For the next “umpteen” days, I’ll be giving away some really cool Reds-related stuff here on Better Off Red. Several Reds departments within the front office have graciously donated these prizes as a “thank you” for your support.

Congratulations to day five’s winner of the Jose Arredondo game-worn jersey and 3 game-used baseballs – Mr. Ryan Himes!

Today’s gift is a Joey Votto autographed baseball, courtesy of the Reds Authentics departmentReds Authentics – Game-used, autographed and authenticated bats, balls, jerseys and more make great holiday gifts. Items can purchased by contacting Jon Cline, Reds Authentics Manager, at (513) 765-7097.

You know the drill, if you’re interested in winning this awesome prize, leave a comment below explaining why. One winner will randomly be chosen and announced tomorrow (Thursday).

Official Rules for BETTER OFF RED Giveaways: Employees, officers, directors, representatives and agents of any MLB entity and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries & affiliated companies and their immediate families and those living in their same household, whether or not related, are not eligible for any Better Off Red ( giveaway. Better Off Red ( will determine giveaway recipients in its sole and absolute discretion. If you have received a Better Off Red ( giveaway in the last 30 days, you’re not eligible. If you live more than 100 miles from the ballpark where a game for which tickets are being given away will be played, you are not eligible for that ticket giveaway. If a giveaway recipient is determined to be ineligible, Better Off Red ( may, in its sole and absolute discretion, not give away the goods or ticket(s) or may give the goods or ticket(s) to the next eligible follower. You will be required to privately (through Twitter direct message or email) provide your name and address if you are selected as a giveaway recipient. Better Off Red ( will not keep or store your information or use it for any purpose other than sending your giveaway item(s) or providing you information on receiving the item(s). Giveaways are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules or regulations.


Pick me, Pick me!

Love the reds and my reds collectibles. This would be an amazing addition to my collection.

This would make my 10 yr old son the happiest 10 yr old in the world! He loves Votto & we weren’t able to get his autograph or even see him at RedsFest this year. This would be an amazing Christmas present to add to his collection!!

Joey Votto is the best. End of story.

This would be a great gift for my son to have and add to his collection. He is young now but will appreciate the value of having a ball signed by such a great player..We are reds fans for life and cant wait for a world series…

id like to give my son some sort of baseball gift for christmas. hes a joey votto fan he even plays 1st base just like joey. it would be awesome to see him open it on christmas morning

Pick me! These guys never come out my way for appearances and I will otherwise never get his autograph. I was wearing my BOR t-shirt this morning, so I have a good feeling about this today. 🙂

I would like it because it is AWESOME!

Votto’s ball would go great with my son’s Rolen autograph he got at Redsfest.

It would be great to add this to my Red’s autograph collection. Being out of town I miss the opportunities…and the Reds.

My brother is a huge Joey Votto fan. I need to get him a Christmas gift, and this would be perfect.

Although I would definitely want it for myself, I know three others in my family this would make a great Christmas gift for, especially my dad. He is 64 and still plays baseball in a 35-and-over league in the Cincinnati area. He’s a lifelong Cincinnati resident and Reds fan. He’s played at Crosley, Riverfront (and all its names) and GABP. I already got him a new bat for Christmas and this would be the topping on the cake. No way this autographed ball would get mixed into the batting practice bag.

I am an old guy that cannot stand in line for player autographs. When I was a kid, I got a few autographs of Cincinnati Reds players outside the stadium at Crosley Field. I still have those today. I would like to win this baseball to give to my grandson for Christmas. I believe he would keep it for his lifetime as I have the ones I recieved.

I would like to give this to my wife for Christmas. She’s been a huge Votto fan since his days with the Dragons. This would be a great surprise.

My name is Ryan Wahler and my sister is joey vottos #1 fan. I’m trying to go to college to play baseball and hope to get drafted by my favorite team, the reds ! I’ve never won a contest before, and i know its unlikely ill win this one , but this would be the best gift I could ever get my sister. She’s crazy for joey! Thanks and Go Reds !

