the mike leake hat is a sweet addition. I wish everyone on the team wore their socks like him! Thanks and go redlegs!

me!! me!! Me!! Pick me!!!

Mike Leake is the bomb! Love the hat and would like to add it to my collection along with Edgar’s locker plate!

I would be thrilled to win ANY prize!

Perfect gifts for my husband for Christmas! Our first Reds game as a married couple was Leakes MLB debut and he’s been our fave ever since. Pick me pick me🙂

I’d trade 6 Macy’s T-shirts for that hat! Mike Leake stole something alright, the hearts of Reds fans across red leg nation! #mikeleakeintherotationin2012

The Edgar Renteria name plate would look great hanging over top of my picture of him hanging over top of my bed.

We love all Reds memorabilia under our Christmas tree!

Great prizes, would love both of these to add to my Reds memorabilia collection!

I want this because I promise I won’t return it for a bigger size! And Edgar’s name plate would look great next to my Big Mouth Billy Bass.

We love the REDS!!!!!! My son would love to have a hat worn by Mike Leake for Christmas!! My son needs a new REDS hat because his other ones are starting to look worn out! Merry Christmas Jamie!

Thank you again for the opportunity! Go Reds!

I’d like to win that Leake trucker cap!

The Edgar locker tag would be a great addition to my refrigerator collection of reds magnets. Also, who wouldn’t want a MIke Leake game used hat?

My dad is amazing and means the world to me. He has recently started his collection of game worn/game used memorabilia. I would love to help add this to his collection for Christmas. It would be a gift to both my mom and dad. For him because he’d be psyched and my mom for not having to stress about him buying another piece. All the best

someone has to win the hat so why not me?

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