In my 51 years, virtually all of which spent as a Reds fan, I have never seen such a true professional ply his trade as a Cincinnati Red. It would be my honor to display anything with Joey Votto’s autograph in my home.

Votto is my favorite Red and would be an excellent addition to my growing Reds collection.

Please pick Me! Huge Joey Votto fan!

MVP! MVP! Our MVP didn’t get caught with PED’s.

It would be a nice addition to my signed ball collection

I would love to win this. I have been a Joey Votto fan ever since he was at Dayton. I tirelessly defend him when people say he should move to left field or when they say we should trade him. He is the best thing that has happened to the Cincinnati Reds in a LONG time. I have some autographs but the elusive Joey Votto remains out of my grasp. If I win this, it would make my year.

I’m a huge Votto fan and have been trying to meet him and get an autograph or picture for a few years now at Redsfest but haven’t been able to because he’s got the longest lines. I admire his talent and he’s definitely one of the top players in the game.

Please pick me for this one! My daughter would think it was really cool. She’s 3 and pretends to be Votto in the back yard hitting whiffle balls. I of course have to pretend to be someone on “one of those other teams” (as she puts it). Good work on the site and certainly at Redsfest! Looking forward to the Rockstar Tour to hit Lexington this year!

The reason I want this baseball is because Joey Votto is one of the few Reds signed baseballs I do not have in my collection… It would be a very nice addition. I appreciate your consideration.

hopefully we have votto in a reds uniform for a very long time hes my favorite player. hes the best hitter ive ever seen. i was with the reds rookie succes league a few years back. we got to go to the phillies game. that day halladay pitched and we beat him thanks in part to joey vottos homerun he hit that day. we were way up in the nose bleed section so i didnt get close to the ball. but this one would be even better. thanks

Joey Votto is my favorite Red and having a ball signed by him would be the coolest Christmas gift ever! My best friend and I went to so many Reds games last year and she loves Joey Votto too! I’d love this ball for bragging rights! Thanks for this opportunity!

Are you sure that signature is Joey Votto? I wonder if he practiced his signature like Mr. Bench did growing up?


Joey Votto is my wife’s favorite player. A perfect Christmas gift.

I have been following Joey since he was a Dayton Dragon. The ball would be a great addition to my Joey Votto collection.

This ball would be the greatest gift I could ever give to my grandpa. My grandpa is the man who got me hooked on Reds baseball (I got to watch every game of the 1990 World Series with him and I have been hooked ever since). We are from the St. Louis area and have to watch all the cardinal fans celebrate their World Series victory. I would love for him to have something to celebrate about. I go to Cincinnati at least once a year to catch a Reds game and always bring him something back. When I brought him a Reds rally towel from the playoff game he was so excited that he talked about it for months. I can only image the excitement that this ball would bring to him. Thank You and GO REDS!!!

My son and I go to several games each year, and he gets players to autograph baseballs before games if possible. He hasn’t had any luck getting one from Joey Votto yet, so he would love this.

I like baseball. It’d be nice to have a new one to toss with.

Who wouldn’t want a Joey Votto signed ball? I’m a Reds fan and the signed ball would be a tangible collectible that my two year-old son might identify with in starting to root for the Reds (my 7 year-old daughter already identifies Votto, Bruce, and Phillips–her Reds Heads Captain)

Jumping up and down ~ waving hand wildly in air!! (thank goodness it’s a virtual event!) PICK ME!!! Love BOR and love my Red’s!! Thanks for the Christmas goodies Jamie!!🙂

Um….because I’m a huge procrastinator and I haven’t gotten my husband (a huge, lifelong Reds fan) anything for Christmas, yet he’s been paying on a ring for me since September. Wow. I sound like the worst wife ever!:/

My daughter loves Joey Votto and this would make an excellent gift for her!

Would love to have this sitting on my office shelf for all to see because, well, he’s Joey Votto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to win the ball to help decorate my reds room. This is the greatest blog site.

As a fellow alum of Miami University, I appreciate greatness when I see it. Joey Votto may well be the best player to don the wishbone C since Griffey. As such, he will likely move on to greener (as in cash money) pastures and this would be a priceless memory of his time in the Queen City. Love and Honor.

Would love to have this, because we love our Cincinnati Reds!

I can’t put into words what a joy it would be to own a signed baseball from an MVP. Nothing I own is worthy to sit next to it. Thats an item that you cherrish for the rest of your life. It would be a great addition to any collection.

No special reason for wanting it other than I just love my Reds!! ….and it would look great on the shelf with my bobbleheads.🙂 Go Reds!!

I’ve never come away from a game with anything other than great memories…not even a foul ball (which would be awesome….and one day I will!)
A Joey Votto autographed ball would be fantastic! It would become a centerpiece for my growing collection of Reds regalia.

I would love to have a ball autographed by Mr Votto-matic to add to my collection of Reds memorabilia!

Because i am a HUGE!!! fan of VOTTO!! I mean why would anyone not like Votto? I can’t wait for him to get another MVP award.

Aha….I just realized, it’s a RANDOM drawing. Oh well. Here goes…

No need to be so clever for such an improbable endevour, though an autographed ball from Joe Votto of all, I would gladly accept, in fair or foul weather.

me and my son saw joey votto eating dinner last year at a local restaurant. my son wanted to go ask for a autograph. i told him no the mans here to eat not sign autographs. my son wasnt happy about this but hes a good kid and did what his father said. i dont see the reason for wanting anyones autograph but my son would love to have this ball. merry christmas

All I can say is there would be a very happy little 6 1/2 year old boy in my house. He eats, sleeps, and dreams baseball, and wants to be the next Joey Votto when he grows up. He owns every Votto Bobblehead, Action Figure, and almost every baseball card. His room is plastered with Reds posters, but he is missing that one last item. A signed baseball by his FAVORITE player in baseball, Joey Votto. He’s even named his stuff animal dog after Joey Votto! This would make for a very Merry Christmas!

It would be a great gift for my 16-year old daughter who loves the Reds and still likes hanging out with her Dad at Reds games and Redsfest. Thanks!

Joey is the man. I saw him at spring trainning. Real nice guy, wanted his autograph but couldn’t get it. I’d love to have this item.

Would love to have the Joey Votto ball! I would love it, and squeeze it, and call it George.

I stood in very line I could at Redsfest this year. I entered sweepstakes to win VIP tickets to get Joey’s autographed. I was in on the bidding for the VIP access for Friday to get his autograph too. All of this and I could not get Joey’s autograph. I would love to have this baseball!

The ball would go on my shelf of honour.

PERFECT gift for my husband! He wanted one at RedsFest, but passed so that he could buy me a Drew Stubbs game hat…would love to return the favor!!!

I would like to gift the ball to my friend who is a Votto fan. However, I am feeling a bit selfish, seeing all the comments above about people who want to give it to their kids.
If I win the ball can I trade it for a BOR shirt and let you pick another winner?🙂

Would be a christmas present for my dad.

I’d like to win because I think it would be a cool Christmas gift for my boyfriend. We are far enough away from Cincinnati that getting to games to see the Reds play is difficult. It would be great to add it to his collection

me and my wife had our first child, a boy 4 months ago. what a great 1st christmas present it would be. regardless my son will grow up a reds fan. and hopefully he”ll be a lefty. lol

Great ballplayer,great person,it would be a great item for my great Reds display at home. Thanks!

Jamie is definitely a great elf. My kids would love any autograph from Joey Votto!

this would make my year to win this and give it to my daughter who is a big Votto fan. she is serving in Kenya, Africa right now working with teenagers. Besides it would not hurt my Father of the Year chances.

I would love to win this and hand it to my son who missed out on getting Joey’s autograph at Redsfest!

Would look nice next to my son Jack’s Brandon Phillips’ game bat that BP gave him after the last 2011 home game!

This ball would go great with my collection of signed reds memorabilia. And it would also make my mom jealous.

He is my favorite player

I think this would make a great gift for my husband. He is a very selfless man. Always making sure our daughter and I have the things we need and want. Thanks for the chance!!

I’ve been a good boy this year so please pick me!

This ball would sit quite nicely next to my Adam Rosales autographed ball…

I’d like to win this because I like things signed by people named Joey

No B.S. I want it because it’s cool and I don’t have one.

I have a Reds room at my house and this Joey Votto signed ball would look great in it. When I was in Pitt this year for a Reds game I was 2 people away from getting BP and Vottos autograph.


I took my family to Redsfest, mostly just to hang out, but the one person my son wanted to get an autograph from was Joey Votto. Needless to say, he went home sad that day. He got an autograph from his favorite player Brandon Phillips a few years ago and he remembers just getting to meet him more than anything. It would be a present to him, that even though he didn’t get to meet the greatest player on the Reds, he would have a terrific consolation prize.

Pick me!!!!!! This would make an awesome Christmas gift for my son.

I’d love to give this to my 9 year old nephew who is becoming a huge Reds (and Votto) fan.

You should pick me because I am a huge Reds fan and I go to Redsfest every year and Votto is the only person I do not have an autograph by on the 40-man. Go Reds!!!

I’m a die hard reds fan and have been my entire life. My favorite player is Joey Votto. A Joey Votto autographed ball would great next to my picture that I got with him at redsfest this year.

I would love to have this ball so I could give it to my grandpa for Christmas. He has been a huge Reds fan since he moved to Cincinnati over 60 years ago. I remember going over there when I was little and he would always have the game on tv, but muted, so he could listen to it on 700 WLW. Recently, he decided to give me all of his old Reds memorabilia from over the years, including an awesome 1975 World Championship poster. Even though this gift is pretty hard to beat, I would love to give him some new Reds memorabilia! And he loves Joey Votto (but seriously, who doesnt?). I want to win this ball so I can make by grandpa’s Christmas the best ever. Thanks and go redlegs!

This would make an awesome Christmas present for my wife! She was on the Joey bandwagon very early & was even at the game where he hit his first HR. We have a small budget for each other for Christmas & so a prize like this would be absolutley perfect. Plus, The Alabama Shakes were off the charts last night. Thanks & go Redlegs!

This would look pretty awesome sitting by my Votto Bobbles!

Although I have lived just outside Kansas City for the past seven years, I was born and raised as a Reds fan in Dayton, OH. My love for the Reds has only gotten stronger since moving to KC, and I try to showcase my dedication to the team every chance I get. I am currently a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and I always find a way to incorporate the Reds in to every project that is assigned to me. For example, I have taken several web design courses as elective credits, and my website is 95% Reds related (check it out by following the link found in the “Website” field below).

If I had a Joey Votto signed baseball my life would be complete.

Because my wife would leave me for Joey Votto!

I’m not going to lie…it’s for me. I’m retiring after 30 years as a GM of a concrete company and it would be a retirement gift to myself🙂

I should win because it would look really good sitting on the shelf in my Joey Votto themed room. I have pictures and posters of Joey Votto. Buti don’t have a Joey Votto autograph.

I want this to give to my son as a christmas present.

Because Votto is a beast!

I grew up watching the BRM, and my childhood hero, Johnny Bench, was the perfect combination of power, defense, clutch play, and class. A generation later, Joey Votto is the closest combination of all of those elements since Johnny. And this old fart would love nothing more than to pass on to the next generation, my 11yo son, such an awesome gift with the signature of his well-chosen childhood hero.

Need this for one of the Royal Ladies!

It would be a great addition to my desk and a perfect podium for my signed Joey Votto bobblehead.

My grandpa started me off listening to Marty and Joe call the game whenI was really young. He gave me collectibles from Crosley and the past greats. I have since moved to Cincinnati and lost my grandpa but I would love to someday pass on collectibles from this generation of Reds greats to my own kids and Grandkids someday. Thanks Jamie, keep up the great work.

Votto is one of the best young hitters in the game and I’d love to have this piece of memorabilia to remember him by. He’s a great hitter and a great kid, and the Reds are lucky to have him!

I want this to accent my American flag…I love ironic things in the home!

Dear Mr.Jamie Ramsey, this would be an amazing, great, extraordinary, super, spectacular, crazy, unbelievable, astonishing, incredible, cool, awesome, sweet, inspiring, joyous, beautiful, colossal, delightful, dazzling,excellent, gratis, grateful, nice, precious, powerful, ultra, too many adjectives to describe it, gift, and I would like to recieve it.

My 8 year old daughter is a huge Red’s fan and would love the ball for Christmas. She has many conversations with adults that are amazed she can tell them who plays each position and other details about the team. She loves softball and plays 1st base. She would be so excited

Jaime! First off…. many thanks for the great blog that you run and the many hours you put in with the Reds! I would really love to get the Votto ball for my soon to be wife for a Christmas gift. Joey is her favorite player! We have both agreed to not buy each other Christmas gifts this year because we are saving for our wedding this March. (Although she did agree to me renewing our season tickets!) I would love to surpise her Christmas morning with and autographed ball of her favorite player!

Thanks for you consideration!

I AM JOEY’S BIGGEST FAN! Bet you’ve never heard that before! True though. Would make a great addition to my Reds themed basement decor, including my shrine to Joey. Thanks!

Pick Me Jamie….Please! I’ve started a “Reds Room” in my house in good ole’ West Virginia and need some Votto! I think I have about everyone’s autograph but his and Phillips and would love to have this ball. Thanks for all you do!

Ashhole1124 :o)

This would be a great gift.

If you should pick me i would donate it to the Fairmont W.Va. DAC for their yearly bingo for SPECIAL OLYMPICS building fund. thank you and god bless

This would go beautifully with the Joey Votto jersey I purchased for my son. Votto is his favorite player, and it’s hard to disagree with that.

I am a big Reds fan, I watch every game on tv. I even got the Reds on my class ring. I went to Redsfest and got in Joey Votto’s line but it got cut off 2 people in front of me. I was so sad.

I would really really love to win this for my best friend. Joey is her favorite player!

I would love to give this to my son for Christmas; he’s a huge Reds fan and wasn’t able to get Joey’s autograph at Redsfest.

Thank you again for the opportunity! Looking forward to big things for the Reds!

I grew up in Cardinal’s country with a Dad who is a big card’s fan and my Husband was successful in converting me to a full-fledged Reds fan (much to my Dad’s dismay). Joey Votto is definitely my favorite player. Votto the Hotto!

I should win because Joey Votto is my favorite player. It would look good in my Cincinnati Reds room. I have tried to get Joey Votto autograph numerous times all have been unsuccessfully.

I would love to give this to my sister. She is a big Reds fan. She talks about the Reds about all the time esecipally Joey Votto, he is her favorite player.

I really need a Joey Votto ball for my collection

Joey Votto is the best and I would be honored to have an autographed baseball from him. It would have a place of honor in my home. Thank you.

My wife would think I was the coolest husband ever if I won this for her.

Joey Votto is my favorite player and I would love to have this. Thanks!

Winning this would be awesome. Would make a great piece to my Reds memorabilia collection!

My 5 year old niece’s favorite player is Votto and I need to get her a stocking stuffer!!

Joey Votto is always in #beastmode

The last baseball game I attended with my mother was a Dayton Dragons game in 2004. A young Joey Votto played a great game that night in the beautiful 5\3 Field. After many Reds games with mom she decided that she would root for Joey to see him through the minors and into the major leagues with her beloved Reds. She passed away from cancer in 2005 and never saw Joey in the major leagues, but I sure have! Everytime I watch him play, I can see her rooting in those stands in Dayton, Ohio for him.

My Son would love a Votto autograph!

Because I love Joey Votto! Also because from 1995-2000 I drove out from northeast Pennsylvania to opening day in Cincinnati. I had to stop once my twin sons were born.

This would be amazing to add to my collection🙂

I love the reds! Joey V is the man! This autographed ball would complement the empty walls in my apartment. I need some decorations pr man!

Pick me!! Pick me!!!!!!

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